Taken(A One Direction FanFiction)

Katherine Cole and Zayn Malik have been good friends for a long time, both liking each other. But when Katherine moves to California she falls in love again. And well Zayn has gotten busy with his big success in the band One Direction. One day Katherine's best friend Lily takes her out to a signing in L.A. What will happen when Katherine and Zayn meet again? Will Katherine dump her new boyfriend and run after Zayn? Or will she stay with her other love?
**Sequel is out: Back For You** (thanks for reading guys!)


20. Phone Call

Zayn's P.O.V.
I woke up to the sun shining through my window. I squinted and lay my arm under my pillow. Katherine was sleeping quietly next to me. It was nice to see her sleep. I didn’t want to wake her up and bother her so I laid there staring at the ceiling.

The only reason why she’s sleeping in the same bed as me is because she couldn’t sleep last night in her room. She said she was having nightmares.  We didn’t do anything. Although I wanted to do more after the kiss.  
The kiss, damn I just really want to be with her. It’s insane how I love her so much.

She shifted around and moaned. I put my arm her waist. “Morning.” She said now awake. I let go as she sat up and stretched.
“Good morning love.” I said sitting up next to her. “Were you able to sleep better?” I asked her.

She nodded, “Yes. Mmm I’m hungry.” And idea popped into my head. I’ll make breakfast for her. “Me too. How about you get dressed and I’ll see if we have anything to eat.”

“Okay. Is there a bathroom in my room?” Kat asked getting up and undoing her ponytail. “I think so.” I answered.

“Okay. I’ll be down in thirty minutes.” She said leaving my room. Thirty minutes. Okay I have twenty minutes to cook her breakfast. I can make cereal? Okay maybe not a good idea.

 I quickly took a five minute shower and got dressed. I rushed downstairs and into the kitchen. “Morning Zayn.” Liam said eating his cereal. “Morning. Where are the others?” I asked. “Still sleeping.” Liam said getting up and putting his bowl away.

 I went to the fridge and took a couple eggs and a couple different ingredients along with it. I set them out on the table and stared at them for a minute.

“Why are you staring at the food like that?” Liam asked me leaning towards me. I got an idea and grabbed some slices of bread and put of the butter.

“You’re cooking?” Liam asked surprised.

“Um yeah.” I said not really paying much attention to him.

I took out a pan and some cups and began cracking the eggs. I cracked about five eggs and poured them into the pan. The pan was too small for five eggs so I got out a bigger one. I turned the stove on and put the pan on there.

I began throwing a bunch of spices and things into the egg. I let the eggs fry and I went over and grabbed the toast and put them into the toaster. I left the toaster and watched over the egg. About ten minutes later I played around with the scrambled eggs in the pan. The toast that I tried to make burned and the smell of it ran through the house. I put in some more and walked over to the fridge and poured a glass of milk and set it on the table.

I went over to the eggs and saw that it was beginning to look all burnt. I quickly turned off the stove and pulled out a plate and laid the eggs on it. I got the toast and butter and set it on the table.

I left the kitchen and went to the loo. When I came back a few minutes later, I saw that all the boys were at the table eating the food I made. I stood there very mad.

“GUYS!” I exclaimed angrily. They all turned their attention to me. Niall continued to eat though.

“That was made for Katherine!!” I said. The plate was empty. I turned to Liam. “Liam! Why didn’t you say anything?” I asked him.

“You never said who you were cooking it for.” He pointed out. I groaned.

“May I add that the toast was a bit too toasted and there are some pieces of egg shell in there. Sorry though.” Louis told me.

“Yeah sorry I was hungry.” Niall said finishing his food.

Just then Katherine walked in. “I smell breakfast.” She said. I groaned whilst the boys chuckled and got up leaving the room.

“Uh. We don’t have breakfast. How about I take you out for breakfast instead?” I offered.

“Oh okay let me go get my purse then.” She said heading back to her room to grab her purse.

I grabbed my wallet and my phone and began putting on my shoes. “Got it.” She said walking towards me. I looked up and smiled. We went to the car and I drove her to a coffee shop.

Katherine ordered and wanted to pay but I didn’t let her. Plus she had American money with her not pounds. I paid and we went to a table outside and we ate. Katherine didn’t seem to be in the talking mood. I didn’t know whether it was because Ryan or something else.

