My diary

It's my diary about moving on from primary school


1. Last day

Its was the last day I was going to be a year7 how COOL and SAD leaving all my friends behind because there no in the same high school. I'm going to miss Mrs so much how could I ever forget her it is so not fair. How could it be the last day in year6 it went by so quick it was like a couple of weeks then I was leaving so SAD !YAY we had prezzie so cool a card from mrs and a Goblin book from our head teacher does she think I'm a baby or something does she not care what the year 6 have done for her it is like she thinks well another year6 gone by more to come then over and over again. I finally get away from ANNA and mina so I can be left alone from those witches NO there not actually there freaks and I feel sorry for people who be friends with her.

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