Taken(A One Direction FanFiction)

Katherine Cole and Zayn Malik have been good friends for a long time, both liking each other. But when Katherine moves to California she falls in love again. And well Zayn has gotten busy with his big success in the band One Direction. One day Katherine's best friend Lily takes her out to a signing in L.A. What will happen when Katherine and Zayn meet again? Will Katherine dump her new boyfriend and run after Zayn? Or will she stay with her other love?
**Sequel is out: Back For You** (thanks for reading guys!)


10. A Day With One Direction

Zayn Malik. The dark haired tanned skin brown eyed talented singer ex-boyfriend slash best friend boy. He’s in One Direction. The international boy band that apparently drives everyone teenage girl crazy. I shook my head trying to add up how and when this happened. I thought for a second. Okay. He auditioned for the X-Factor. Check. He made it through. Check. Then what!? Oh god did he form a band on the show? Was it even possible at all? Does he remember me? Oh no. Oh no.

“Hey. What’s your name?” Zayn asked as he was signing my cd. “I-I- um I’m… L-Lily.” I spit out. Great Katherine you used Lily’s name. “Oh nice to meet you-“He looked up and took a long look at me. I smiled nervously.

“Lily hmm? You don’t look like a Lily to me.” Zayn said continuing to stare at me. Oh gosh he knows it’s me. Wait why am I acting all nervous and scared. I should be hugging him and saying how much I miss him.  He narrowed his eyes. “You look familiar.” I  laughed nervously. “What?? No…”  

“You look like someone I knew. Not a fan, but someone that I’ve known…” He said continuing to question himself. There was a silence, I think he was just thinking.
“Where you from…Lily?” Zayn asked me just like the other boys did. “California.” I answered and mentally hitting myself. Seriously California? I can’t even talk in a believable American Accent!

Zayn raised his brow. “California eh? You don’t sound like you’re from there.” “Okay I’m from England.” I admitted tired of lying. “Where from in England?” He coninuted to question.

            At this point I knew Zayn well enough. I could tell by his expressions that he knew who I was and was playing a game that I clearly was not in the mood to play along in. I looked down. “I’m going to go now. Bye.” I turned around and headed towards Lily who was talking to Niall oddly. I was going to interrupt them when I heard my name behind me.

“You were always bad at the lying Katherine.” Zayn chuckled. I stopped in my tracks and my heart skipped a beat when I heard him say my name.
I slowly turned around giving a smile in return. “Yeah.” Zayn got out of his seat and came towards me to give me a warm bear hug. I closed my eyes and placed my hands on his back taking in the feeling of being in his arms again.

“I haven’t seen you for such a long time!” Zayn exclaimed as he let go. I wanted to hug him again and then kiss him if I could- wait what about Ryan. Oh no oh no I have to erase Zayn. I can’t have Zayn pulling me for himself.

“Yeah.” I mumbled out. Then I saw Zayn frown. “You aren’t happy?” I was, I truly was, but I couldn’t express it. “No-no I am happy. I guess it’s just the shock of seeing you again I guess.” I said.

Zayn grinned. “Hey I-“Zayn was interrupted by a buff big looking man in the back. “Boys we leave in two minutes!” He then turned and left. Zayn turned back to me. “Who was that?” I asked him.

Zayn turned around to make sure on whom I was talking about. “Who Paul? He’s our bodyguard. Anyway how about you come along and hang with us? We are going to the hotel. It’s a long bus ride, we would enjoy some company.”

I thought about it. “I don’t think it’s a very good idea Zayn…” He grabbed my hand. “Please. We haven’t talked for a year. It would be fun to hang out with you again. And you could get to know the boys! Your friend can come along too!”

I stayed silent in thought. Maybe I’ll go just because Lily would be excited. I mean what are the chances that One Direction would give you a lift to hang. “You’ve changed.” Zayn told me.

“How?” I asked . The buff man who’s name I recall was Paul came back in. “Boys! We go now!” He yelled.

I saw Niall saying goodbye to Lily who now looked sad watching Niall leave. I looked at my phone waiting for Zayn to say something. Instead he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the exit doors. “Zayn! Lily come on!” I shouted. Lily ran over to us. “Where we going?” She asked eagerly. “The tour bus!” Zayn answered for me.  Lily squealed at his response and we got into the big bus.