“Hey what’s wrong?” I asked her. She scrolled through the phone I had given her and didn’t speak.

“What are you looking at?” I asked her trying to see what she was looking at. She showed my without saying a word. I took the phone and it looked like she was on her twitter.

I looked through all of the tweets. There were tons of nasty mean tweets:

Mrs.Malik901: @Kitty_Kat11 eww why would he pik u?

1D_lover2348: I luv ya Zayn but u cud hav picked a better girl. @Kitty_Kat11 looks like a slut!

DiReCtIoNeR12214: who the f---- r u @Kitty_Kat11

Katey_Malik12: step away or I’ll come over and kill you @Kitty_Kat11 

Katherine and I aren’t even dating right now. It seems like someone took a picture and did their research. I scrolled through all these mean comments and looked back up and Katherine.

She was crying. “No one’s ever been this mean to me.” She said grabbing a napkin to wipe her tears away.

I logged out of her twitter and put the phone down on the table.

“Katherine. They are jealous, mean, and horrible. Lots of fans like you trust me. Ignore these annoying dumb girls. They are just jealous of how pretty you are. Haven’t you seen Eleanor and Danielle? Majority of our fans love them. Don’t let these comments bother you.” I said trying to comfort her.

Her break-up and these rude comments are not going to help Katherine at all.

“Don’t look at this stuff. I kn-“ I was interrupted by my phone which just got a text. The text was from Harry and it said that they were going to out for a bit. I replied saying it’s okay and that I’ll be with Katherine.

“How about we go out and see everyone?” I asked her.

She sniffled, “Who’s everyone?” I thought about it and remembered her best friend’s name.

“Emma and maybe my family.” I answered.

Her face lit up. I smiled and we left the coffee shop and drove to Emma’s flat. Katherine gave me directions to where her house was. We finally made it and we knocked on the door.

A girl who looked about thirteen opened the door. “What do ya want- OH MY GOD IT'S ZAYN MALIK FROM ONE DIRECTION!! OH MY GOD!” She screamed.

Katherine shushed her, “Shh. Nice to see you too Carly.”

“Katherine? What are you doing here with-with ZAYN?” She squeaked my name out.

We heard footsteps and there stood Emma. Once she saw Katherine she pushed her sister out of the way and gave Katherine a tight looking hug. “OH MY GOD KATHERINE! WHERE HOW WHEN?” She said excitedly.

 She let go of her and turned to me. “Well well well look at who we have here. Mr. One Direction superstar.” Emma gave me a hug.

“Hey Emma.” I greeted.

“I should be mad at you Kat. You did not stay in touch with me that well.” Emma said. Katherine shrugged.

“Ah but I can’t! Come in guys!” Emma began walking in. We walked in and I realized that I hadn’t been in her house forever. Carly was still giggling at whatever I said. It was cute but I hated it when some people didn’t treat me normally.

“OKAY. Tell me everything Katherine. You start from the minute you stepped foot on America.” Emma said taking a seat on the couch in the living room. Katherine began talking about most things. I noticed she excluded Ryan in the

whole conversation. I sat there scrolling through my phone when I heard heavy breathing right next to me.

“H-hi Zayn.” Carly said creepily.

“Uh hey there.” I said looking up at her. She gave a freaky smile and held out her CD copy of Up All Night.

“Will you sign it?” She asked me still having that weird smile on her face. I nodded, “Yeah sure. Do you have a-“

“YES! HERE’S MY LUCKY MARKER!” She handed me a marker with the faces of me and the other boys on there. They make those? I took the marker and signed the CD.

“CAN YOU SIGN MY MARKER?” She asked handing me another marker to sign her marker with my face on it.

“Sure.” I grabbed the other marker and did my best on signing it. “OH MY GOSH THANK YOU!!!” She exclaimed.

Then she held out a bunch more things of me and the other boys. “Sign these too?”  Carly asked. I didn’t want to be mean so I took her “lucky” marker and began signing.

After an hour of signing an endless amount of One Direction things, Emma said she had to go to a soccer game.

“How long are you guys going to stay here?” Emma asked us as we walked toward the door.

