The House At The End Of The Street

This house was so mysterious... Nobody ever had the courage of taking a step in. But, i guess that i'm going to change this opinion. It was kind of a haunted house, but even more scary. Maybe it will change my life as well...


3. The Trip to The House at The End of The Street

Riley's P.O.V

Tears started rolling on my cheek, that boy really made me mad. I couldn't imagine that the Harry Styles pop star was the Harry Styles i knew. I really wanted to kick his but, i guess i can't. Plus, my feelings about him are totally over. I never want to go out with him again. Wow, i can't believe he ever could do this to a girl. Getting famous is a benefit for him. All of those poor girls at his feet, they don't know his story. The player of all times. I try to dry my tears off even know they still leave a scar in my heart. Amber puts me make up, i didn't really wanted to but... no choice. I borrowed some clothes and headed back down the stairs. They all looked at us like we did something wrong. They we're on the coutch... Harry had his eyes watery, i think they've heard our conversation. Well he deserves to know my thoughts.

"Are you guys OK?" Amber asked.
"Sorry Riley" Harry said awkwardly.
"I guess it's fine... but we're here for something else" i say disapointed.

Amber and i sat on the coutch and explained our plan to the boys. One looked fine while another looked terrified. But we really need some people and i guess that... there's only them that would come, there not from Australia, they don't not what that house represents.

"I'm in" Louis said.
"I guess i am to"  Harry added.
"I can give it a shot" Zayn said.
" I'll go" Niall said.

We all looked at Liam cause he didn't answerd. I think his scared. Well i'll be pissed off if he don't come.

"Fine" Liam said.

We all jumped on him like if he was Santa. Except, he smells way better than the "Smooky" Santa i knew. He smelled so good i didn't want to let go. What the hell am i saying? Oh well. We got off of him not to squize him to much. Even know that's all ready done.

"When do we leave" Liam asked in his cute british accent.

SHUT UP RILEY! Stop saying anything, he doesn't like you and you don't like him.

"I guess... Tonight" Amber said.

Wow what a timing! I'm going to die from scarryness. Liam and i maked a weird face. Tonight was going to scare us off to scarry land.

"The night" Liam and i asked.
"Well yeah..." Everybody answerd.

I think they noticed that we we're scared we we're glued side by side with a strange look on our faces. After i tried to look normal and so did Liam. We just like fools. Everyone started laughing at us.

"What?" we asked.
"You guys look ridicioulus.
"Like we didn't know" we say sarcasticly.

This was weird, we kept talking at the same time. Oh well!

"Guys... It's 8. We should go" Amber added.
"Ok" we said.

We took a giant back with all kinds of stuff, and food, if we ever get trapped in there. I was getting scared as we we're walking. Liam and i stay glued while the others walks up front. This was even more scarry in real. It was all digusting. It was abandoned for sure no need to tell. We walked up front slowly, me and Liam stoped on the porch, scared of being killed or something. When Zayn first entered, the wood floor cracked, making it even more scarry when we entered...

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