 Never have I seen a bus this big. I stepped in and saw a messy entrance. There was food, candy wrappers, random pairs of shoes, socks, mirrors, and other stuff all over the place. The messiness continued through the hallway where the beds were. “Welcome to the tour bus.” Zayn introduced. I rolled my eyes at the way he announced it.
“Messy me, as usual. Sorry.” He whispered in my ear. I shivered hearing his voice in my ear. “It’s fine.” I lied. I hated messy places. Messy rooms, desks, lockers, anything. I liked to be organized.

Lily squealed as Niall came in. “What are they doing in here?” Niall asked Zayn. “I invited them.” Zayn answered taking a seat on the couch. Niall gave a confused look. “You invited them? You better not snog-“    

“Shut up!” Zayn exclaimed. Niall laughed, “Sorry, but last time-“

“Shut up!” Zayn exclaimed again. I gave a nervous smile and saw Lily all confused on what snogging meant, typical American. “Anyway do we have anything to eat? I’m hungry.” Niall asked. “When are you not?” Zayn asked back. Niall rolled his eyes and turned to Lily and I who were awkwardly standing there. “You guys hungry?” Niall asked mainly looking at Lily. I shook my head. Lily nodded though, “Yes I am!”

Niall gestured her to follow him and they left. That left Zayn and I. “You going to sit?” He asked patting the seat next to him. I walked to where he patted and sat down. “So…” I said.            
“Hey Zayn do you know where the-“ Harry stopped in his tracking noticing me there on the couch. Harry was in his underwear. His abs was visible. I blushed at seeing him almost nude. I looked away covering my eyes. I bet a fan wouldn’t look away but I felt too weird seeing him like that.           

“Oh. Hey Kat-Katherine.” Harry said trying to sound casual.  “Oh come on mate!” Zayn complained. I giggled at that. “You can look. I mean a pretty girl should not cover their pretty face like that.” Harry said. I felt my cheeks get red and  slowly turned back around to see almost naked Harry standing there. "Harry." Zayn groaned annoyed at Harry's flirting ways.

I grabbed my cell phone, about to pretend to text when I noticed I actually got a text.
From Ryan: Hey where are you? I texted him back saying I was shopping. “Who you texting?” Harry asked still in the room. “My friend.” I simply answered. “Really who might that-“

“Harry get dressed!” Zayn snapped. I began to laugh. “Alright. Alright.” Harry said turning around to leave the room.

“Sorry ‘bout Harry.” Zayn apologized. I laughed, “It’s okay! He’s really nice.”  

Zayn gave me a smile. I actually felt like it was home. Zayn was the home. And his British and Irish friends seemed to help build up home.

“I see X Factor worked out for yeah.” I said wanting to start a conversation before it became weird. “Well no and yes. No because we got third. Matt Cardle beat us. And yes because I got to meet those guys.” Zayn told me.

“You forgot about the: screaming girls, money, and fame.” I added. “Screaming girls get really annoying sometimes. And the money and fame are just a bonus for doing something I love. And plus having fame isn’t all that great. They find ways to make up lies and get into our personal lives a lot. ” Zayn explained. “Yeah guess you’re right.” I said.

"You don’t know how much I’ve missed you.” He told me. My heart pounded. I genuinely have missed him. “I’ve missed you too.” I said quietly.

Zayn slowly leaned in. I suspected he wanted to kiss me. I was tempted to go right ahead and snog him but I controlled myself. Ryan just seemed to wipe right out of my mind. I leaned with him kiss him. We were now close to kissing when a voice stopped me from creating a mistake.

“Zayn have you seen my phone-“A boy with curly hair came in. His hair wasn’t like Harry’s, but it was curly.  “Oh I’m sorry.” He said sounding genuine. I could tell he was an honest loyal guy. I quickly pulled away from Zayn and Zayn pretended to stretch. “You’re the girl from the signing right? What are you doing here?” He asked me.

“Zayn invited me to come.” I answered. He raised his eyebrows. “Oh… Okay. I’m Liam.” Liam introduced. “I’m Katherine.” I said. Liam smiled and grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge.
“Want a bottle?” Liam asked holding one out. “Sure.” I got up and got it from him. “You know you’re a very unusual fan.” Liam stated.
“How?” I asked. “Well you didn’t scream your head off or squeal at us every minute. And you seem very calm talking to us.” Liam said leaning against the counter. “I wasn’t fans of you guys in the first place. I didn’t even know who you guys were or how you guys looked until today.” I explained.

