The Tragic Tale Of Alexander White (DISCONTINUED)

Imagine being in love. True love. Pure love. then imagine waking up to find your lover slaughtered and the world filled with creatures without faces. Alexander White awakens to this reality from his dreams. Follow his tale as the emptiness consumes him and his mind loses itself to insanity. Watch him defend himself from these phantoms that seem to have replaced the people of his village and find out whether he can cope without the light of his life. Ask yourself, what would you do when faced with the emptiness?


2. Dreams Turn Into Nightmares


  Dreaming. Alexander was dreaming of his love. He dreamt of when he first met Elizabeth, in his home town of Church town, far up north. They were sixteen years of age and though it was not love at first sight, within a year of them meeting Alexander knew he must have her. Now nine years later they are engaged to be wed and living in the southern country side in a big old house. In the dream they are standing in their lovely small kitchen, she is preparing a picnic for the two of them.   
“Darling, this house is amazing! I'm so glad we moved here. Living with you is the most perfect thing we could of done!” the sound of Elizabeth’s sounded through the dream, like music to his ears. He could listen to her sweet voice for hours, it made birdsong appear like babbling, it was beautiful and filled with joy.
“ I'm glad too sweetheart. And you’re right, living with you is perfect.” he replies with his normal half smile moving up his left cheek. His own voice in comparison was rather deep and smooth, something Elizabeth loved just as much as he loved hers.   

The dream shifted to the garden. Her garden. Flowers of all  kinds are growing healthily, roses, orchids, various bushes with berries growing on them, the smell was heavenly, as if mother nature herself had breathed upon the land. Elizabeth is playfully dancing in between her many flowers laughing excitedly. Her giggling seemed to make the sun shine brighter and the world happier. Alexander watched her from the doorway, taking in the sunshine and the breeze as his beloved had fun. Alexander wears very similar clothes most days, black or grey trousers with a white shirt and either a black or light grey waistcoat, the breeze blew though his chin length dark brown hair, the sun shone in his deep green eyes, happiness overflowed through him at that moment. The sun shone upon Elizabeth's long black hair, flowing down her back like dark silk. Her crimson sun dress billowed and flowed around her as she danced, wearing small black boots she was still able to move gracefully, she looked like a goddess. No care in the world, just dancing and showing off her divine beauty to her mere mortal husband. A small smile spread across his cheeks, covered in bark brown stubble as usual. Her sweet voice reaches his ears,   
“My flowers have finally bloomed, Alex! Come dance with me, love!”  Without a word he walked towards her slowly then started to dance slowly with her, then as they picked up speed he started laughing as well. Though not as graceful as she, he managed not to crush any of her flowers while keeping up with her. Elizabeth embraced her lover, resting her arms on his shoulders she stared deep into his eyes.  “Darling I'm so happy! Being with you here… is like a dream!”  His heart melted and his face exploded into a grin. Those words brought such joy to him. Upon seeing his reaction she burst out giggling once again and kissed him. It was a deep kiss, filled with every drop of love and passion possible to be conveyed through a kiss.   

