Summer Love

Emely is going to spend all her summer with the boys of One Direction, While her paernts are in vaction in New York. Who knew things were going to get more serious & romantic with Emely & one of the boys of One Direction?!?!

So my Chapters are pretty long, & I dont really use "POV" much... So enjoy:D


8. Chapter 8

"Hey, How come you never told me you were going to London?" The text read, from Mario. "I didn't know how to tell you" you text back. "Come on, let me show you around" Harry said to me. I got out of the car. It was pretty chilly. My Jaw drop to the ground when I saw the entrance to his house. "Wow, this big house for a one guy" "Yea, well not any more" he said smiling to me. They living room was big. The kitchen was beautiful. The stairs were cool. "THIS IS MY ROOM" I yelled when Harry said "This is your room" It had 1 bathroom, with shower, and toilet and its sink. The bed was a Queen size with the sheets coloured orange, the pillows were peach colour, and the walls were brown. It felt like Fall in there with those colours. I threw myself on the bed and I said "I'm in Heaven" Harry just giggled. "Enjoy" He said while closing the door. "Oh shit, I forgot my luggage's" So I walked out the room to go get my bags and luggage's. I felt bad for leaving the room all alone (;

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