Taken(A One Direction FanFiction)

Katherine Cole and Zayn Malik have been good friends for a long time, both liking each other. But when Katherine moves to California she falls in love again. And well Zayn has gotten busy with his big success in the band One Direction. One day Katherine's best friend Lily takes her out to a signing in L.A. What will happen when Katherine and Zayn meet again? Will Katherine dump her new boyfriend and run after Zayn? Or will she stay with her other love?
**Sequel is out: Back For You** (thanks for reading guys!)


17. Prom

Katherine's P.O.V.
Tonight is Prom night and the night I finally get to go back to England! Nervous? Very. I’m nervous about both Prom tonight and going to England.

Lily was at my house and we were getting ready for Prom. “Oh my gosh I’m so excited!!” Lily kept saying. I nodded, “Me too…”

Lily was in the process of curling her hair. I straightened my hair because my hair was normally very curly. I was already done with my hair. My dress had a gorgeous dark blue color to it. It was very pretty. I wore black heels and I was pretty much set to go. My eye caught Zayn’s necklace laying there. It would match the dress… I went over and put it on.

Lily finished her hair curling and began putting on her pink dress. Once she was done she began putting her makeup on. “So you excited about leaving tonight?” Lily asked me as she put her eyeliner on.

I sat on the bed playing with my dress. “Yeah. I can’t wait until Zayn takes me to different places.” I had daydreamed a few days ago about us going to the different famous areas. “Zayn…He seems to like you a lot.” Lily said.

I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded. She was now finishing up her make up. “He’s cute…Do you like him? I mean have feelings for him also?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I do.” I answered.

“Just remember you can’t love two guys at once. Not going to work out.” She told me. She got up and grabbed her purse. Her phone began to ring One Thing. I gave her a look and she laughed, “What?! You know I’m a big fan.” She answered it.

After a twenty second conversation she hung up. “They are downstairs!!” She grabbed my hand and led me downstairs to open the door.

We opened the door to see Ryan and Adam standing there. Both had smiles on their faces. Ryan held out some flowers. I grabbed them and put them aside. I gave him a hug. I went over and then gave Adam a hug and my parents came into our view.

“Oh Ryan! Adam! Good to see you guys. Awe you all look so nice tonight. Come in let me take a picture!” My mom said grabbing her camera.

“Here you go.” Ryan took my hand and put on the beautiful corsage. I smiled and so did he. We all got together and took a few pictures.

After the picture taking we went left the house and got into Adam’s car. Ryan and I were in the back. “Disneyland here we come!” Adam began driving off.

After about an hour in the rode we reached the hotel at Disneyland where the event was held at. “AHH! We’re here!” Lily squealed getting out of the car.

The hotel was very tall and classy looking. We entered through the entrance and saw lots of kids that we know from school. Some acted funny and others were snogging in the back.

“Oh let’s take our pictures!” Lily pointed at the little area in the other room.

We went over there and Lily went first with Adam. They were really cute together. Then again she and Niall would have made a cute couple also. Ryan and I went up next. We took the picture and then made our way out to the actual party.

We entered a huge ballroom that was filled with shining lights and a DJ up on the stage. There were loud pop songs playing. A bunch of teens were dancing and some were grinding.

“Let’s dance!” Lily dragged Adam onto the floor. They danced awkwardly just like most of the kids there. Then the rap songs came in and people began ‘jerking’ and dancing the ‘dougie’.

The people of the floor made a circle and all the cool kids went in the middle dancing to the hip hop songs. Ryan and I gathered in with the crowd.

A slow song came up. All the couples went down on the floor and began dancing in each others arms. I put my arms around Ryan's neck and his hand were on my waist. "Enjoying the night so far?" He asked me. I nodded with a smile.
"Gosh your looking really pretty tonight. All the guys were jealous when they saw us. I am so glad to have you." Ryan told me.
I blushed and looked down. "I love you." He smiled. I looked up at him and we both leaned in and kissed each other.

After the slow dance we went back to the normal pop songs. What Makes You Beautiful came on and all the girls went crazy about it. I laughed and Lily and I had out little girly jam out to the song. But after an hour of dancing to different fun songs I was getting tired. 

I went ahead and sat down next to a table. Ryan followed me and sat next to me. “Want me to get us some drinks?” He asked. I nodded and he walked to the beverage table. I got my phone out and got a text from Zayn.

From Zyan: Hey Kat. Can’t wait til I see you.

To Zayn: Yeah I can’t wait until I see u too!

From Zayn: How’s Prom??

To Zayn: good…tired from the dancing

“Here you go.” Ryan handed me the cup. I wasn’t really thirsty. I put it aside on the table. Ryan finished his drink in a matter of fifteen seconds. “Someone’s thirsty.” I laughed. He nodded, “Are you going to drink yours?”