Alexander opens his eyes. It is still the early hours of the morning and the room is pitch black. For a second he thinks he is still dreaming but realises he has awoken for some reason. He sits up in bed quietly and stares into the darkness, this happens a lot. Usually he’ll wake up around 2 or 3 in the morning and then he would go back to sleep. But this was different… he felt ill at ease. Out of the darkness he remembers the events that transpired before he went to sleep and grinned. The two lovers had made a meal together, chicken and bacon with potatoes and then proceeded to drink a full bottle of wine. They had made love that night. Of course they made love regularly and every time was magical and wonderful but last night was different.. It was amazing.
The hard working week they both had with late nights and early mornings had meant they had not had much time for each other and last night was their release. Their passion had overflowed and took them both last night, leaving both exhausted by the end. His happiness was short lived however as the bad feeling returned to him. Something was not right. He turned to his bed side table and lit the lantern resting upon it with a match. As his eyes became accustomed to the brightness he turned to his lovers side of the bed.   
“Darling,” he whispers, “ Are you awake? I'm going to get a drink so I apologise if I awake you… darling?” in the dim light he sees her eyes are open. Picking up the lantern he takes a closer look at her, could she be sick? Or trying to play a trick on him and scare him? Her eyes are open and not moving. Her skin usually lightly tanned is very pale. She must be sick!   
“Elizabeth, are you okay?! You’re so pale…” with his free hand he reaches over to her cheek. It’s so cold. And wet. Pulling the covers back he holds the lantern above her face. Words can not portray the sheer horror and anguish that escaped from the poets mouth that moment. Blood was everywhere. On her cheeks, chest of her nightgown, arms and the bed. A deep cut had been made across her throat, no blood poured from it still, her heart had long stopped beating. He looks down and sees his own body covered in her blood. He jumps out of the bed with another scream.   
“ I'm dreaming… I must still be dreaming! This is a nightmare!” His body shakes uncontrollably. His mind whirls with awful thoughts.. How is he meant to live without his love? Without his Elizabeth? He can feel his chest ache… a dull throbbing ache that tore at his heart. The only sound he can muster is pitiful whimpering and sobbing as he stares at her body. Who did it? He wasn't awoken by the murderer and no body had ever came up to the house before. It couldn't of been one of the villagers, as much as they didn't like the couple they hated beyond all else murderers and criminals. Rage, sadness, emptiness... all rise up within him yet again the only sound he can make is one long scream of anguish.   

As his scream ends he hears a noise from outside. Footsteps. Maybe it's the house keeper, Mary. She lived in the attic, which had been converted to a small bedroom when it became obvious the two lovers had no time to clean the house. Mary's soul duty was to keep the house clean, the garden and cooking was Elizabeth's pride and joy. The door opened slowly, the door hinges creak. But along with the familiar creaking there's also another sound. a deep guttural growl. The door opened all the way. Alexander knew at that moment he must be dreaming. Standing there was not Mary, but a human like creature. roughly five feet tall, naked and human in shape the creature had no traits to show whether it was girl or boy. The chest was completely smooth, as was the groin. The skin was white as snow, like a ghosts yet that was not the most terrifying thing about the creature. It had no face! Just a smooth hairless head, no eyes, nose, ears or mouth yet it was producing the deep growls. A short quiet scream came from Alexander's lips. What was this thing? It did not belong to the world of mortal men, it was the stuff of nightmares... 
"W-what are you?! Did you kill my wife?!" Screamed the distraught man. In response the monster started growling more softly and stepped towards Alexander slowly, its arms stretched out slightly. Without thinking Alexander spun around to his bedside table, opening the drawer built into it he produced a small black revolver. Guns were rare in these parts, in fact the Constable and Alexander were the only ones to own guns, the villagers didn't care for them. As he turned and aimed at the ghostly creature it let out a loud high pitched scream, no animal could make that scream. Not one of this earth anyway. He squeezed the trigger, cutting the scream short. The bullet hits the creature square in it's non existent face, right where the left eye should be. It fell backwards onto it's back, dead.   

He stood there for what seemed like an eternity staring at this thing before him. Had it been the one that killed Elizabeth? Why did it not kill him in his sleep? He had to get help. He had to get his best friend, John Harker. He was the local butcher and would be able to get a few people to help him with this nightmare. Without looking at the corpse of his dearly beloved he pulls on his black trousers and white shirt that had been flown on the floor, the events of last night long in the past now. Jumping over the creatures body he ran downstairs to the front door. Pulling on his black boots it dawned upon him. Elizabeth. The love of his life, the reason his heart beats... was dead. Life would not be the same after this. Would it be worth living? Once again that pulsing ache erupted in his chest. It was like their was a hole in his chest, a void of blackness where his heart should be. Tears streamed from his eyes as he ran out the door. The emptiness engulfing him with every step he took.   

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