Taken(A One Direction FanFiction)

Katherine Cole and Zayn Malik have been good friends for a long time, both liking each other. But when Katherine moves to California she falls in love again. And well Zayn has gotten busy with his big success in the band One Direction. One day Katherine's best friend Lily takes her out to a signing in L.A. What will happen when Katherine and Zayn meet again? Will Katherine dump her new boyfriend and run after Zayn? Or will she stay with her other love?
**Sequel is out: Back For You** (thanks for reading guys!)


13. Carnival

After another long week of finals Ryan, Adam, and Lily and I decided we should go out for some food after our last test. I haven’t gotten to see Zayn since he came over. I was beginning to miss him. We would text on and off. And even Harry and I would text as well. We all went to a restaurant and took our seats. I got a text from Zayn.

Zayn: How are you? (:. I smiled and looked back down at my phone.
To Zayn: Good…Hungry actually ahah.

“Who are you texting?” Ryan asked me. “Zayn.” I said and went back to staring at my phone. Ryan looked annoyed but went back talking to Adam. “Plans for prom?” Lily asked. Prom. I am really nervous about prom. Lily has been talking on and on about it. Prom was in a week and that’s all she could talk about.

Adam raised his hand, “I can barrow my dad’s car. I can pick you all up around 8:00.” We all agreed to that. “Okay we got that straight. Now we need our dresses.” Lily clasped her hands together.

Ryan and Adam both groaned and I giggled. “Mall Sunday?” Lily asked us all. I nodded and took a sip out of my water. “Do Ryan and I have to come?” Adam wined. “YES! I bet you boys don’t even have the clothes for prom.”

“I do to! I still have my eighth grade graduating clothes…”Adam protested. “Mhm. Like that’s going to fit!” Lily said. Then she began to laugh. “What?” Adam asked. “I remember how you looked that graduating day! You were so dorky!” Lily said laughing. Ryan laughed along too. I couldn’t help but feel left out so I went back to texting Zayn as they talked about their memories.

From Zayn: Haha don’t go all Niall on the food!
To Zayn: I might... Where you at?

From Zayn: Rehearsals. You?
To Zayn: Rehearsals so late? I’m eating at a restaurant with Ryan, Lily, and Adam.
From Zayn: That’s cool. I have to go. Call me later! Bye xx<3

“Kat!” Lily exclaimed. I looked up from my phone to see them all staring at me. “Oh sorry.” I told them. I gave a crooked smile. “What color dress are you going to buy?” Lily asked me taking a bite out of her food. “I don’t know. Anything I like I guess.” I shrugged.

“You look like an aqua or dark colour dress wearer.” Lily thought about.

I got a text, From Ryan: Hey want to come over after? Have the house to myself (;

I looked up and turned all red at Ryan. He winked at me and I blushed.
To Ryan: We’ll see… (;

It was fun to flirt around with guys. He got it and winked at me again and I giggled. Adam seemed to notice us acting weird. “What you guys texting each other about?” He grabbed Ryan’s phone and raised a brow. “Smooth with the ladies Ryan. Have fun.” He said. Lily poked me laughing.

I blushed, “Shut up Adam!” I laughed along though. After dinner Ryan and I said goodbye to Lily and Adam and he drove me to his place. I walk into to his house and we of course immediately kiss.

I woke up lying on the couch in Ryan’s living room the next day. I was the only one in the room and went upstairs to Ryan’s room. I saw Ryan coming out from his bathroom half naked with a towel around his waist. “Good morning.” He said cheerfully. I smiled, “Morning.” I groaned and got up to grab my clothes. A pair of hands grabbed me by the waist. “Where do you think you’re going?” Ryan whispered into my ears. “To get dressed.” I giggled. He swirled me around and kissed me on the lips. I kissed back and he pushed me against the wall and we kept kissing. I stopped. “What’s up?” Ryan asked. “What time is it?” I asked him. “Six thirty in the morning.” Ryan said leaning in for another kiss. I put my finger to his lips. “Crap my parents! We have to go now!” I said putting my shoes on. I went downstairs and waited for Ryan to get dressed. He came running down the stairs. “Let’s go!”


We got into the car and he drove me to my house. I said goodbye and snuck through the back door without making a noise. I went up to my room and crawled under my sheets looking through my phone.

From Ryan: Did you get caught?

To Ryan: Nopee (:

From Ryan: Good (:

To Ryan: Talk to you later I’m tired! Bye (:

I put my phone down and a minute later I got a text. I looked at my phone and it was from Zayn.
I touched open, From Zayn: You busy today? Sorry for the early text :/ .

To Zayn: Why??

From Zayn: You’re awake? Why up so early?

To Zayn: Can I ask u the same? Anyway I’m not busy…

From Zayn: Well can I come and pick you up later? The boys and I are going to a carnival later.

To Zayn: Yeah sure! What time?

