forever and always

imgaine how one plane ride can change your life forever

this is on of those story where u put her name in it and it my first one so no hate pls


2. chapter 2

you woke up to his head on yours but you werent sure if he was sleeping so you just stayed there for about 30 mintues he moved his head and and woke up you look at him and then you look down at your hands oh my gosh im so sorry you said no no no  its fine.. i kind of enjoyed it. you smiled then you could tell he was trying to make conversation so he ask you are you cingular to england liam said in his sexy britsh accent oh im visting my uncle for the summer why are you he then said well im not visting but i live in england with my band maybe you have heard of them they are called one direction you start thinking OH MY GOSH HOW DID I NOT NOTICE HE WAS LIAM PAYNE you started to fangirl inside then you decided to stay cool and say oh ya ive heard of them and smiled he took his laptop out since there was still four hours left you both watched a movie and sort of snuggled then you heard the captian speak and say put away all electonics we will be landing soon he put his laptop away  then you landed you both got up and he said it was nice to meet you any chance i could get your number  of course you can liam you said then handed him your phone and swapped numbers he said maybe we can meet up i got a few weeks free before my tour in the usa you nodded and said that would be nice  you both hugged each other and never wanted to let go he wispered in your ear and said cant wait to see you agian babe you both walk out the terminal and say well bye but you end up going on the same direction  but your ahead though then you see your uncle paul with a sign that said (y/n) and liam you thought to yourself it couldnt be the same one you hear (y/n) and turn around and see liam standing there with a questioned look..

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