The Legacy

This is a story about how one oppurtunity can change your life and other around you. Hope you enjoy :) and please post your comments


1. The will

‘Right, there we are tea and cereal’ Bridget said as she plonked them down in front of a motionless Sophie.  ‘Now eat up otherwise you will have to go to your interview with no energy and bad breath, and if you want to impress your interviewer I wouldn’t go in like that!’

Sophie morosely stuck her spoon into the bowl and groaned. 

‘Look, will you cheer up, I don’t have time for this.  I have to get to work and then Dave is taking me out for a romantic lunch in a restaurant.  So buck up.  I mean it is only an interview, we all have one at least once in our lives!’ Bridget snapped.

‘Yeah but it is alright for you.  I mean if you were me and they didn’t offer you the job you could just fall back on your parents, or your filthy rich boyfriend.’  Sophie retorted.

 ‘I could find you a filthy rich boyfriend if you wanted?’ Bridget winked.

‘No I don’t want that, I have worked to get myself here, what would be the point of working your arse off and then just taking the easy way out?  I am not like that, and I never will be.’ Sophie spluttered between two angry mouthfuls of Special K. 

 Bridget rolled her eyes and placed a bundle of letters in front of her stubborn friend.

‘Just act like it is a normal day ok?  You are going to get on the bus, but instead of getting off at the second stop you will go to London Bridge.  From there you get a train to Waterloo and to the office of Rouge.  You are then going to have an interview where you will answer all of their questions. Then you will return home and wait for their call.  But before you do all that, you are going to open your post.  Ok?  Do you need anything else spelt out for you?’

Bridget snatched away the now cold cup of tea as Sophie, sensing her friend’s annoyance, pushed back her chair and gave Bridget a hug.

‘Look, I’m sorry Bridge, I’m just nervous.’

 ‘Yeah well that doesn’t give you the right to be rude!  I don’t just rely on Dave; he just helps me out, ok?  Anyway read your letter, I didn’t open it because it didn’t look like a bill.’

Sophie took the letter and slowly slit it open.  Bridget watched as she browsed the contents and as she slowly read it through again.  This meant that when Sophie let out a little shriek and dropped her bowl of cereal to the floor, Bridget was able to dive under her and catch it before it hit the ground. 

‘What do you do that for? ....  Soph?  Are you ok?’ When she still received no answer Bridget snatched the letter out of Sophie’s hands and cast a critical eye down the printed page.  

Dear Miss Meredith,

I regret to inform that your uncle (Thomas Charles Meredith) has passed away.  After going through his family accounts it has been discovered that you are his only surviving relative.  There is no record of Mr Meredith’s will therefore meaning that all his effects are passed to his nearest surviving relative, this is you.  Mr Meredith was a very wealthy man and we therefore require you to visit our office in order to sign a document passing all of his effects to you.  Please will you step down to the offices of Hadly & Co.  Fleet Street, as soon as you receive this letter. 

 Yours Sincerely

John Tompkins

Hadly & Co. 


‘Wow, Soph I didn’t know you had an uncle!’ Bridget spluttered.

‘Nor did I.’ Sophie had taken to twiddling her hair, something she only did when she was extremely agitated.

‘So what are you going to do?’

‘Well, I suppose I am going to go to their office.’ Sophie said as she absent-mindedly picked up her handbag and walked towards the door.

‘Wait, what about your interview?’ Bridget called after her. 

‘Can you cancel it for me?  I can always re-apply, I suppose.’


11 months later


Bridget checked her make-up once again in her small compact mirror, before ringing the doorbell No. 12 Cheyne Walk.  She had barely taken her hand off the bell before the door was swung open to reveal a man in a spotless suit.

‘Oh hello, I am Bridget, Sophie’s friend.’ Bridget extended her hand, but was ignored as the man stepped to the side. 

‘Miss Meredith is in the garden with the other ladies, may I take your coat ma’am?’ replied the man staring at her with emotionless eyes.

‘Err yes thank you, very kind.  Which way is this garden?  That way?  Thank you, very kind.’ Stuttered Bridget as she tottered off in the direction that the man was pointing, completely embarrassed by her blatant mistake.  She took a few moments to regain her composure before stepping out onto the patio where she could see Sophie surrounded by a group of women who were all fashionably dressed.  Bridget smiled; Sophie must be bored out of her skin, she thought as she walked towards them.  She was barely steps from them before they realised that she was in their midst.

‘Bridget!’ Sophie cried, on sighting her.  ‘You made it.  Elizabeth was just commenting on how bad the traffic was to get here, did you manage to park your car alright?’

‘Oh!  I came on the tube it was much easier than catching a cab.’ Bridget smiled. 

‘You can via public transport?  Gosh that much have been awful for you, I mean I have never been on one of those contraptions myself, but Charlotte told me about them. Of course she only went on one of them because her car had broken down.  Anyway she told me it was packed to the brim and extremely dirty, is that true?’ Gasped one of the wide-eyed women who were now all staring at her in shock.  Bridget started to laugh, hoping that she was joking; but when her laughter was met with a cold stare, she ground slowly to a halt.  An awkward silence descended on the table as they all exchanged glances, finally after what seemed an age, one of the ladies stood up. 

‘Goodness me, is that the time?  We really must be off.’

Bridget looked left and right as the ladies all stood up in one great swoop. 

‘Oh, please don’t leave on my account.’ She faltered as she slowly stepped back to allow them all to leave, she couldn’t understand why she felt so guilty.

‘Oh no, don’t worry we only popped in for drinks, we have a table booked at Sheekey’s.  We were wondering whether Sophia would like to come to but she said she was waiting for you, and… well seeing as you are dressed like that we couldn’t really invite you along,’ one of them replied.  Bridget felt as if she has been stabbed, as she watched them depart with plenty of cheek-kissing and hugs. 

When she and Sophie were finally left alone Bridget shook herself and replaced her bemused look with a joking smile. 

‘Who was that bunch of snobs then?’ she asked with a twinkle in her eye as she slid into the seat opposite Sophie. 

‘They are my friends, or at least I hope they still are after that.’ Sophie snapped as she stood up and stalked off into the garden, which stretched for what seemed like miles.  Bridget stared after her; she waited a few minutes before following. 

 When she found her, Sophie was standing by a small pond at the very edge of the garden smoking a cigarette. 

‘I didn’t know you smoked Soph!’ Bridget said with raised eyebrows. 

‘Please don’t call me that it is a very childish nickname, everyone calls me Sophia now.’ Sophia snapped back. 

‘Ouch!  Someone’s touchy today; since when did you get all these airs and graces eh?  A year ago I would have laughed at that bunch of snobs and you would have laughed with me,’ returned Bridget, feeling surprisingly hurt. 

There was a long silence whilst Sophia took a long drag on her cigarette and blew out a long plume of smoke.

‘I suppose I would have done.’ She said thoughtfully as she turned around, a sardonic smile playing on her lips.  ‘Funny how things turn out, isn’t it?’  

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