The House At The End Of The Street

This house was so mysterious... Nobody ever had the courage of taking a step in. But, i guess that i'm going to change this opinion. It was kind of a haunted house, but even more scary. Maybe it will change my life as well...


4. Not Enjoying it...

Riley's P.O.V

Liam and i we're still on the porch, not moving a bit. Everyone had entered except for us. We decided that it was time for us to join the others. I steped in first cause he was still doubting outside. I slowly pushed the door and stood there.

"Come on" i said.
"I rather stay here" he said.
"Liam..."i said.
"Fine" he said.

He walked in, scared as freek. Weird noises we're playing in our ears. I decided to put my fear away and walk a little deeper. Liam followed without arguing. Something brushed my hand, i felt something kind of slip on it. I looked down to see something white-see-through something passing fast. I looked back and Liam was gone.Oh my gosh.

"Hello?" i screamed with fear.
"If you want to see them again, your life will be required" a ghost said.

What the hell? I had to do it, but first, i had to find them. I decide to start with the basement. I slowly descend the cracking wood stairs with a flashlight in my hand. The noises kept being heard, as i arrived to the basement, it was dark and scary. Some movements we're being seen. I found an old book, full of dust. It said:

The House At The End Of The Street

I opened the book to see full of wrighting lets start to read.

"You've enterded the danger and may never get out. There is one situation for you to get out of this, trap the ghosts. How to? Open this book, every time you see one and cast the spell:
Ghost are dead i'm alive, i will win through this fight.
They will be forever traped in here, forever in past. This includes danger, but here's the only path to the exit. Good Luck"

I had to trap a bunch of ghosts in this book, for the price of lifes. I slowly put the book in my back pack and explored the basement, as i seen a door, my curiosity wanted more. I slowly opened the door, with the flashlight in my hand. I looked around to see a bunch of dead bodys and skeletons. I freeked and pulled my hand to my mouth preventing not to scream. Something was wrightin' on the wall with blood:

No one ever gets out.

Tears streemed down my face, while i was reading and over and over again. As i turned a knife as been throwned right in front of my face leaving a little cut on my cheek.

"What do you want from me" i screamed.
"You're body" some withe-see-through ghost said.

Now was the time.

"Ghosts are dead i'm live,i will win through this fight" i casted while screaming.

A big light appeard and the ghost slowly entered the book, one ghost, one life and one house...

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