Breaking Hearts (Harry Styles S/A)

Harry's world is sent into turmoil when his girlfriend leaves him; but things can and will change.


1. Breaking Hearts (Forever)

Harry's heart contracted painfully in his chest as his eyes fell on a picture of Molly, her brown hair hung in ringlets around her beautiful face and past her shoulders, her bright hazel eyes stared directly into the camera's lens and she smiled a heartbreakingly beautiful smile. The girl literally took his breath away.

Saying that he missed her was a gross understatement, but who was he to ask her to stay in London in a job that she hated over a job opportunity of a lifetime in Ireland? It wouldn't have been fair...

And so he decided to get over her the only way that he knew how; getting blind drunk on his own and bawling his eyes out over pictures of her. Missed calls and texts he had no intention of answering illuminated his iPhone, as much as he loved Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis (they were like his brothers) right now the only person he wanted was Molly... beautiful, delicate Molly. 

1 hour, 20 minutes and 4 cans of Carling later and the dull ache in his chest felt as fresh as when she'd left him. Surely alcohol should start numbing the pain eventually... hopefully... 

The sound of his phone vibrating disrupted his thoughts once again and in an impulsive action he knew he'd regret in the morning, he picked it up and threw it - full pelt - at the wall. If they wanted to see him then they'd have to wait till tomorrow.

He briefly wondered what she was doing and if she was thinking of him too, but then that thought was more painful; he could stand what pain her leaving brought him, but he couldn't stand the thought of her being just as miserable.

He was faintly aware of a sense of emptiness in his stomach and realised that he hadn't eaten yet, not since she'd left. He hadn't slept either... he'd done nothing productive except organising his photo's into order of preference. This one photo in particular, the one of her smiling in the sun was his favourite; it spoke volumes about their relationship and could be summed up into one word - happy. Deliriously happy. A fresh batch of tears burnt the backs of his eyes and stung his throat, he would never be as happy with anyone again...

Time seemed to be moving ridiculously slowly, almost as though the universe was laughing at him prolonging his pain, making it last for as long as possible - like salt in a wound as time dragged on his heart hurt more. 

A knocking at the door pulled him from his reverie; those boys just couldn't take a hint. He rolled his eyes and stayed as quiet as possible as the insistent knocking persisted. 

"I'm fine, just go away."

The knocking continued. 

"I said go away unless you want to look for a new member!" Of course he didn't mean it but he couldn't bear the thought of the boys pitying him. "I'll see you at practice tomorrow." He added bluntly. 

"Harry..." A weak female voice brought him crashing back down to reality; it sounded like Molly, but it couldn't be - she was in Ireland? But that voice... that soft, timid voice...

He blearily got to his feet and made his way over to the door, "Who... who is it?" He checked, his eyes red raw from crying for countless hours. 

"It's me." 

It was confirmation enough, his mind could have been playing tricks on him before but definitely not this time, it was her - it was Molly. 

It took less than two seconds for him to unlock the two locks and pull open the heavy-set door to reveal the reason his heart beat. 

"Hey." She breathed quietly. "I couldn't do it, I couldn't..." Harry sighed and pulled her into a tight embrace while they both cried. "I couldn't be without you Harry." She finally managed to speak. 

"What about the lab?" He asked searching her face for signs of insincerity, "That job meant everything to you." 

She shook her head firmly and wiped in vain at the tears she knew she couldn't stop, "No, I thought it did because I've wanted it for so long. But it's you; you mean everything to me." 


"No buts." She silenced him with a kiss, "I love you, I'll work in burger king for the rest of my life if I have to... but I can't be without you." She added. 

He pulled her inside and pushed her against the now closed door, "Are you sure?" 

"I've never been more sure about anything in my life." She replied candidly, she placed her perfectly manicured hands on his face and smiled, "I've missed you so much." 

He could have laughed; he responded by kissing her feverishly, "I love you." He whispered, "Forever."

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