Taken(A One Direction FanFiction)

Katherine Cole and Zayn Malik have been good friends for a long time, both liking each other. But when Katherine moves to California she falls in love again. And well Zayn has gotten busy with his big success in the band One Direction. One day Katherine's best friend Lily takes her out to a signing in L.A. What will happen when Katherine and Zayn meet again? Will Katherine dump her new boyfriend and run after Zayn? Or will she stay with her other love?
**Sequel is out: Back For You** (thanks for reading guys!)


6. Ryan

When we arrived it was about five in the afternoon there. It was very hot. I checked the weather and it said it was ninety-eight degrees! I pulled my jacket off and entered a taxi with my mum and dad. I looked out my window to see the roads ahead. There were palm trees everywhere. There were also tons of different freeway routes and a huge amount of traffic.

It took us a few hours until we arrived to our new house. When I stepped out of the taxi I saw a big house right in front of us. My mouth dropped. It was a two story house and had a nice pretty white colour to it. “Woah!” I exclaimed. My mum came beside me, “Told you it was pretty.”

I grabbed my things and head upstairs into my room. My room was nice and big and I even had my own bathroom. I was actually happy now.

School was a big thing I had in mind. I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to like me. But before school was Zayn’s audition. I had chatted him the day I arrived and I was trying to contact him now. But because of the different times, it was impossible to talk to him. I never found out how his audition went. Both us made efforts in trying to talk but we didn’t make it last. Our schoolwork came in our way and our social lives now kept us more apart. And soon enough I never talked to him after a few days of talking. And I never got a chance to hear about his audition.

School. School was great actually. We don’t need to wear uniforms like before and some of the people there were very welcoming. I had met a girl named Lily and she was very nice. She was on top of everything. For example she was busy all the time from being the president of the school and to going to a bunch of meeting and clubs in the school. She was very talented as well. She sang, danced, and was able to play instruments. She was very pretty too which made me a bit jealous of her. She had strawberry hair with bright blue eyes. Even though she was what most girls wanted to be like, she didn’t believe she was pretty. Most boys at our school liked her.

I also had met a few of her friends like Adam the joker of our little group and then there was Ryan. Ryan was hot. Sorry I had to admit it. But aside from his hotness he was very respectful and smart. I didn’t think he was until I had met him. He had dirty blonde hair with grey eyes. I don't know how, but I honestly think I'm liking this boy. He's just a great guy. Every time I see him my heart beats faster.
         I had been struggling in math for the first month of school there and Ryan said he would tutor me every Thursday. So every Thursday he would be coming over to my house.

Ryan and I were doing math homework and he was helping me out every now and then when out conversation went from math to relationships. “Is your math grade up yet?” Ryan asked me. His amazing grey looked at mine. “I-well-. It’s getting there.” I finished with a smile. “That’s good to hear. You’re actually improving.” Ryan stated sounding all teacher- like.  Sometimes he sounded way too smart. I smiled, “Oh that’s good. I hope I don’t do badly on tomorrows test.” He nodded, “Me too. Even I’m nervous about tomorrow’s test.” I gathered my papers up looking at the clock. It was around 8:00 pm. “You should get going… It’s getting late.” I reminded Ryan. He just stared at me. “Ryan?” I asked him worried.  He blinked, “Oh right. Sorry I was just thinking about how beautiful you look.” I blushed and giggled. “Thank you.” I looked down at my legs in the awkward silence that came. Ryan scratched his head looking like he had something to say. Usually he always had something to say, whether it was funny or smart. Now he looked nervous to say it. “Um I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a few weeks now…” Ryan told me with his hands in his pockets.

My heart began to pound harder. I felt red and hot now. “Yes…” I said for him to continue. “Well…I don’t know if you would feel the same way. But I’ve liked you for a while now and I just have to get it off my chest.” His cheeks turned bright red and that was the first time I had seen non-embarrassed Ryan blush.

Now my heart was beating faster. I was silent not knowing how to answer. ‘Cause when he said he liked me I didn’t know whether to feel happy or like a traitor. Zayn had popped into my head. “I knew you didn’t feel the same way.” Ryan said sounding like he had made a mistake. I shook my head and put my hand of his. “No-no! I really like you too. I must admit I felt the same way too.” I mentioned completely honest. I was attracted to him too. His face lit up, “Really?” I nodded.

“So you how about dinner tomorrow night?” He asked me. I nodded excited. “I can’t wait!”

Ryan got up with books in his hands, “Great! I’d better get going. It’s going to get late. Good night Katherine.” And then he  leaned in and kissed me softly of the cheek. I blushed and said good night.

Ryan's P.O.V:

I was extremely nervous to ask her out. I’ve been crushing on her since day one. She was hot and not only that but she was also smart and sweet. It’s hard to find a girl like that in our school. My friends had kept pushing me into asking her out and the time finally came and I decided I should.

“Well…I don’t know if you would feel the same way. But I’ve liked you for a while now and I just have to get it off my chest.” I said quickly feeling my face become really red. I saw her face. And she looked like she had something on her mind. Damn I shouldn’t have told her. “I knew you didn’t feel the same way.” I said grabbing my stuff. Katherine looked up at me with her amazing eyes and said, “No-no! I really like you too. I must admit I felt the same way too.”

I felt an overcoming of relief that she said that. My stomach felt all weird again. “Really!” I exclaimed sounding a bit too excited.

She also let me kiss her. I placed my lips onto her soft pink shaded cheek. Even though it was a kiss on the cheek, it had been something I had really wanted to do. Katherine just was so beautiful and outgoing. I can't help but like her. I felt so happy that she had given me a chance to go out with her.

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