Taken(A One Direction FanFiction)

Katherine Cole and Zayn Malik have been good friends for a long time, both liking each other. But when Katherine moves to California she falls in love again. And well Zayn has gotten busy with his big success in the band One Direction. One day Katherine's best friend Lily takes her out to a signing in L.A. What will happen when Katherine and Zayn meet again? Will Katherine dump her new boyfriend and run after Zayn? Or will she stay with her other love?
**Sequel is out: Back For You** (thanks for reading guys!)


28. After Party

Katherine's P.O.V.
After an hour of resting and talking together, we left the room and went to an after party. We went into a huge room and there was loud music. It looked like a club. There were tables set out for everyone to get seated at. We were taken to a table near the end of the room. There was already warm food set out for us on the tables. I took a seat next to Harry and Zayn. Niall immediately dug into his food.

 "Who were you favourite performers," Harry asked, "you know aside from us."

"I really liked Ed Sheeran & Coldplay." I told him.

 "Yeah. I always like Coldplay." Louis added.
The table next to us was where The Wanted was sitting at. I looked over and Nathan waved at me. I quickly looked away and began cutting my food.

A waiter came at our table, "Hello guys, ladies. Do you guys want anything to drink?" He asked.
"You guys want some drinks?" Harry asked us. Everyone nodded but I shook my head. After that incident last time and that massive head ache I didn't want that to happen again.

 "You sure? Alright five drinks please." Harry said to be waiter. The waiter nodded and left the table.
"You guys want to dance?" Louis asked.

"I don't dance." Both Zayn and I said at the same time.

"You don't dance either?" Louis asked me.

"Not my thing." I said. I took a sip of my water. The waiter came back with the drinks and set them on the table.

"Thank you." Niall said. Everyone took a couple sips of their drinks and began talking.

"Well I'm going to go dance." Louis said getting up and taking Eleanor with him. They went onto the dance floor and began dancing. I continued to eat my food.

"Want to dance?" Zayn asked my surprisingly.

"I don't think I want-"
I was interrupted by a man who just came to our table and leaned down and whispered into Zayn's ear. Zayn signed and nodded. Zayn leaned into my ear so I could hear him over the
music, "The boys and I have to go and take some pictures with some fans. It's a little meet and greet. We'll be back soon."

I frowned, "Really?"

The man asked Zayn, "Where's Louis?" Zayn pointed over at where Louis was dancing. The man nodded and walked over to Louis. Louis shook his head to what the man was telling him.
Louis was looking pretty drunk actually. The man grabbed his arm and Louis stumbled forward and walked with him. Eleanor followed behind them.

"C'mon why did you have to spoil the fun?" Louis complained.

Zayn and the other guys got up and followed the man out of the after party room. I slumped back into my chair and began playing with my phone. I felt tap on my shoulder. I was expecting to see Zayn.
"Done so soon? Oh hi Nathan." I said looking up to see his cute face staring down at me.

“Hi Katherine. So I saw you sitting here all alone and I thought you might want some company.” Nathan said taking a seat next to me. I sat there watching him look at me.

“Say how about we go dance?” He asked. I shook my head but he already took my hand and got me up. He took me over to the dance floor and began dancing. I tried doing the dances he was doing. The music pounded loud into my ears and I getting tired of dancing. Nathan grabbed my arms and twirled me around and was now against him.

“You’re cute.” He said into my ear.

I twirled back around, “Thanks.”

A couple dancing minutes later Nathan and I were now sitting on the stools next the bar. I saw his band mates dancing and I even saw Max wink at him and go back to dancing with a bunch of girls.

“Let me buy you a drink.” Nathan offered. He called over a bartender and ordered for some drink. The bartender came back with two drinks and sat it there in front of us.

“You don’t need to buy me anything. I’m not in the drinking mood-“ I said pushing the drink away from me.

“It’s on me. I insist.” He said pushing it back towards me.

I took the drink and held it in my hands. Well it would be rude not to take a sip. Nathan stared at me with a smile holding his cup in front of his face. I took a small sip. The drink had a sweet taste to it. I took a few more sips.

“Tastes good right?” Nathan asked finishing his drink. Wow he finished that fast. I nodded and began finishing my drink.

“C’mon let’s dance some more!” Nathan said.

