Taken(A One Direction FanFiction)

Katherine Cole and Zayn Malik have been good friends for a long time, both liking each other. But when Katherine moves to California she falls in love again. And well Zayn has gotten busy with his big success in the band One Direction. One day Katherine's best friend Lily takes her out to a signing in L.A. What will happen when Katherine and Zayn meet again? Will Katherine dump her new boyfriend and run after Zayn? Or will she stay with her other love?
**Sequel is out: Back For You** (thanks for reading guys!)


19. Arrival

Katherine's P.O.V.

Our plane finally landed after a long ten hour flight. I slept through whole flight. I was tired both physically and emotionally. Zayn had his around me which kept me all warm.

“Erm, guys…we need to leave.” Niall said quietly. He tapped Zayn’s shoulder and I heard him yawn. I shifted around and yawned as well. “Alright…”

Zayn and I both got up and got our things. “We are finally home.” Zayn told me with a smile. “Yes we are!” I exclaimed giving him a hug. I decided that I would try my best not to ruin things here by letting my sadness take over. I have to stop thinking about Ryan and focus on the fact that I am here, home.

 “Do you miss California?” Niall asked me still standing there.

“No.” I firmly said. I didn’t miss California and did not want to get involved with anymore drama. “Oh. Whilst you were sleeping, I kept hearing you talk about your friends and Ryan especially.” Niall informed me.

“I don’t talk in my sleep.” I lied. Occasionally words would come out of my mouth when I sleep. Usually I say stuff that bothers me, from what my parents have heard. I just hope I didn’t say a lot.

“I was pretty sure I heard something. Well we should get going.” Niall said leaving to get his things.

I turned to Zayn, “Did you hear anything?”  Zayn shook his head, “Nope. I was sleeping the entire time… Let’s go.” We walked to the exit of the jet and each began stepping out of the jet. I stood on the step and felt the coolness in the air. I saw the dark grey sky above and smiled to myself.

“Katherine?” I heard Harry call my name. I looked at him, “Yes?”
“You coming?” He held his hand out and I took it. He led me down the steps and we began walking outside the airport hoping not to get spotted by a bunch of girls.

We found a way to go to the car parked for us. We got into it and got seated. “Where are we going?” I whispered to Zayn. “Home. The guys are tired.” Zayn told me.

I looked at Louis playing rock paper scissors over the last cookie in the bag. “HA ROCK BEATS SCISSORS!” Louis exclaimed taking the cookie. He ate it as Niall mumbled, “You owe me a cookie.”

I turned back to Zayn, “They don’t seem tired.” Zayn laughed, “What I meant was they- actually all of us, are homesick.

“Are we going to stay at your house?” I asked. “Well the boys and I have a flat together. We’re going to be staying there for a day or two and then we are going to different places again.” Zayn said. “You guys have a busy schedule.” I sighed.

“Yeah we do. But don’t worry; you will get to see a bunch of things in England and other places including tonight.” Zayn grinned. I narrowed my eyes, “What’s going on tonight?”

“We got a nice nap on the jet and I think that I should have the night to take you somewhere.” Zayn said.

A few hours later I was in Zayn’s room. Their house was ginormous. It was such a beautiful house. It was a wide four story house with a big lawn and a huge patio and pool. The mansion looked clean from the outside, but the boys’ rooms were a mess.

When I stepped into the their flat, the entrance was large and it welcomed us with one very large stairway leading upstairs. There was chandelier up above and the floor was polished neatly. I thought it was such a neat home until I walked upstairs and saw the rooms.

Out of all rooms Liam’s was the cleanest, well from what I saw walking past it. I stepped into Zayn’s room where there were scattered clothes and lots of random stuff all over the place. “Would it kill you to get a maid?” I said under my breath when I stepped in.

Now Zayn was planning on taking me out. He took me to a separate room right next to his. He told me it was my room when staying here. "My room is open for you to come in at anytime." He added with a wink. I rolled my eyes and went in to get dressed.

I went to get my phone to check how the weather is going to be. I searched through my luggage and couldn’t find it. I went over to Zayn’s room and asked him if he had seen it and he said he didn’t. I asked the other guys and them all said that they didn’t see it.

“Awe I think I lost my phone!” I said annoyed. “If you want I can call the airport and ask them if they’ve seen it.” Zayn suggested. He called them and they said that they had seen nothing.

“Here you can have my other phone that way you have something.” Zayn handed his IPhone. I took it knowing I need some sort of device for contact. “Thanks.”

Zayn looked at his watch, “Let’s get ready to leave.” I nodded and went back to my room to get dressed. I took a look out from my window and it seemed pretty cold so I wore something nice and warm. I wore a plain t-shirt and a warm and fuzzy sweater on top of it. I grabbed my phone and stuffed some money into my back pocket.

I walked out and went over into Zayn’s room. “I’m ready.” I called him. He stepped out and we went down to tell everyone we are leaving.

“Bye guys! Don’t stay out too long.” Louis said.

We left the mansion and stepped into Zayn’s car. I sat next to him quietly and he took my hand and said, “Tonight I just want it to be us. Nothing about Ryan or whatever. Just two of us together just like before.” I gave him a small smile for an answer and he began driving.

We drove through the busy streets on London. It was night time and the city lights made everything beautiful. Up ahead I could see the London Eye. The lights were turned on and it looked wonderful in the night sky. Actually it seemed like we were getting closer and closer.

“Zayn?” I asked.


“Are you taking me to the London Eye?” I asked looking at him. He took a look at me and then back to the road and smiled.

“Really!?” I exclaimed. I’ve wanted to go there. I also have wanted to go see all the other landmarks in London. I never got the chance and this was amazing. I felt happy.

Zayn found a parking spot and we got out of the car and began walking. The streets were crowded and all I could focus my attention were all the beautiful landmarks around the place. Zayn put his hood over his head and tried to cover some of his face so people won’t notice him. I held onto his hand and walked over to the line for the London Eye. He told me to stand there whilst he went to talk to one of the workers and the security members. After a small chat he came back and took my hand again. “Follow me.”

I followed him and we were able to go past all the people in the line. A worker led us to one of the glass capsules. Inside there was a table set up with a few desserts on it and a champagne bottle. The capsule doors closed and were beginning to go up. Zayn pulled out a chair for me.

“All of this? You arranged this all?” I asked him. He nodded and I took a seat. “It’s so beautiful up here.”

“Just like you.” Zayn said.

“Thank you.” I took a small cookie and ate it. “Want a drink?” He asked me holding the bottle. I shook my head, “I’m not the legal age yet.”

“I know, but did you forget that your birthday is next week?” Zayn pointed out.

Oh right. I totally forgot. “You still remember?” I asked him. “Of course. Now here you go.” He said handing me the drink.

I never had alcohol before and hesitated on drinking it. I took a small sip and it tasted sweet and sour-ish. It was tasty though. I put the glass cup down and got out of my seat to take a look at the view.

It was fabulous at night. I could see the boats down below and the other landmarks. It was really pretty and night. I stood there taking a look at London.

Zayn came to me and stood next to me. “Pretty huh? I told you I would take you here.” I turned my attention from the view to Zayn.

“It’s so nice to be up here.” I smiled. “Mhm.” Zayn said coming closer to me.

He put his arm around me keeping me warm. I loved it when I was in his arms. It felt safe. But then Zayn took arm off and pulled me in close to him.

We stood there looking each other. I smiled and looked down. He took my chin and lightly made me face him again. He pushed back my bangs that covered my eye. His eyes looked into mine and that made me melt on the inside. Both of us leaned in slowly and our lips touched.
And this time I don't regret kissing back.

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