The House At The End Of The Street

This house was so mysterious... Nobody ever had the courage of taking a step in. But, i guess that i'm going to change this opinion. It was kind of a haunted house, but even more scary. Maybe it will change my life as well...


1. A New Team

Riley's P.O.V

I was ready to head of to that dicusting house. We call it "The House At The End Of The Street". Like that horror movie with Jennifer Lawrence. I was getting pumped up by this situation. Was i really going to enter in that thing. I guess i am. But first, i need a team. I'm not going there alone! You sick people. I didn't really have friends, but i had this neighbor. A very mysterious girl, as i've been told, she's fearless and really confident. She lives right next door. I think we would get along well. I guess i'm off to her place. I took my keys and locked the door behind me, you never know. I was walking slowly by the stress. I maybe look fearless but i'm not really. It's just an impression to others. I have a lot of fears. But i keep them to myself. I was finaly on the porch of her house. It was actually huge compared to mine. I knocked on the door waiting impatiently for an answer. She oppened the door with a smile.

"Hey, aren't you the neighbor?" she asked gently.
"Yeah, i'm here to ask you for help" i said stressing to death.
"Oh well, come in" she said oppening the door wider in front of her for me to pass.

I was right, this house is three times mine. And a lot prettyer. Mine looks ugly when you come here.

"By the way, Riley right?" she asked.
"Yes, and you are Amber" i said.
"Yep! So, needed help?" she asked.
"Oh, yes. I've heard that you we're fearless. And i need someone to come with me at this ugly thing at the end of the street" i say with a weird face.
"Well... a lot of people never came back. I don't really want to be one of them" she say.
"And i totaly understand that. It's just that, something about this house wants a part of us, so you're in?" i say.

She thinked a little while before answering.

"Ok... But if we don't come back... All the blame's on you" she said.
"Fair enough" i say.

We talked the rest of the night. We exchanged numbers before hugging and saying our goodbyes. She was more nice than i expected. So i had one member. But i needed more people. Only two. We would drown. So i'll see with her tomorrow cause, i don't actually know somebody fearless as we we're. I called myself fearless, i'm a true chicken in reality. Oh well! We texted our 'Good Nights' and went off to bed. Tomorrow we had to find a team. A good one. I closed the lamp as i slowly shut my eyes. This was going to be a long night.

I woke up to the sound of birds singing and the sun through my window. It was nice waking up like this. I really liked it. I remebered i had to meet Amber to her place at 10h00. It was 9h50. Oh shit! I hurried myself and runed to her house. I was on the porch waitinf for her to answer and people started staring at me. What the hell was going on. I looked down to see my PJ's. Oh my gosh. She came down and oppended the door faster than i would know.

"You look like an idiot" she sais concerned.
"So, it isn't a problem to you" i said.
"Yes it is! It's my porch that you we're standing on" she said.
"Oh... when we think about it" i say slowly.
"So! I know just who we need!" she said with a big smile.
"Who?" i asked.
"One Direction" she said.
"Like we can get them" i say.
"They're coming in two minutes" she says.
"Wait, WHAT? Do you know how i am dressed right now.
"Yes" she said giggling.

The door bell rang... Shit that's just great. She told me to open. Why would she do this to me. I oppened the door, embarrased by the way i was dressed.

"Hey" i say shyly.
"Come in" Amber screamed from the kitchen.

They steped in as i let them through.

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