From Zayn: Around 4

To Zayn: Great see you then!

Around 3 I woke up and got ready to leave. I wore a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt with some panda on it.I went outside to see a black van parks outside my house. I had locked my door and joined them in the van. Liam was driving whilst the others were in the back. There was a girl with brown hair and sitting on Louis's lap. "Hi guys!" I greeted taking a seat next to Zayn.

"Hi Kat!" Zayn said. The back was a little cramped so Zayn was forced to put his arm around me. "Hi Katherine I'm Eleanor!" The girl of Louis's lap said. "Hi!" I said. "She is my beauty!" Louis said kissing her on the cheek.

They were so cute together. "So are you and Zayn dating?" She asked. I began to feel red and Zayn now seemed uncomfortable. "Uh no-well not anymore. I have a boyfriend." I answered. "Oh sorry! He talks about you a lot so I assumed you two were." Eleanor told me.
"So how has the week treated you?" Niall asked me.

"Okay. Testing is over. Prom is next week." I said. "Oh Prom! What's the theme this year? Where is it going to be at?" Eleanor asked. "Disneyland!" I said. And for the rest of the ride we talked about Prom.

We finally arrived at the carnival. At first a bunch of random girls came out and wanted autograph and pictures. We made it past them and went through the carnival playing games and eating candy floss. After an hour of sticking together as a group, we split up. Zayn and I were left alone and I could swear I saw Louis wink at Zayn before leaving us alone. We began to walk around the place. "Want to ride the roller coaster?" Zayn asked me. I shrugged. I was scared of roller coasters. "Oh right you're still scared? It's fine we don't-"
"Actually yeah let's go!" I exclaimed.

The roller coaster didn't look that bad. I grabbed his hand and we went to the line. After ten minutes of waiting our turn came and we were placed at the very front. Crap. I closed my eyes. “Zayn never mind I don't want to go." I said. I felt his hands on mine. "I don't think we can get off-" he got cut off by the speaker saying that it will start in 10,9,8.... "I'll hold your hand." I nodded and continued to close my eyes.
"than-" I was about to say thanks but then the ride zoomed off. I screamed as loud as I can. His hand was held onto mine. I began to relax and I opened my eyes. I turned to see Zayn laughing and smiling at me. I began to smile along with him. Soon enough the ride came to an end.
We both came off the ride laughing. "Wasn't that fun?" Zayn asked me still holding my hand "Yeah it was!!" I exclaimed. I looked over his shoulder and saw the ferris wheel and grinned. Zayn looked behind himself and looked back at me. "Let's go!" He said pulling me towards the Ferris Wheel.

We stepped into a green cup and took a seat right next to each other. It started to take us up. I took a look at the whole carnival. The sun was beginning to set at this point. I put my hands of the edge and looked down. Zayn grabbed and pulled me towards him. "Come here. I don't want you to fall." He said protectively.

I rolled my eyes and laid my head on his shoulder. I closed my eyes as the sunlight hit us. "It's so nice up here." I said. "One day I'm going to take you to the London Eye." Zayn told me. "Mhm. One day..." I whispered. "I miss this." Zayn said. "Miss what?" I asked.

"This. Being with you." Zayn whispered in to my ear. Our seat was now at the very top. He looked me in the eyes and kept me there. He leaned in and I didn't stop myself. Our lips touched and I we kissed. I kissed him back. I couldn’t help it, it felt so right. We pulled apart and I was speechless.
This kiss was different. It felt real. I mean I really adored Ryan, but when my lips touched Zayn's- it just felt so perfect.

“Zayn…” I groaned. I put my hands in my face. “I-I’m sorry. I just needed to-“

“To what? Make me feel guilty! Zayn! Why would you do that?” I yelled at him. Zayn’s eyes no longer looked happy. “I am sorry Katherine! Please don’t make me feel worse. I’ve wanted to do that for months!” He said trying to hold my hand. I pulled away from him. “Zayn! We kissed! And I’m with Ryan! Zayn-“

“I kissed you! You didn’t do anything-" He said trying to make me feel better. The Ferris wheel began to go down. “That’s the problem! I kissed you back Zayn!” I exclaimed. I stuffed my hands into my face. “Why did you kiss me back? There must be a reason.” Zayn said with a little bit of anger.

“I-I don’t know Zayn!” I yelled at him. The Ferris Wheel came to an end and I ran out pushing past people crying.

I ran across the place passing Harry. “Katherine! Where are you going?” Harry was a fast runner and he caught up with me. He touched my shoulder and I shoved it away. “Leave me alone Harry.” I cried.

He grabbed me shoulders and made me face him. He pulled me in for a hug. I cried into his shoulder. He stoked my hair. He took me to back to the car and went inside. We both sat in the back.

