forever and always

imgaine how one plane ride can change your life forever

this is on of those story where u put her name in it and it my first one so no hate pls


4. chapter 4

then some one open the door it was HARRY STYLES. you were so excited to meet one direction!!!! liam introduce you to all of the guys and you just stood there smiling like a idiot. you were all sitting down when liam asked hey lets watch a movie. what movie louie asked toy story of course  liam smiled big as he answered fine we all said i guess they watch it to often.beforthey put in the movie your phone buzzed you took it out and saww who it was. where the bathroom you asked niall answered  thank you you siad. you walked to the bathroom an close the door and locked it.. you totally forgot about  your boyfriend back at home beacuse u were having so much funn with liam. the message said hey babe just wanted to see if you were having funn love you so much ;) bye <3 you reply with heyy having a lot of funn so farr cant talk now bye.. usually you would reply with i love you but you just couldnt because you were starting to fall for liam... you turned your phone off and walked back out to the tv room the movie just started and there was only one seat left and that was by liam .... you sat down and for the first 20 minutes and all you could think of is what were you going to do you decided if liam admitted that he like you you would brake up with adam beacuse being with liam would be one in a million so you have to take it right well whatever what ever happens happens . then you whatch the movie 5 minutes after liam did that hole yawn thing his so cheesy but i like it that when you stop thinking about adam. it was now in the middle of the movie and you ajusted yourself to where you were sort of leaning on liam when you ajusted his hand fell to your lower back before you knew it his hand was on your butt you look up at him and he was looking at the movie like he was doing nothing you put your hand around his and rub his butt back then he look at you but you just look away like you were doing nothing when the movie end laim got up and siad im going to starbucks want come (y/n) sure you replied im going to ask everyone if the want somthing he wrote down what every want he led you to the stair case that only thier band can use not even the employees he close the behind him quietly and thenn he

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