Taken(A One Direction FanFiction)

Katherine Cole and Zayn Malik have been good friends for a long time, both liking each other. But when Katherine moves to California she falls in love again. And well Zayn has gotten busy with his big success in the band One Direction. One day Katherine's best friend Lily takes her out to a signing in L.A. What will happen when Katherine and Zayn meet again? Will Katherine dump her new boyfriend and run after Zayn? Or will she stay with her other love?
**Sequel is out: Back For You** (thanks for reading guys!)


2. Hanging with Emma

“What?” I yelled.  This can’t be happening. I was moving to the U.S.  “Mum!” I yelled. My mum could tell that I didn’t like this idea. She looked at my dad for help in words, but looked back at me. “Sweet heart, your father got a big job offering in Los Angeles and this is going to help us. We need the money. We get to buy a big flat and-“

I looked at her in shock, “Dad! What about my friends and- and Zayn.” I stopped at his name. I just shared my first kiss with him not knowing if we were a thing or not. He’s been my best friend since the second grade and now I was going to be leaving him. “Oh I’m sure you will find friends at your new school in Los Angeles. Look Katherine this is the best offer we have gotten. We can’t throw it away like that.” My dad finally began speaking. “When was this arranged and me not getting informed hmm? When are we leaving?” I asked.

“Next Friday. I am so sorry about this.” My mum said. I looked back and forth at their faces. I began feel tears coming down my face. I threw my backpack on the floor and ran to my room. I slammed the door and lay on my bed crying myself to sleep.

The next morning I woke up in the same clothes I was wearing last night.  My hair was messed up and so was my makeup. But I didn’t care at the moment. The news on moving was still taking over my mind. I felt like crap. I’ve lived here in Bradford all my life and now I’m going to America. America full annoying people. I don’t want to leave my friends Emma and Ruby. And I especially didn’t want to lose Zayn, my best friend.

I got dressed and skipped breakfast. I decided I should go to Emma’s flat. I drove to her flat and knocked on the door. It was early in the morning and I wasn’t surprised to see Emma all tired and cranky. She opened the door and I saw that she was still in her jammies and her blonde hair was messed up. “What do you want this early in the morning?” She asked annoyed. “Good morning to you too.  Now let me in please.” I said. She yawned and gestured to come in. I walked into her flat and sat in the dining room. Emma opened the fridge, “Want anything to eat?” I shook my head, “No… Hey how about we go shopping centre today?”  “Now? I’m in my pajamas still.” Said Emma. “Well get dressed... Let’s go like half an hour.” I told her. Emma hurried herself to her room.

I sat there alone looking through my phone when I got a text message from Zayn. I opened it and it said hi. I thought about whether I should answer him or not. I decided I shouldn’t and put it back in my pocket. I slowly walked up stairs heading to Emma’s room when I smelled a niff coming from her baby brother’s room. I ignored the smell thinking it was just his nappy.

I walked into Emma’s room to see Emma putting on her makeup. “Come on Em.” I pushed.  Emma put her makeup down and turned away from the mirror to face me. “What’s going on Kat? You’ve never liked to shop.”  I shrugged acting like there was no problem. “Nothing going on…” I said sounding a bit too innocent. But it was true, I never liked shopping.  “Alright… But I’m going to find out.” She said and continued to put her makeup on.

We arrived at the Shopping Centre and spent two hours of shopping and having fun. We were getting tired and hungry so we went to the food court to have lunch. I bought some chips and that was enough to fill my up for the day. I set my bag on the floor and grabbed a chip and munched on it quietly. “Tell me what’s going on.” Emma demanded. “What? Emma look nothing is going on.” I asked eating my chips nervously.

“Look you can tell me. Go ahead.” Emma said nicely. I hesitated and I finally told her that I’m moving. Unfortunately she was drinking water and spit it right into my face. “What!” She exclaimed. She giggled right after, “Oops. Sorry ‘bout that.” She handed me a napkin. I wiped her spit of my face. “You- you can’t move! I’m going to be alone and best friend less. And- and-“Emma talked fast.

“Hey you haven’t even heard what happened yesterday when Zayn was dropping me off my flat. He and I… we… we kinda…” I was shy to tell her.

“YOU TWO KISSED DIDN’T YOU?” Emma exclaimed. I hushed her to quiet down. “You two snogged. Oh my. It’s about time you to got together. Wait… this is horrible you’re moving and now you decide to kiss.” Emma said quietly. I looked down at my plate.
"I don't want to tell him." I told Emma. "If you don't I will and we both know he's going to get hurt like that." Emma said. She finished her drink and got out of her seat. I got up along with her.
"Now come on. We need to buy you some more clothes for California. I'm partly jealous of you." 
I rolled my eyes, "You take my place and go then."

After shopping Em and I decided to head back to my flat. Emma said she wanted to help me pack. We went upstairs and soon enough we were tearing my closet down. My room looked like a mess. All my clothes were on the floor, books had fallen off shelves, and my shoes were all over the place.I sat in the middle of this mess, "Where do we start?" Emma began folding my clothes and putting them into suitcases and boxes. After we got the clothes done there were the books and my old toys next. We put those into random boxes too. We spent hours emptying my room.

"Oh God. That what tiring." Emma said sounding exhausted. I nodded. "Yes it was. It’s getting late. How ‘bout you go home."         

Emma got up, “Alright I do need a shower. Well I'll see you at school Kat. Bye." She headed out of my room and I was left alone. As I flipped pages threw my photo album my mobile began to beep again. I grabbed it and noticed ten messages from Zayn.

He knew something was up because I would always text him every day no matter what. I scrolled down the texts. I felt even worse knowing he cared about me. I finally texted him back. Hi(: I texted. Why haven’t you been answering He texted me. I couldn't think of an excuse so I texted him busy I sat my phone down and went onto my laptop. I logged into my Facebook and saw that he messages me nine times.


Kat: Hi

Zayn: Are you busy tomorrow??

Kat: Yes sorry....

Zayn: Oh what are you doing?


I couldn't tell him I was packing.. not now. After a minute of thinking to myself I had an idea.


Kat: Emma needs some help on homework. Sorry ):

Zayn: oh it's alright. So how's it going?

Bad, I thought. Everything sucked. I want to stay here but I can't. So instead of saying bad I kept it simple.

Kat: Fine. Hey I have to go... See you at school bye! (:

Zayn: Bye ):


I left my laptop and went outside to see the moving truck parked outside my flat. I saw my mum coming in in out of the flat carrying boxes and stuff, taking them into the truck. I got bored from watching them move things and so I went back and grabbed my book to read.

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