Summer Love

Emely is going to spend all her summer with the boys of One Direction, While her paernts are in vaction in New York. Who knew things were going to get more serious & romantic with Emely & one of the boys of One Direction?!?!

So my Chapters are pretty long, & I dont really use "POV" much... So enjoy:D


15. Chapter 15

I woke up from the sound of the loudest boys coming in through the front door. "Whats Sup?" I asked "Hahahahaha" I heard the boys laughing in the kitchen. "Hey Emely, what are you doing on twitter?" I heard Zayn say. I grabbed Zayn phone to see a picture of me with my worst Haircut I got last year. Stacy postede it. That girl hated my guts, dont know why but she's hated me since 4th grade. Stacy was popular and she had good clothes. Everyone loved her, and she was dating the hottest guy in the school. Alex Kayne. "Ughhh that bitch" I said while walking away almost crying. She has embarassed me every second of my life. "Whats wrong?" asked Liam "Nothing" I said. My voice sounded like I was about to cry so I quickly turned around to see them all standing there looking at me. I quickly turned back around and ran to my room. I stayed there the rest of the night. I didnt eat dinner or whenever I got a text from the boys trying to convince me to talk I didnt answer or a knock at the door. I layed in bed and cried myself to sleep.

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