Secret of the below

Mermaids... under the sea what have they come to be.


1. Secret of the below

Under the ocean

The dark and cold water make no motion 

But the mermaids do

They sway along with the seaweed like two

Secret of the below


Their beauty as striking as any flower

Their magic unlike any power

Call a snake as sly  

They will never die

Secret of the below


One who falls into the below

Will never return so they let go

The body flows with the current  

The mermaids take the beauty tuning body transparent

Secret of the below


The mermaids value one thing

The power value of the dark pearl which they sing

The dark pearl controls their unearthly magic

This power is way to tragic

Secret of the below


Nothing can stop the dangerous mermaids

They’re not from any hades

But not too far from it

I was once this but I never like to admit

Secret of the below

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