After a few more drinks and twenty minutes of dancing I was tired and almost boozed up. I’m an idiot for drinking that much.

“Follow me.” Nathan took my hand and he led me past tables and out of the party. We were walking down the hallways. My walking was clumsy and I couldn’t walk straight. Or even think straight really.

“You’re so hot.” Nathan said. I nodded for some reason and giggled.

“You’re hot also.” I said to him. Why did that come out?

We were now standing alone in an empty hallway where I was leaning against the wall. There was no one around and it was really quiet.

“Well the hotel I’m staying at is open….” Nathan said pulling my in close to him. I was practically up at his face. So close.

Zayn’s P.O.V.

I followed the man out the party and into the hallways. Louis was already drunk and was taking Eleanor everywhere with him. He was funny when he was drunk. He was annoyed though just as I was that we had to leave. I wanted to spend some more time with Katherine. I sighed as the man opened the door and there were about a two dozen girls waiting for us in a room.

They were all seated and the minute we walked in the girls began to scream. I hated that so much.

“I don’t wana perform- Hello ladies!” Louis said once seeing the girls.

“OH MY GOD! HI LOUIS!” I heard a girl scream at the top of her lungs from the back. Eleanor was pulled inside and we got a mix reaction from the girls. Some girls screamed her name as loud as they screamed our names, whilst the others rolled their and said rude things.

Eleanor didn’t seem to care about these comments and she took a seat a couple feet away from the girls. We were seated on these stools in front of the rows of girls seating in front of us.

Liam being his sweet old self greeted the girls happily, “Hey girls! How’s everyone today?” The girls began yelling out how they were today.

The man who had brought us in introduced himself to the girls, “Hello ladies, I’m Matt and as you all know this is One Direction. They are going to answer a couple questions, sing a song, and later every one of you will have a chance to take a picture with them all.” Every single one? Great., I thought.

We first began answering questions. “Would you guys do a song with Justin Bieber?” A girl asked us. Niall went in for this answer. “We would love to do a song with Justin. I would love to!”

“Yeah. Justin’s a cool guy and it would definitely be an amazing opportunity. Maybe in the future.” Liam finished off.

The next girl that came up was wearing a shirt with our picture on it and have her blonde hair in a ponytail. She was holding a picture. “Okay this is for Zayn. Zayn who is this girl? And why are you holding hands?” She asked like a detective would.

She showed me a picture and it was a picture of Katherine and I holding hands and walking. Wow these girls do their work.

“Erm. That’s my girlfriend-“ I was stopped by some girl making the most dramatic gasp, “WHAT?” She grunted and crossed her arms.

The boys chuckled and I continued answering, “Yeah as I was saying that girl is my girlfriend, Katherine Cole.”

“Is she here with you?” The blonde girl asked me.

“Yes.” I answered.

“I’m going to kill that girl!” I heard a girl say agrily in the back of the room. Geez, these girls were serious about this stuff.

“Shouldn’t have said that mate…” Harry whispered to me right after the girl said that.

We answered about fifteen more questions after that one. It took forever. I was feeling bad about leaving Katherine back there. Eleanor was looking bored also. Louis was still acting funny. They made us sing What Makes You Beautiful and the girls sang along. Louis was messing up a lot. We went along with that and began joking around whilst we sang. The Matt guy was getting mad at us for doing that.

We now had to take pictures with the girls and sign there things. The girls lined up against the wall and each had to wait their turn to come up. Right before we let the girls do this, Eleanor walked up to us.

“You want a picture baby…” Louis said wrapping his arm around her. Eleanor took his arm off.

“I’m going to go find Katherine. See you guys at the party soon.” She began walking out of the room.

“Wait babe I wanted to take a picture with your pretty faceeee.” Louis called after her.

He was beginning to chase after her when Liam pulled him back. “Nope mate. You gotta stay here.”

Louis grunted and we began taking pictures with the girls.

Katherine’s P.O.V

“Katherine!” I heard a girl’s voice call me. I was close to Nathan’s face. His hands were far below my waist. I backed away from Nathan and turned to my right and saw Eleanor with her arms on her waist.

Nathan looked to the right and cleared his throat. I was feeling embarrassed. “What are you doing?” Eleanor asked me. I tried walking up to her but couldn’t really balance myself. Eleanor came up to me and caught me from falling.

