forever and always

imgaine how one plane ride can change your life forever

this is on of those story where u put her name in it and it my first one so no hate pls


1. chapter 1

you were boarding your plane and went trying to find your seat you sit down in the aisle seat hoping no one would come and sit next to you but just then you hear excuse me love i think im sitting next to you.. you look up disapointed but then you saw his gorgeous face and big brown eyes and you were ok with him sitting next to you so u move to the window seat. you were sort of happy you were seating in the window seat so u could lean on the window  to sleep since it was a long flight just when you were about to close your eyes when he asked whats your name love (y/n) whats your name you siad with no interest my name is laim he said with a cheeky smile  you both talked for four hours striaght when the toy story came on the moniter you and liam shared a headphones as the movie went on liam started to get sad and you stared to get tired so instead of laying your head on the window you put your head on liam shoulder he smiled and nuzzled  in he slightly took you hand he didnt that you werent fully alseep so you smiled amd went to sleep what you guys think 

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