Taken(A One Direction FanFiction)

Katherine Cole and Zayn Malik have been good friends for a long time, both liking each other. But when Katherine moves to California she falls in love again. And well Zayn has gotten busy with his big success in the band One Direction. One day Katherine's best friend Lily takes her out to a signing in L.A. What will happen when Katherine and Zayn meet again? Will Katherine dump her new boyfriend and run after Zayn? Or will she stay with her other love?
**Sequel is out: Back For You** (thanks for reading guys!)


9. The Signing

Katherine's P.O.V
Ryan and I had a long lasting relationship we loved each other so much. It was May and finals were coming up. I was very excited to go to prom and to graduate. I even found out that Zayn’s audition had gone well and he’s moving onto the next stage. But ever since that time I got a message from him I decided not to talk to him for the sake of Ryan and I’s relationship.

I was out with Adam, Lily, and Ryan when I saw something weird. We were in line to go watch a movie. “You’ve lost some of your accent.” Adam said. It was true. All of this American ways of talking had made my accent start to disappear. I laughed, “Yup.” Ryan put his arm around me. Lily surprisingly fell for Adam and his weirdness. They had been dating for a few months now.

I watched these few girls behind of us in line talking about some boy band. They all had their noses into a magazine. And on the cover I could have sworn I had seen Zayn’s face. The girls looked at me like I was a freak and I quickly brought my attention back to Ryan and everyone else.

“So you cool with what we are watching?” Adam asked me. I nodded still thinking about whether I actually did see Zayn’s face on the magazine or not.    

After the movies everyone invited everyone to come over to my house. It was really hot here in California so we decided to go to the pool. We went inside my house and Lily and I ran upstairs. I wore my blue bikini while Lily had trouble choosing. She held up two bikinis up in front of me.

I pointed at the polk a dot bikini and went back to listening to my IPod. She turned around, “You better wake up early tomorrow.” I pulled out my earplug, “What?”

She faced the mirror again. “I said you better wake up early tomorrow. We’re going to the mall.”

I raised my eyebrows. “The mall. In the morning?” Lily nodded, “Yes! One Direction is going to have a signing there!” Lily squealed. I furrowed my eyebrows, “One Direction?”

Lily’s went mouth wide open. “You don’t know who One Direction is?”
 I shook my head. Great another boy band. I hope they are actually talented. “They are the most hottest, cutest, talented, and hottest guys ever!” She exclaimed. I rolled my eyes. “Oh once you’ll see them you will fall in love. The guys in the band are Louis not pronounced Lewis. And then there’s Liam who is afraid of spoons. Then there’s Harry…”

I put my earplugs back on with loud volume and stopped listening to what Lily was saying. A few minutes later we went down stairs. The guys were shirtless and talking to each other. They both looked good without shirts. Their eyes went wide open when they saw Lily and I come downstairs. “Hey guys.” I said. Ryan and Adam snapped out of it and Adam went back to his dorky self. “What took you so long? It’s almost dark out!” Adam asked.
“Sorry I was talking to her about One Direction.” Lily answered. Adam groaned. “Stupid boy band. Lily loves those guys. You better not fall in love with them as well.” I laughed at Adam getting annoyed about them. “I don’t really care about One Direction.” I assured. Lily gave me a look.

“I mean yeah they are so cool.” I stated. Lily smiled. I rolled my eyes after I said that.

“Let’s go to the pool guys!” Ryan exclaimed. We walked outside-at least Ryan and I walked outside whilst Lily and Adam ran like they were being chased.

I heard them splash into the pool and heard Lily scream Adam’s name and laugh.

“Shall we jump in?” Ryan asked me holding his hand out. I giggled and took his hand. “Yes we shall.” We ran towards the pool and jump in together at the Lilye time. I gave a little shriek has we jumped. I felt the splash of cold water hit me. We continued to hold hands in the water. I brought my head out from the water to see Ryan next to me. I smiled.