“I don’t know. Zayn?” Katherine asked. I was too busy watching Carly kissing everything I had signed.

“Uh- we have a photo shoot for a magazine tomorrow and we have an interview the following day. I can drop off Katherine here on the day we are being interviewed.” I suggested.

“That would be great!” Emma exclaimed. We head out the door and said our goodbyes. Emma and Katherine gave a big hug and Carly ran up to me and gave a huge hug. She stayed like this for about two minutes.

“Carly let go of Zayn. Sorry she’s a huge fan of you guys.” Emma pulled Carly away from me. “It’s okay. Our fans are great.” I said. Emma came in and gave me a goodbye hug and Kat and I went to our car.

“Where to next?” Katherine asked. I can tell she was in a better mood from before. I’m glad she got to see her friend, it made her happier. I started the car.

“My family’s flat. I really miss them.” I said.

 It was true. I did really miss them. We were in the U.S. for twelve weeks. We had so many concerts and interviews. It was exhausting and it would be really nice to go see my family again. My sisters liked Katherine, they thought of her as another sister which was nice.

We got out of the car and rang the doorbell of my parents' flat. My mom opened the door with a really happy expression.

“Zayn!” She exclaimed she came over and gave me a nice warm hug.
I smiled and patted her back.
“Hi mum.”

My mom let go of me and took a look at Katherine. “Katherine? How are you dear? You’re back?” She gave Katherine a hug.

“I’m fine thank you. Actually Zayn brought me along with him to England.” Katherine said.

We went inside my house which was nice and warm inside. I heard my sisters walk in calling my name. “Zayn!” They exclaimed. Safaa and Waliyha came rushing over. They both gave me a welcoming hug. “Hey guys.” I said.

“Where’s Doniya?” I asked them.

“She’s out shopping right now. Katherine!!” Safaa went over to Katherine and gave her a hug.

Katherine went off with my sisters talking whilst I was with my mum and dad. We all talked for a bit but my dad had to go soon. So I was alone with my mum.

“How did you and Katherine meet again?” She asked me. I told her everything that happened.

“Wow. Don’t push Katherine into making a choice between you or the other boy. Be honest with her. Help her out. She is your close friend. Be yourself and if she doesn’t feel the same about you, let it be.” My mum advised.

“Thanks mum.” I gave her a hug and then we went back to our conversation on how the tours were. We stayed at my house for lunch and later made out way out.

“Bye mum. Bye girls!” I said leaving.

“You’re sisters are great.” Katherine told me.

“Yeah they’re sweet. I’m so glad I got a chance to see them all.” I said.

We drove back to my house. The others still haven’t shown up. Katherine went to her room to search some more for her phone and catch up with some reading. I knew that she loved to read.  I made her tea and gave it to her as she read. She thanked me.

I went back to my room to relax. I sat there and got up and walked out to my balcony to smoke a cigarette. My mobile began ringing. It was an unknown caller. I was expecting it to be some crazy fan to be calling. I answered it.


“Is Katherine there?” A female voice asked.

“No why?”

“Is this Zayn?” She asked.

“Yes and who is this?” I asked cautiously.

“It’s Lily. Look can I talk to Katherine she hasn’t been answering her calls or messages. It’s getting annoying. And this is important news.” Lily stated.

“She’s busy…” I said wanting to know what the ‘important’ news was.

“Zayn plea-“

“She’s busy okay!” I exclaimed.

“Okay okay. It’s about Ryan.” Lily said. Ryan again. What does he want? He broke up with her.


“H -he’s in the hospital.”

“What for?” I asked.

There was a short silence.


“He got into a car accident the day Katherine left. He was drunk driving and- and…He’s in a coma. The doctors don’t know whether he will survive or not yet. I cried yesterday, he’s my best friend. I just need Katherine to know. He really loves her.” Lily told me sadly. I could hear the sadness in her voice.
Ryan is in a coma? Part of me felt really bad for kissing the girl he loves yesterday but another part of me is okay with his suffering. No I can’t be selfish and not take this seriously, I thought.

“Please tell Katherine to call me.” Lily said.

“I-um. Sure.”

“Thank you. I need to go. Bye Zayn.” Lily hung up and I was left standing there thinking about whether I should tell Katherine.

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