“Oh really! Well it's nice to meet you," Liam turned to Zayn, "Is this the Katherine you talked about!?”
Zayn went all shy mode and nodded. Liam grinned at us. “He’s talked about you a coupled times this past year. That’s amazing how you’ve guys met again!”

“Yeah it is…” I said. “Well how ‘bout I go wake Louis up and get the other guys out here so we could chill?” Liam offered. “Yeah I’d like to introduce them to you Kat.” Zayn said standing up. “Stay right here.” Zayn walked with Liam into the hall.

My phone began to ring. I took it out of my pocket and saw that it was Ryan calling. I decided to pick it up knowing Ryan would get worried. “Hello?” I answered. “Hi Katherine? Where you at?” Ryan asked. 

“Well I’m riding a bus…” I told him. It wasn’t lying. I was technically in a bus, but he didn’t have to know which one. “I thought you guys drove there?” He asked. “Yeah well…” I didn’t know what to say to him. “Tell me the truth where are you?” Ryan demanded. Am I really that bad at lying?

“I’m hanging out with a couple guys with Lily.” I answered calmly. “Which ones? When are you coming home? I was hoping we could hang out together.” Ryan sounding a little disappointed. “A couple guys I know. And I don’t know when I might l be back…” I heard a guy yawn and heard footsteps coming in. “Hey I’ll call you later okay. I love you, bye.” I hung up and saw five guys standing there.

“Guys this is Katherine.” Zayn told the boys. Louis smirked, “That’s  the Katherine?”

Now I could see that Zayn has talked about me quite often. “Nice to meet you again!” Louis said loudly. “Nice to meet you guys again too.” I laughed.

Just then the bus stopped. “Oh well looks like we are here!” Louis exclaimed pushing past Harry and Niall. Louis was so very hyper. Zayn held his hand out for me. I hesitated in grabbing it but I took it anyway. Lily was right behind us talking to Harry and Liam.

The hotel that they stayed at was the Hilton. We walked out the bus to see tons of photographers holding their cameras yelling the boy’s names. Louis had already made it past all of them and that left the rest of us hustling our way past them. I kept my head down as Zayn held my hand leading me to the hotel’s entrance. Paul found a way to get us through and we finally got out of the crowd.

“See how I told you fame is not all that great.” Zayn told me. I nodded understanding now. “What floor are your rooms at?” Lily asked the boys.

“Floor 13 I believe.” Liam answered.

Inside the hotel lobby it was much quieter than the outside. A few girls came up for a picture and autograph. Once they finished signing and taking pictures we headed into the elevator.

We arrived on the thirteenth floor and were discussing who’s room we could hang out in. “I say my room!” Niall declared. “How ‘bout mine?” Liam asked. “Let’s all just go to my room huh?” Zayn said. They agreed except Louis who protested.

We entered Zayn’s clean hotel room. Lily and I sat on the bed while the other hung out on the couch. Liam got up after talking on the phone. “Hey guys Danielle asked me to go to the mall with her. I’ll be back in a little bit.” We all said bye as he shut the door.

Lily poked me. “Yes.” I turned to her. “You didn’t tell me Zayn was in One Direction!” Lily whispered. I laughed. “I didn’t know until today, Lily.”

“So I hear you and Zayn have known each other for a while.” Harry says to me. “Yup. I’ve known him since the second grade.”
“Wow. HEY LET’S PLAY A GAME?” Louis exclaimed.  I laughed at his loudness.  “Hide and Seek?” Niall suggested joking. “No Niall. Let’s play…TRUTH OR DARE!” Louis grabbed an empty beer bottle on the table. Don’t these boys have anything important to do? “Truth or Dare it is.” Zayn got up. “Let’s make it dirty truth or dare.” Harry teased.

We got in a circle. Louis, Niall, and Lily in front of me and I sat in-between Zayn and Harry. Louis spun the bottle and it landed on Niall first.
“Niall. Truth or dare my friend?” Louis asked. Niall gave a second to think and said dare. “Okay! I dare you to….to lick the floor!” Louis. Niall shrugged and licked the floor. “Yew…” Harry mumbled. I laughed at Niall’s face after he licked the floor. He spit a few times. “Easy..” Niall said.

Niall spun the bottle and it landed on Lily this time. “Okay Lily truth or dare?” Niall asked. “Dare.” Lily said as I suspected. She liked to show off in front of boys. So did I but whenever I did I’d end looking like a fool.

“I dare you to touch to nose with tongue.” Niall told her. “Really?” Louis asked. “What?” Niall asked innocently.