“What the hell. You know she has a boyfriend! Get lost.” Eleanor barked at Nathan.

“Hey she was into it. Remember my hotel is available.” Nathan said coolly walking off as if nothing ever happened.

“Wait Nathan!” I called after him.

“Why did you let him do that?” Eleanor asked me once he left.

“I…dunno. He’s so cuteeeee.” I told her. Ugh why do I keep saying this stuff?

“Oh the boy got you all drunk huh? Well I won’t tell Zayn about this incident okay. Now come on. We are going back to the party. None of this ever happened alright.” Eleanor told me.  She held my hand and was leading me back to the party. We bumped into the Zayn and Louis on the way.

“Where were you guys?” Zayn asked concerned.

“Yeah I was looking all over for you.” Louis said taking Eleanor into his arms. They walked back into the party and I was left alone with Zayn in the hall. I almost tripped over and Zayn caught me.

“Hey you okay?” Zayn asked me holding me.

“Yeah I’m fineee Zayyyn.” I said.

“Where were you?” He asked me.

“I was with Nathaaaann.” I answered walking past him and about to enter the party again. Zayn stopped me and brought me back outside the party.

“Nathan? The kid from The Wanted?” He asked.

“Mhm. Now can we go back into the party?” I asked Zayn wanted to go back in.

“No. What did you guys do? Are you drunk?” Zayn asked me.

“Zayn! Let me go back to the party.” I whined.

“Not before you tell me what you did.” Zayn held onto my arm.

“We didn’t do anything!” I exclaimed. Zayn narrowed his eyes.

“Are you sure? I’ll go ask him myself.” Zayn said angrily letting go of my arm and storming back into the party.

Zayn’s P.O.V.

I couldn’t trust what she said when she was drunk. I decided to find out myself. I stormed back into the party and looked for Nathan. I found one of his band mates talking to the some girls. “Aye Tom. Where’s Nathan?” I asked him.

“Oh Zayn. How’s it going? I think I saw him go somewhere earlier with a hot girl.” Tom answered.

“Yeah that hot girl was my girlfriend.” I said to him. I saw Nathan over Tom’s shoulder and I walked past everyone and tapped his shoulder. He turned around.

“Oh hey there.” Nathan said chilled out.

“Did you do anything with Katherine?” I asked him harshly.

“What?” He asked. I guess he couldn’t hear me because of the music. I took him out of the doors and into a quieter area.

“Did you do anything with my girlfriend?” I asked again.

“Relax man. I didn’t do anything.” Nathan admitted.

“You better not be lying.” I said.

“Nothing happened. She is really hot though.” Nathan said. I chose to ignore the last comment and I left the room. I wasn't in the mood to get any deeper into the subject. And I hope that nothing happened. I didn't want to anything similar to happen like that one time at the club. I walked back to Katherine and saw her bored on the table. She yawned.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized. Katherine looked up and yawned again.

“It’s okay Zayniee.” She said. Zaynie?

“You look tired. How about we go back to our hotel?” I asked her. She nodded and grabbed her things.

“I’m going to go back and rest.” I told Liam. Liam nodded and I left the party with Katherine.

I walked slowly with her and we got into a cab to take us back. She lay her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes the ride to the hotel. The cab dropped us off about twenty minutes later and we walked into the lobby and took the lift up to our suite.

We walked in and I began talking my shoes off. I took my tuxedo jacket off and lay it on a chair. Katherine went on the bed and laid down staring at the ceiling. I went next to her and sat beside her, stroking her soft hair. I came down and gave her a kiss on her lips.

She smiled and pulled me down for more kisses. I fell on top of her and she ran her fingers through my hair and was taking my shirt off. I began pulling off her dress.

And in an hour I laid there under the covers with her. I wrapped my arms around her cold waist and kept her warm. She was facing me and she gave me a beautiful smile. “I love you.” She whispered and gave me one last kiss before falling asleep.
I'm going to go have some turkey and yummy mashed potatoes

P.S.: I have this friend and she also writes stories so if you want maybe check her out? Her username is: Pandaz
And the story is: Hey L.A., We're Going to Set The World On Fire
thanks guys!

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