Taken(A One Direction FanFiction)

Katherine Cole and Zayn Malik have been good friends for a long time, both liking each other. But when Katherine moves to California she falls in love again. And well Zayn has gotten busy with his big success in the band One Direction. One day Katherine's best friend Lily takes her out to a signing in L.A. What will happen when Katherine and Zayn meet again? Will Katherine dump her new boyfriend and run after Zayn? Or will she stay with her other love?
**Sequel is out: Back For You** (thanks for reading guys!)


32. Gone Part 2

Zayn’s P.O.V.

“Hey Zayn.” Niall called me as I was undressing. We had just finished our concert and were in the dressing room changing. I was glad that we could finally get going and go back. I was wondering at how Katherine was and what she was doing alone at the flat. I was excited to go back and give her one of the many presents I had bought her.

I finished putting on my extra clothes on and quickly fixed my hair. I left the dressing room and went to Niall who called me over.

I saw zipping up his jacket and he had my phone of the table beside him. “What’s up Niall.”

He handed me my phone, “You’d better give Katherine a call back. She’s called at least nine times.”

I took the phone and look through the history of calls. Niall was right; I did have a lot of missed calls from her. There were a few calls from Emma too. I began feeling nervous and called Katherine first. All the boys exited the room and I was alone pacing back and forth waiting for an answer. She didn’t pick up the second time I called her too.

I was going to call Emma next, but we had to leave and go back to the flat. Maybe Katherine is there.

I sat in the car quiet and in thought on why she hasn’t picked up her phone. Harry was still mad at me and didn’t enjoy the fact that he was sitting next to me. I still have the chance to actually talk to him. “Are you okay Zayn?” Liam asked noticing my quietness. I just nodded in answer and continued to be silent until we reached home.

Once we got home I ran to the door and went inside. The guys looked at me in question and I just went inside and went straight to Katherine’s room. It was empty and I had the feeling she wasn’t in here at all. Her stuff weren’t in her room anymore. I ran to my room and saw everything messed up.

My room is usually mess, but now it could a little messier. The pillows were thrown on the ground and the blankets were spread out on the ground. The cabinet drawers were half open. What if she was kidnapped? That was a crazy question, but it could happen. I was throwing my things back onto my bed and saw a little jewelry box under one of the blankets.

I bent down and picked up the open box off the ground. It was the present I had bought her. The ring was still in there. She must have saw it, but why did she throw all my stuff on the ground and leave the ring right here?

I closed the box and threw onto my bed and sat down. I had my hands to my face and I groaned. I hope she didn’t leave.

Maybe she didn’t leave. An idea popped up into my head. She probably went to Emma’s flat. I quickly got my phone and keys and went straight to my car. I started the car quickly and began driving as fast as I can.

I was passing the speed limit and I hoped that the police weren’t nearby. My heart was pounding and the red lights were taking too long. It took about eight minutes to get to her flat. I parked my car and knocked on her door.

Annoyingly, her little sister answered the door. She screamed at the sight of me. I rolled my eyes. I didn’t care if I looked mean. I pushed past her and went into their house without any permission. I saw Emma watching the telly and texting on her phone.

“Emma. Is Katherine here?” I asked sounding nervous.

Emma looked up from her phone and frowned. She shook her head and began speaking, “I tried to tell her to stay.”

“Stay? Emma where is she going?” I asked even though I knew what I would hear.

Emma sighed and avoided eye contact with me, “She left you. She’s gone back to California. I’m sorry Zayn. I tried to convince her to stay here, but she was determined to go back and see her boyfriend.”

My mouth stayed open and I closed my eyes. “No…no she can’t be gone. She-she told me she loved me. Why would she leave me for-for him?” I spoke in shock. My heart sunk and I couldn’t believe she would actually leave. My eyes roamed the room as I shook my head.

“You still have time to convince her.” Emma told me looking at her clock hung above her telly. I glanced at the clock. It was one pm.

“What time is her flight?” I asked with a little hope.

“It’s at two. Now hurry and get her.” Emma urged. She told me which airport she was at and the information. I fast walked to the door and thanked Emma.

“No problem Zayn. Good luck.” Emma’s voice faded as I shut the door behind me and ran to my car.

I was driving my car as fast as I can. I was surprised that no police officers had caught me. My hands were sweaty as I held onto the steering wheel. As I drove I continued to take little glances at the time. It was about one thirty when I had finally parked my car in the airport parking.

