Summer Love

Emely is going to spend all her summer with the boys of One Direction, While her paernts are in vaction in New York. Who knew things were going to get more serious & romantic with Emely & one of the boys of One Direction?!?!

So my Chapters are pretty long, & I dont really use "POV" much... So enjoy:D


11. Chapter 11

*Next Morning* "I flickered my eyes, to see Harry starring at me. "Were you watching me sleep?" I asked him. "Yea, you sleep so peacefully and beautiful!" "Why thank you" I said to him while getting up. I turned around and a sun ray hit his eyes, they were beautiful. I starred at him "You have very nice eyes" I said to him. "Thank you, you do too" He said "HAHAHA" I laughed "Your joking right, My eyes are shit colour" I said to him. They were just brown eyes! "NO there not, you may think that but I think there gorgeous" He said to me while coming close. "Thank you" I said to him in a low voice. I faced the floor. He picked up my chin and said "Look at me, why are you thinking so negative about yourself, every girl is beautiful in there own way. I think your beautiful" He said I put a weak smile on face. I grabbed his hand that was still on my chin and put it on his heart. "Thank you, that means a lot" I walked away, to the bathroom and shut the door. I panicked I didn't know what was gonna happen next! 

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