I shook my head. “Can I drink yours? I’m still thirsty.” He admitted. I laughed, “Okay go ahead.”

He took it and drank from it. He set it down and took my hand. “Let’s go dance!”

“Uh okay.”

We went back on the dance floor and that’s when something weird was going. Lots of the kids were acting weird. They danced funny and were laughing for no reason. Lily was doing the same.

Adam came to me and whispered into my ear, “Don’t drink anything here. Some kid probably poured in some strong alcohol.”

“Okay thanks Adam.” I thanked him. I have never had alcohol. I turned to Ryan who was no longer near me but instead drinking some more.

I ran up to him and took the cup right out of his hand. “Ryan stop drinking this. They poured alcohol in it!”

“Th-th-they poured what now?” He asked me clearly drunk like some of the other people in the room. He took my hand again and was pulling me towards the dance floor again, “Letsss danceee.”

“Ryan I need to go use the restroom-“ I told him.

“I’ll come with youuu.”

I shook my head and seated him by our table. “Stay here.” I grabbed my purse and left to go to the bathroom.

I opened the door and stood in the empty restroom. I sat there thinking about I should do with him. I had no idea. I played with my hair and then heard footsteps. “Kitty Kat? Katherinee?” I heard Ryan call out all drunk. He was all tipsy and clumsily walking up to me. “This is the girl’s bathroom Ryan!” I exclaimed. At least no one was in here.

I grabbed onto his shoulders, “Look Ryan you're drunk. Please don’t-“

He then pushed me against the wall and began kissing me. “Ryan-“ His lips went on mine and I could smell the alcohol in his breath. I tried to push his back but he kept kissing. He kissed my cheeks and down to my neck.

“Ryan stop it!” I yelled at him. Just then my phone rang. I recognized the ring tone and it was Zayn who was calling. “Who might that be?” Ryan whispered into my ear. “It-it’s Zayn.” I answered.

“Zayn? Zayn! Zayn, Zayn, Zayn! That’s all you ever talk about. You love him and don’t love me. I love you though. I want you Kat.” Ryan said angrily.
I was still held against the wall. He went back to kissing me. “Ryan stop!” I cried out. He didn’t stop, instead he kept going further. His hand sliding up from my bum to my dress’s zipper in the back and he was beginning to unzip it. He was beginning to pull my dress off.

 I felt violated and I then gave him a full shove back. He fell back and I ran out of the bathroom in tears.

The back of my dress was still a little open. I ran through the lobby and out into the empty parking lot.

I sat on the ground crying. My makeup was running down my face and I just kept crying. I grabbed my phone out. I couldn’t call my parents and tell them what had happened. Instead I dialed Zayn. It rang a few times and he finally answered.

“Ello?” He answered. I began crying again at the sound of his voice.

“Katherine? What happened?” He asked concerned.

I stuttered, “I-I-just-. P-Please p-pick me up from Disneyland.” I gave the name of the hotel and address.

“I’ll be right there! Stay there! I’m coming.” Zayn said.

“Thank you.” I hung up and sat there quietly. That’s when I heard Ryan call my name out again.

“Kat. Wheredidyougo?” He called out. He saw me and walked towards me all clumsily.

“There you are! Why did you leave huh Kat? Huh?”  He asked me. He stood in front of me.

“Shut up Ryan!”

“What were my kisses not as-as g-g-good as Z-Zayn’s?” He asked me. I looked up at him. “What?” I asked him.

“Are you going to lie about Zayn and you now? I know you kissed him and you two probably did more am I right?” He yelled. I felt tears coming out from my eyes again. “Ryan we didn’t do anything more than kiss, I’m sorry!” I apologized.

“Oh save it! I’m going to leave. We are through!” He shouted at me. We're over? What?

He had some keys in his hands. It looked like Adam’s keys. He was going to drive his car. He opened the door and got in. I got up and ran to the car.

“Ryan you can’t drive like this!” I cried. “I don’tcare! Bye Katherine.” He drove off extremely fast. I sat there on the dirty ground in tears.

Ryan's P.O.V.
I can’t concentrate on my thoughts. I had no idea what the hell I was doing. All I knew was that I keep saying things and Katherine keeps on crying.My mind was completely empty. I have no idea how this happened. 

I had no control of my actions. Now I was driving. I kept swearing under my breath and continued to drive. It was dark and late at night. My vision began to blur and I kept speeding up.

I looked at how fast I was driving. I was driving at ninety miles per hour. I kept going.I pasted some red lights. I then heard police sirens behind me. I didn’t stop.

All of a sudden I see something moving right in front of the car. I turned the wheel all the way around and heard the tires screech.
Then BAM darkness takes over me.

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