The House At The End Of The Street

This house was so mysterious... Nobody ever had the courage of taking a step in. But, i guess that i'm going to change this opinion. It was kind of a haunted house, but even more scary. Maybe it will change my life as well...


2. Somebody That I Used To Know...

I let the boys in and i see someone familliar. Oh no.... My memories come back and haunt my head. This can't be true, i just wish he dosen't recongnize me cause i look alot from when i was young and now. Amber comes back and say:

"What are you doing all y'all standing there ? Come sit on the couch."

The boys sat on the couch. I was trying to move but i couldn't, i was to shocked.

"Are you okay Riley ?" Amber say's in a sort voice
"Amber i need to talk to you alone please and it's important." i say slowly as i'm stating to tremble
"Sure thing and go into my room it's the last one on the right upstairs i'll be thre in a minute." Amber says

I go to the destination and i end up in a big room full of pink, a huge bed that is pink, her walk-in was also pink, danm this girl LOVES and i mean LOVES pink. A couples minutes later, Amber walked in the room.

"So what did you wanted to talk about ?" she says in a questionned
"Well, it's a long story.... When i was about 12, you know you go in 7th grade. When i was 11 , i moved to a little town called Holmes Chapel in the UK, i finished school and got into 7th grade. Then, there was this boy that as always looking at me.One day he had the courage to talk to me

"Hey your new here right ? "
"Well it's been 3 months school started but yeah i'm new in Holmes Chapel."
"After school do you want me to make you visit the town ?"
"Sure" i said

                                   ~END OF FLASHBACK~

"Yet from this day, the boy and i started to hang a lot more with eachother, i even grew strong feelings for him.One day, he wanted to tell me something important. I went to his house after school and we went into his room."

i took a big insperation and i talked 

" He said  : Look Riley, i have something to tell you. It's very important beacuse it's my heart that's gonna say it. Riley, i really like you, you know the first 3 months of school and i was looking at you, well that was beacuse you we're really pretty. Then i started to know you, and my feeling grewed so much for you . When you laugh, my heart beats a million times faster, when we touch even for a second, my heart races. You make me happy when i'm sad.I know we're best friends but i would like to be more then that."

Amber's eyes we're full of water.

" Riley this is so cute !" She says in a happy voice
"Well it's not finished yet." i say
"So you know he made me the cutest speach in the world and now we wr're 14, it has been two years since we we're toghether. You know it's big a two year anniversary. But that day , i wanted to get him something special. So i went to get my other best friend, Haley. When i got there, the door was opened so i gotted in. I heared sound from upstairs so i went to her room and did you know what i saw? I saw my boyfriend cheating on m with my bestfriend. From that day i never had another boyfriend and none of friends."

Her jaw dropped.

"And who was your boyfriend ?" she asked curiously
"Harry Styles"

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