“I’m going to get you!” Ryan exclaimed. I screamed and swam off. I swam towards the shallow end when I felt two hands grab my waist. I was pulled close to Ryan and I smiled looking at his eyes. We both came in close for a kiss. But that kissed didn’t happen, because right when are lips were close a splash of water pulled both of us apart. Over Ryan’s shoulder was Adam. He had jumped into the pool. I laughed at Adam and his usual dorkiness.

Ryan looked pissed off at Adam. So I thought maybe I could give him the kiss he was about to get. I pulled his face and kissed him. Everything was perfect. Why would I want to fall in love with anyone in One Direction when I have Ryan?


“Wake up!” Lily yelled at me. My eyes slowly opened up. I groaned a turned around facing away from her. “Hurry up! You need to get ready! We leave in hour and a half!” Lily yelled at me. She grabbed one of my pillows and threw it at me. I groaned and turned around. “How did you get in here?” I asked. “I took a key yesterday. Anyway get up!” Lily said. I slowly dragged myself out from my sheets and sat up straight on my bed. I rubbed my eyes and yawned. “Do I have to come?” I asked half yawning. Lily crossed her arms, “Yes you do! Now get ready! I’ll be downstairs watching TV.” Lily existed my room and I was left there alone.

I got up stretched and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. After a nice shower I got out blow dried my hair and began to straighten it. My hair was a bit shorter and had layers. Before it was real long and wasn’t even stylish at all. Lily helped me out with style and fashion most of the time.

 I straightened it and went to pick out some clothes. I opened the closet doors and looked through my outfits. I grabbed out a pink tank top and some dark blue ripped shorts. I was finished with getting ready. I put my sunglasses on and grabbed my keys, purse, and my book. The book I grabbed along with me was so addicting. I ran downstairs. “I’m ready.” I announced. Lily grabbed my arm. “We are late let’s go!” She took me outside and I closed the door behind me. “But I didn’t eat breakfast!” I complained. I got in the car and Lily started it. “You can wait ‘til lunch! Off we go!”

 There was so much traffic around the mall. We sat in traffic for twenty five minutes. My stomach growled as I was reading my book. Lily kept swearing at cars and singing to What Makes You Beautiful at the same time. It was my first time hearing the song. “So c-come on…” Lily sang. My head shot straight out my book. Lily looked at me in alarm. “What’s wrong?” I shook my head. “Oh nothing. It’s just that the singer sounds familiar.” I said. I went back to my book. “Yeah! I told you they were really famous. You’ve probably heard one of their other songs.” Lily said. She honked at the car in front of us and cussed again. “Hey look there’s a spot!” She drove full speed and parked at the spot she mentioned. “Woah! Calm down!” I said. Lily was already out the car. “Hurry up!!” She exclaimed. I quickly got out of the car with my book in my hand. Lily looked at her watch. “Shit. We are late!” She began to run through the parking lot. I ran after her chasing her through the parking lot.

I saw her stop at the entrance of the mall. She stood there with her arms crossed and annoyed looking. I ran and stood next to her out of breath. “Why…did…you…stop?” I asked out of breath.

“Look we are the last ones! Great this is going to take an hour or two until we meet them!” Lily complained. We walked in and my ear burst open. All I heard were girls screaming. Screaming and screaming and screaming. Oh how was I going to read here?

Lily tried to get a look at the boys but couldn’t see a think. I didn’t even bother looking at anything. I grabbed my IPod listened to music and read my book.

When a really great book was in my hands, I was a complete bookworm. My hands and eyes were glued to the book. Lily would tap her foot impatiently and constantly look at her phone. It took us two hours until Lily tapped my shoulder with a no longer annoyed face but an excited smile. “We’re almost there!!” She exclaimed almost screaming. I smiled and went back to my book. I heard some crying mixed with screaming in front of us. I rolled my eyes at that. These girls would cry over a bunch of teenage idiotic boys. Pathetic.

