Taken(A One Direction FanFiction)

Katherine Cole and Zayn Malik have been good friends for a long time, both liking each other. But when Katherine moves to California she falls in love again. And well Zayn has gotten busy with his big success in the band One Direction. One day Katherine's best friend Lily takes her out to a signing in L.A. What will happen when Katherine and Zayn meet again? Will Katherine dump her new boyfriend and run after Zayn? Or will she stay with her other love?
**Sequel is out: Back For You** (thanks for reading guys!)


23. Ireland


Katherine’ P.O.V.


“Ugh…” I groaned, slowly opening my eyes. I put my hand on my forehead in pain. My head hurt massively. I took the blanket off of me and saw that I was wearing the same clothes from last night. I rolled over and crawled out of my bed. I looked at the time and saw that it was twelve thirty pm. The house seemed pretty quiet. I left my room wanting to know where Zayn was.


As I walked I heard a door creak open behind me. I turned around to see Emma creeping out of Harry’s room quietly. Her back was faced to me. I cleared my throat and Emma jumped. I crossed my arms and raised my eyebrows.


“And what are you doing here?” I asked her. Emma gave me an innocent smile which I didn’t buy. 

“You already know alright!” She snapped quietly. I chuckled but then stopped and rubbed my forehead.

“Headache?” Emma asked.


I nodded in response. “Mhm…”


“Well you and I both. I’m going to go home. Oh and if my mum calls you or something…tell her I that I was having a sleep over with you. Bye! Have fun in Ireland!” Emma said quickly. She gave a small hug and began running down the steps and went out the door. Emma’s changed since I’ve left, I noted.


I went back to going to Zayn’s room. I knocked on his door and I heard him allowing me to come in. I walked in saw him sitting on his bed with his laptop on his lap. “Hey do you have anything for headaches?” I asked him rubbing my forehead. He looked up from the screen and pointed at his bathroom. I went to his bathroom and looked through his medicine supplies.


“You drank a lot last night Kat.” I heard him tell me.


“Yeah. I have a horrible headache. Drinking is no fun.” I said grabbing a few pills. I took two pills and swallowed them. I put his stuff back in place.


“You and some random guy were dancing. Dirty dancing…” Zayn said still on his computer. I came over and sat next to him.


“Really?” I asked trying to remember this guy his telling me about. I couldn’t remember much. I leaned in to see what Zayn was reading. He tried to hide it but I saw what it was.


“This is the place you’re going to take me?” I asked smiling.


“You weren’t supposed to know!” He sounded happy rather than mad.


“When are we going?” I asked curiously.




“How soon?” I leaned in closer.


“Tomorrow.” He answered.


“But I thought you guys were busy in Ireland?” I asked.


“Not really.” Zayn said. I got up and felt more pain in my head. I closed my eyes and sighed. Zayn pulled my hand and brought me down next to him. He rubbed my back. “It’ll go away in a few hours.”


I sat there for a few minutes. “I wish Lily was here.” I said. Zayn let go of me and shifted around uncomfortably. “Did I say something?” I asked him wondering why he tensed up.


“No no. I- I just thought maybe….We can just talk about other things. Things that don’t involve with anything or anyone in America.” He said kind of nervously.



“Oh alright. Okay I guess I’m going to go and rest some more. What time do we leave?” I asked getting up again. Zayn looked at his cell phone and told me that we leave in five hours.



*8 hours later*


“I’m home!” Niall chirped as we walked out of the private jet. I laughed as he skipped out. The flight was about three hours long. This was my first time in Ireland. I was really excited to be here.


We were stuck in the car for a long time. The reason for that was because we were going somewhere nearby a beach. The car stopped at house that was built right along the sand of the beach. We got out of the car and I stood there taking a good look of the beach. There were green hills behind us and the sandy shore in front of us. There were seagulls flying through the grey sky. I took in the nice cool air.


I turned around, about to follow the other boys into the huge gorgeous beach house to the right when Zayn grabbed my arm. “We aren’t with them.”


“Where do we go then?” I asked. Zayn didn’t answer, but instead he made me follow him.


We walked along the coast and went past the beach house. We began climbing a couple large rocks. Zayn already made it to the top and was waiting for me. “Where are you taking me?” I asked laughing. Zayn held out his hand and I took it. He pulled me up and we continued to walk.


After a few minutes, we finally stopped at a cabin like home. It had an even better view of the ocean from here. You can also see a glimpse of the beach house the boys were staying at to the left.


Zayn had a key in his hands and was beginning to unlock the door. I followed him inside. It was a comfy looking place. There were lovely glass windows letting you to see the ocean. There was a balcony and there was only one bedroom.


“There only one bedroom?” I asked looking around the place.


“Looks like we will have to share.” Zayn smirked. I giggled and put my things down in the bedroom.


“Do you like it?” Zayn asked me.


“Yes. This place is so nice and quiet-“ I stopped talking when I heard a door creak behind us. Both our heads turned and we saw the door creaking open.

“Probably the wind…” Zayn shrugged. I was still staring at the door that just creaked open.


“The boys are going to have a small barbeque over by the beach. Let’s go and later come back. We are going to go into the water too. So if you want you could wear your bathing suit.” Zayn said bringing my attention back to him.


“Okay.” I left and went into the bedroom closing the door. I began taking my clothes off when I felt a cool chill in the air. I shivered and heard the door behind my creak open again. I quickly turned around in fright and was glad to see Zayn standing there.


I was in my underwear and bra though. “Oh sorry! It was just- you were taking a whilst and-“ He apologized.


I didn’t really freak out. I mean I was about to wear a swim suit right now so it won’t matter much anyway. I awkwardly stood there. His eyes roamed up and down at me. He caught me seeing him doing that and he quickly left the room.


I finished putting on my bikini and wore a shirt and shorts on top of it. I left the bedroom and walked out with Zayn.

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