The New Girl

Im Sky Blue (i know my parents did not think through with my name!),im 15,i just moved from Cardiff into a boarding school in London,my new roomate is called Alice Millington,i have long brown hair,green eyes and you will find out more about me later.


1. Arrival

I walked inside of the my new school house,my house was called Holly House.I walked in and my pastel pink converse squeaked on the freshly cleaned floor,i saw a small old women in the corner of the room "Hello dear,you must be the new girl, Kai is it?"asked the old women "Actually my name is Sky,where is everyone?" I asked "oh sorry Sky,they are all in there last class by the way i'm Hilda the housekeeper"said Hilda as a girl about my age burst into the house "Hilda has any post came for me-"asked the girl "You must be the new girl, i'm Lexi"announced Lexi "I'm Sky" I announced "Wait Hilda who is Sky sharing rooms with?"asked Lexi "Alice"replied Hilda as she walked into the kitchen and cleaned the floor "Okay,i think you need some tips"started Lexi "Stay on Alice's good-side cause she can be feisty," finished Lexi "Good to know"i replied.

After talking to Lexi for an hour everyone came through the front door "ha ha ha and when she fell it was hilarious "laughed a boy "I know but it was better when she fell again and landed in mud!we will have to pull another prank tomorrow-"stopped to boys as they came into the room followed by many other students "hi guys!Alright this is the new girl Sky,Sky Blue"announced Lexi,one of the boys chuckled,"okay Sky,this lot are Becky, Alfie, Niall,Victoria but we call her Tori, Jason, Eve, Tommy, Flynn and Alice"said Lexi. Eve showed me around the house, Alfie showed me the secret room that only students know about and Niall and me just talked.

I went up to my room and started to upack,Alice came into the room "What are you doing in my room?"asked Alice "Its my room too"I replied "Okay but your bed is that one and you keep all your stuff on your side of the room"said Alice coldly.I finished unpacking and went to bed even though it was only 8:00pm

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