The Tragic Tale Of Alexander White (DISCONTINUED)

Imagine being in love. True love. Pure love. then imagine waking up to find your lover slaughtered and the world filled with creatures without faces. Alexander White awakens to this reality from his dreams. Follow his tale as the emptiness consumes him and his mind loses itself to insanity. Watch him defend himself from these phantoms that seem to have replaced the people of his village and find out whether he can cope without the light of his life. Ask yourself, what would you do when faced with the emptiness?


1. Prologue


Before I begin this tragic tale it would be rude of me not to introduce the characters. This story focuses on Alexander White, a writer and a poet. Twenty five years of age he has had a few of his many works published across England, mostly his stories but also a few poems. He lives with his beautiful fiancé, Elizabeth Monroe. She is the same age as Alexander and a talented sketch artist. She prides herself on selling intricate and beautiful sketches of fairy tale creatures such as fairies and dragons. They live on the outskirts of a small village known as Gallowstone. The town got its name because of its morbid history of sending any and all criminals to the gallows to hang. Normally a pleasant village it is protected by the Constable, a tall middle aged man who, like the constables before him, lets no crime go unpunished or tolerated.   

No one in the village particularly likes Alexander and Elizabeth, who live on the old house on the hill just outside of the village. Being a strictly Christian village they do not approve of the two lovers living in sin together, not being properly married yet. It seems that the only person in the village who does like them is the local butcher, John Harker, who has in the recent years of the couple living there, became Alexander’s best friend. The house they live in does not have a name, simply it is addressed as the old house on the hill, a lovely large house deserted years before they moved in is now refurnished and a lovely home for the couple. Wooden floors with various framed sketches on all the walls, flowers from the garden in every room and pieces of paper everywhere. The couple like it there, it’s secluded from gossiping villagers and big enough to start a family one day.   

Alexander and Elizabeth are in true love. But what is true love? For them it’s being happy and relaxed every second of every day. Being able to act like children together, talk for hours, sit in silence for hours, work separately or together at any time and live every day for the other. You can see it in their eyes when they look at each other, it’s a kind of love that makes the chest fill with warmth and the stomach fill with butterflies even after years of being together. They fight like people twice their age yet laugh like people half it and could not possibly be happier. Their kind of love makes angels jealous. It makes gods jealous. Maybe that’s the cause of this horrible story… A gods jealousy. All that is for certain is this: A love like theirs can never truly die.   

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