The House At The End Of The Street

This house was so mysterious... Nobody ever had the courage of taking a step in. But, i guess that i'm going to change this opinion. It was kind of a haunted house, but even more scary. Maybe it will change my life as well...


5. I Found You

Riley's P.O.V

Terrified, i let the book fall on the crispy floor. I was shaking, like falling leafs in the autumn period. A little voice kept saying my name, a girl... Maybe it was Amber's. I didn't know but i'll find it out. I listened to it a couple more times and followed the sound from where it came. Then i saw Amber, taped from head to toe. I untaped her, and gave her a massive hug.

"Thank you" she said in my shoulder.
"You are welcomed" i said almost to tears.


I know it's really short but, my insparation is really low :S

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