forever and always

imgaine how one plane ride can change your life forever

this is on of those story where u put her name in it and it my first one so no hate pls


3. chapter 3

 this might be a long chapter............................................... you look at liam and ask are u following me he says no im trying to get to paul my body guard you stand there in complete shock pauls my uncle that im visting you say paul was standing there until he said im guessing you two know eachother liam says ya we sat next to eachother on the plane paul then led both of you to his car there were TONS of screaming fans the kept screaming who is that and why is she with liam liam looked at  you and smiled and you just laughed once you were in the more then 10 minutes we got to liam hotel another security guard was waiting on liam before he got out the car he kissed you on the cheek lightly and you blushed when you got to pauls house he leads you towards your room and puts your luggage on the bed and your phone buzzes and its says from liam it says hey babe do you think you could come to the hotel its wierd i kinda miss you xxxx you smile then ironicallly paul siad hey (y/n) do u want to come with me im going to the boys hotel wanna join you dont even thinks about it you just say  YES then pauls says k be ready in 15min you rush and get ready you wear ur favorite shirt that kinda long and a pair of black legging you didnt mind that your hair was naturally curly you walked out to paul WOW you got really dolled up. well i want to look presentable to meet one direction you say you just smiled and thought THE LIAM PAYNE MISS YOU when you got to the hotel there were tons of screaming fans they all obsessing over paul i mean he just there body gaurd when you got to their hotel room it was like their hang out hotel room.......................  sorry if it kinda boring but the next chapter is cool

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