The airport was packed with people. I can’t imagine how I could find her in these crowds. I followed what Emma had instructed me. I searched for flight number 99. I roamed through the airport. I prayed that no one recognized me. I was where black shades and a hoodie. After searching frantically, I found the flight number and it was still closed. It was about to open in a few minutes.

I was glad that it hadn’t departed yet. I took my phone out and went to an area where chairs were set for people waiting for their flights. I took a seat and held the phone to my ear. I shook my leg nervously as the phone rang. Still no answer, so I left a message.

“Katherine, it’s me Zayn. Please don’t leave. Please stay and talk to me. Just call me back. I love you.” I hung up and began looking for her. I couldn’t spot anyone like her. I walked through the rows of seats hoping to see her once more.

I continued to call as I wandered around. I groaned and as I laid my hands on the back of my head, I heard a ringtone behind sounding really familiar. I turned around and saw her sitting there with her face in a book.

She completely ignored my calls. I sighed in relief of seeing her. I sprinted to her and grabbed the book right out her hands and forced a kiss onto her lips. Her eyes were wide open and she slapped one of my cheeks.

“Who the hell are you?” She asked pushing me. I took my shades off and once she recognized me she looked at me even angrier.

“Katherine. Please, please don’t leave!” I implored.

She got up walking past me and towards the windows showing the airplanes flying in and out. I caught her arm and stopped her from going away.

“Katherine talk to me!” I demanded.

“Talk to you? Talk to you about what huh? You won’t tell me anything Zayn. Why should I talk to you if you won’t tell me anything?” She asked madly.

“Let me explain-“

“What’s there to explain. Ryan could be dying and I’m here enjoying my time with you. With One Direction the biggest boy band in the world. A boy band with a member in particular who doesn’t tell anyone- even his girlfriend- about things I need to know. Why didn’t you tell me?” Katherine said now raising her voice.

“I didn’t tell you because I knew you would leave me for him. Like you always will.” I argued.

“Like I always will. What’s that supposed to mean?” She asked with her hands on her hips.

“That means that you are more in love with him than you are with me!” I barked at her. Her eyes avoided meeting mine when I said that. I couldn’t tell if what I said was the truth. I told myself not to believe it.

Katherine swallowed and looked down now crying a little bit. I felt horrible for making her cry. I myself wanted to cry for making her like this.

“So it’s true isn’t it?” I asked softly. Katherine refused to answer.

“You love him more than you love me?” I asked with my heart shattering into pieces.

“I-I don’t know…” Katherine sighed. She met my eyes again and I was too broken to talk to her again.

“You don’t know!” I exclaimed, “You don’t know. But let me tell you this. I love you Katherine. I love you so much. And when you leave me like this. You don’t understand how broken I’m going to be. Katherine please don’t go, not like this. Talk to me, I’ll be a better boyfriend, I’ll get you anything-“ I was now practically begging for her to stay.

“I don't want anything from you Zayn. All I wanted was a relationship where we could both be honest and tell each other things.” Katherine yelled.

“I’ll do those things, please stay Kat. I-“

The intercom went on, “ Five minutes until departure for flight 99.”

I looked at Katherine with pleading eyes. I don’t want her to leave me with a broken heart. I can’t watch her go, I love her too much. Katherine wiped a tear away from her eye and tapped her foot. It looked like she was giving a little thought about it. I was feeling better now, but she soon made up her mind.

“I’m sorry Zayn.” She spoke softly.

“So that’s…you’re going to leave me like this. After you told me that you loved me and kissed me with your sweet lips. After what happened in Ireland? Katherine don’t end this.” I said grabbing her hips and pulling her close to me. Our faces were inches apart and I was so close to get that one last kiss from her. She met my eyes one last time and pulled away.

“I’m sorry Zayn.” She said one last time. Katherine turned her back on me and took her rolled her suitcase towards the airplane entrance. She walked into the plane and I was left there.

I hit the glass window next to me in anger and fighting tears. I cursed under my breath and my hood fell down. Within a minute I was surrounded by a throng of people asking for pictures and autographs. I stood in the middle of the throng of annoying people sadly.

After a minute of quick pictures I was chased through the airport and I had to find a way out. I continued to run and made it to the exit and I lost the crowd. I found my way back to my car and I sat in my seat upset as ever.

All I could think about was Katherine. She’s gone.

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