“What happened?” He asked me still holding me. “Zayn kissed me!” I cried out. I felt Harry tense up. “He kissed you?“

I looked up at him, “ And I kissed him back !” “You kissed him back? Now why wouldn’t you stop?” Harry asked me. Harry looked concern. I was thankful he was here for me.

“See Harry I don’t know! You were right about me and my feelings!” I exclaimed taking a tissue he just offered. “Hey I’ll talk to him. Maybe give him a little punch if you don’t mind. Let me take you home.” He said getting out from the back of the car and going taking the wheel.

“What about the others?” I asked him putting my seatbelt on. “I’ll be back in time for then but for now let me take you home.” Harry said as he backed up.

As he drove I kept getting calls from Zayn, then Louis, and then Liam. I denied them all and slumped back. “Should I tell him?” I asked Harry. Harry looked at me through the mirror. He didn’t answer for a minute. “Don’t right now. Until you get everything settled together.” He finally answered. “Thanks Harry, you know for being there for me.” I said. “Anytime Katherine.” He said focusing on driving.

A few minutes later he dropped me off at my house. “Text me, alright?” Harry demanded. I nodded, “I will. Thanks for the ride Harry.”

Harry smiled and drove off. I slowly walked up towards my house. I went to my room and laid there staring at the ceiling until I fell asleep.

Zayn's P.O.V.

I needed to kiss her. It was what I’ve wanted to do for months now. As we slowly reached the top of the Ferris wheel, I went in for it. I leaned in expecting her to push me away again, but this time she went along with it. I felt my lips against her and we kissed. After a few seconds we let go. I was secretly smiling, but my smile soon faded away as I saw her face.

“Zayn…” Katherine groaned. She put her hands into her face. “I-I’m sorry. I just needed to-“ I apologized. I realized then that I had made a huge mistake.

“To what? Make me feel guilty! Zayn! Why would you do that?” She yelled at him. My heart sunk. I tried to explain to her.“I am sorry Katherine! Please don’t make me feel worse. I’ve wanted to do that for months!” I said trying to hold her hand. She pulled away from me. “Zayn! We kissed! And I’m with Ryan! Zayn-“

“I kissed you! You didn’t do anything-“ I said trying to make me feel better. The Ferris wheel began to go down. “That’s the problem! I kissed you back Zayn!” She exclaimed. Kat then stuffed her hands back into her face. “Why did you kiss me back? There must be a reason.” I said feeling angry now inside. Why would she continue to kiss me if she didn’t want it? There must have been a reason. I knew it. I knew she still has feelings for me!

“I-I don’t know Zayn!” Katherine shouted at me. The Ferris wheel came to an end and Katherine ran out of the ferris wheel cup. I ran after her. “Katherine!!” I shouted pushing past people. I lost her after a minute of running. I stopped in my place and leaned against the wall.

I’ve made a horrible mistake and I don’t think she is going to forgive me. Just then a small group of girls came walking to me. “OH MY GOSH YOUR ZAYN MALIK!!” She screamed. The other girls squealed along with her. “OH MY GOSH CAN I LIKE HAVE YOU AUTOGRAPH PLEASE!!” The girl screamed. 

I didn’t want them to get too upset so I gave them all an autograph although I was getting a major head ace. I grabbed a cigarette out of my pocket and lit it up. I began smoking it relaxing myself.

“Zayn!” I heard Liam’s voice behind me. I didn’t turn around I continued to watch people walk in front of me. “Zayn! Mate what-“ Liam put his hand of my shoulder and I shoved it away. “Go away.” I demanded. “Zayn.” Liam said my name again. I remained quiet. “Look let’s take you back to the hotel.” Liam said putting his hand on my shoulder.

I threw my cigarette on the dirty floor and stepped on it. “Come on.” Liam said. I turned around and followed him to the car without saying a word to each other.

We came to the parking lot and the car wasn’t there. Everyone was standing there except Harry. Harry must have token Katherine back home. I had a feeling he liked her. I clenched my fists, mad at him.

“I think Harry took her home.” Louis spoke to us. “I’ll call him.” Niall took out his phone and dialed his number.

“Hey Harry. Where you at?” Niall asked. Niall stood there listening to his phone. “Oh okay. Love you too bye.” Niall hung up and came back to us. “He said he’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I took a seat on a bench nearby crossing my arms. I stared at the dirt underneath my feet. I felt the bench get heavier and turned to see Louis sitting there. “Hey Zayn.” He said. I shifted my position uncomfortably. “What happened? You can tell me.” Louis softly said.

I hesitated, “I…I kissed her Louis.” I slowly told him. “Oh Zayn. Why did you do that? You know she has a boyfriend.”  Louis said.

“I-I don’t know! I just needed too!” I said half hysterical. “Look calm down-“ I cut Louis off by getting up and leaving him alone.

Harry soon arrived and we all entered the van. I sat in the back next to Niall and I sat there not talking to anyone. No one talked the ride back.


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