Summer Love

Emely is going to spend all her summer with the boys of One Direction, While her paernts are in vaction in New York. Who knew things were going to get more serious & romantic with Emely & one of the boys of One Direction?!?!

So my Chapters are pretty long, & I dont really use "POV" much... So enjoy:D


25. Chapter 25

We were walking over to the booth when Harry turned to me "I'll get the tickets. you mind go getting my phone I forgot it in the car?" He asked politely. "Yeah. sure I'll be back." I said with a smile. I got to the car, and has I was reaching to get Harry's phone that was laying on the drivers seat. I felt a hand cover my mouth and pull me. I tried to scream but Nobody heard me. I moved so much so I can try to escape but they were to strong. I smelled a gas, that was on a cloth. My eyes began to close slowly. Before I knew it Darkness hit me. I woke up, laying on a bed with white sheets. the room was white has well. I Stood up, turning my head to the left and right. I was locked in, there was one door. I struggled opening it, the door knob was steel. I was wearing my normal clothes and I forgot that I had my phone. I reached to my front pocket and got out my phone. I dialled Harry. "Hello, Emely? Where did you go?" He asked nervously. "Harry Someone kidnapped me, Help me I have no Idea where I am and.." I was interrupted by the entrance of 4 men. With black masks. I screamed when they tackled me to take away my phone. "No, give it back" I yelled Harry was still on the line and he was hearing everything. 2 men holded my arms, but I kicked one in the face when he was reaching for my phone. He kept his hand on his mouth he got up and standby in front of and he smacked me.

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