After a few more minutes waiting in line, my reading was disturbed by a voice with some kind of an accent. Scottish? No… More like Irish. I looked up from my book to be facing a blonde hair blue eyed boy sitting at the table.  “Hello. What’s your name?” He asked with his accent. He was very cute. I turned around to see security and no one else in the mall. I guess we were the last ones for sure. “Uh…I’m Katherine.” I answered closing my book. He smiled revealing his crooked teeth which actually was cute on him, “Hi Katherine. Do you have anything for us to sign?” I shook my head. “I actually didn’t come here to meet you guys or anything I just came for my friend.” I pointed at Lily who was already talking to a curly haired boy down the tables. “Oh want us to sign something for you?” He asked. I shook my head, “I’m fine thank you.”

            He frowned, “Oh okay. Nice to meet you Katherine!” I headed down the table to meet another hot guy. He wore a red and white striped shirt like he was a sailor or something. His eyes were very blue. He had brown hair and his smile was very nice. “Hello! I see you’re the last one hmm? Thank god you’re not crying like those other girls.” He said with his accent.

I smiled instead of saying anything. “You have anything for me to sign love?” He asked me. “Erm. No…” I answered. His eyes popped open. “Your British! Ha we found a British girl out of this whole crowd. Unless you’re faking the accent… If you are your perfect at it!” I laughed. This one seemed more talkative. “Um no I’m from England. I moved here a year ago.” I stated. His gave me a smile. “That’s great love! Now here is a CD from us.” He handed me a CD and it already had an autograph on it. It covered one of the guy’s faces. The hair looked familiar though. I tried to read the autograph. “You're Louis?” I asked trying to read it. He nodded. “Yup. You didn’t know?”

I shook my head. “I don’t know any of your guys’ names…”

“Really? Interesting! Nice meeting you then!” Louis said a bit too loud. He took a sip out of his cup and I moved onto another gorgeous guy.
He had brown eyes and a little bit of a curly hair style. He gave me a smile that made me melt inside. “Hello love what’s your name?” He asked taking the CD and signing it. “I’m Katherine.” He looked up from the cd and smiled again. “Great to meet yeah. Looks like you guys were the last ones huh?” I nodded. “Where you from?” He asked me.

“I-I’m from England.” I answered. Liam raised his eyebrows. “That’s cool. Why are you here in America then?” I sighed, “My dad got a job here. And my mum insisted on moving here.” I sounded a bit sad. “Oh how’s it been for you here?” He asked.

“Good I guess. I mean I miss everyone back home. But I’ve being doing good overall.” I answered ending it with a smile. “That’s good! Well it was nice meeting you Katherine.” He said.
I went past him and saw yet another gorgeous boy before my eyes. His eyes were amazingly green and his brown hair was curly has ever. His smile was to die for and he was basically hot.

“Hello!” He spoke. I didn’t know what to say. “Hi.” I sheepishly said. I gave a weird smile and he smiled back. “What’s your name?” The boy asked not caring about the cd at all. I began to feel red. “Katherine.”

“I’m Harry. Thank god you aren’t one of those crying girls I hate to see them cry over us.” He stated sounding irritated. “Well I don’t even know you so…” I faded away.

“We’re One Direction!” Harry exclaimed. I nodded, “I know. I know. Well actually this is the first time I’ve seen your faces.” I admitted.

“Oh let me introduce myself. I am Harry Styles.” He told me. I couldn’t help but giggle. “You're very beautiful love.” He complimented me.

Nope that’s it. It’s going too far. I have a boyfriend and he can’t come in and seduce me like I don’t have a boyfriend. But I had to be calm and say thank you. “Thank you.” I said. He took out a pen and wrote a few digits down on a piece of paper. “I’d like it if you would call me sometime.” He flirted. I shook my head. “Sorry I have a boyfriend already.”

Harry frowned. “Oh that’s a shame. Here it is anyway. Call me when your available.” He winked and I blushed. I cursed myself for blushing. I looked down at the table and went off to see what gorgeous boy I was going to meet next.

 I looked up from the table. To be seeing the one and only, Zayn Malik.



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