Lily lift her tongue up and in a matter of two seconds she touched her nose. She smiled, “Easy.” 

Lily spun the bottle and it landed on Louis. “Yes!  I want a dare!” exclaimed. Lily put some thought into it and finally thought of a good dare. “I dare you to go outside of the room and scream that you’ve lost your voice and you need  help to find it.”

Louis stood up. “The work must get done.” He put his hands on his hips and we all got up peeking through the door. Louis began to run up and down the hallway screaming. “I’VE LOST MY VOICE HELP ME FIND IT!!! HELP!” Louis shrieked. People came out of their rooms to see what was going on. All of us laughed especially Niall.

“SHUT UP!” I heard someone say which made us laugh harder. Finally after two minutes a manager showed up trying to calm down Louis as he continued to keep playing as if he lost his voice. We heard the guy ask is Louis took his medication and Louis began to crack up and just left.

He came in and closed the door. “Psh. That was nothing.”

We sat back down laughing. After a couple rounds of more truth or dare and more idiotic dares my turn finally happened.
“Truth or dare?” Louis asked me. I really wanted to do a truth but since everyone else was doing dare I went in for a dare. “Okay. I dare you to kiss Zayn.” Louis dared smirking at Zayn.
I can’t do that. Even in a game. It’s going to make me guilty. Zayn was blushing like I was. I shook my head. “Why not?” And surprisingly Zayn asked me this. “I-I can’t…” I said. Lily knew what was going on here. “Um I don’t think that’s a very good dare.”

“Look sorry guys I have a boyfriend.” I told them. I felt Zayn shift uncomfortably. The others didn’t seem to care. “Oh okay! Why didn’t you just say so!” Louis responded. I was relieved he understood. 

“How ‘bout we go for some lunch?” Niall asked breaking the silence. “Yeah I’m actually kind of hungry.” Harry said getting up. “Me too.” Lily spoke getting up as well. “Do they have Nandos here?” Niall asked. “Nandos?” Lily asked.

I shook my head. “No not here Niall.”
“Awe man.” Niall complained.  Zayn remained quiet. “Let’s go guys.” Louis said. “What about Liam?” Harry asked. “He’s probably at Dani’s house right now.” Louis said. I tapped Zayn’s shoulder. “Hey you coming?”  He nodded. He got up silently and we headed out the door.

After a tasty lunch we came back to the hotel. This time it was just Zayn and I in is room alone. I jumped on the bed and lay there tired. We walked all the way to find a restaurant to eat at. It took us thirty minutes to walk there and another thrity minutes to walk back. I was tired. 

“You didn’t talk most of the time there.” I said as he came to sit next to me. “Oh no reason.”

I went from lying down to sitting back up again. “What’s up Zayn?” I asked him. He looked away. I frowned. “Come on…” Zayn adjusted his seat. “I just…”

 My phone rang. “Hold on a second.” I grabbed my phone and answered it. “Hello?”

“Hey Kat!” Ryan talked. Great perfect timing. “Uh hi…”

“Where you at?” He said. I looked over to Zayn who was watching me talk to him. He was expressionless. “Hello?” Ryan asked. I went back to the conversation. “Uh…I’m with One Direction right now.” I told him the truth. “One Direction?” Ryan asking making sure of what he heard. “Mmm.” I answered.

“How? Where? Why?” Ryan asked. I looked at Zayn to see he was looking bored now. “I’ll tell you later. Bye Ryan love ya.” I hung up and turned to Zayn. “His name’s Ryan.” He stated. I nodded. “We’ve been dating for a year now.” I saw Zayn’s hand make a fist. I put my hand on his shoulder. He looked at me.

Oh those chocolate brown eyes. I stared at for a bit. He pushed the hair out of my face and leaned in again. This time I brought myself back. I pulled back. “Why did you pull back?” Zayn asked.

“Look Zayn. We broke up-“Zayn cut me off, “Can’t we just-“

“No! Zayn I have a boyfriend!!” I said sounding a little angry. “But I’ve missed you.” He said quietly.

That hurt me. I looked down at the bed sheets. Zayn continued on, “Katherine I’ve wanted to be with you again.”

We heard a knock on the door. I quickly got up and opened the door to see the rest of the band and Lily there. “Uh we have to go meet Simon soon.” Liam told Zayn and I.

“Oh really?” I said sounding sad. These boys were hilarious. They were great guys to be around, just a couple of boys. Louis grinned. “It’s alright! We will be seeing you two at the concert tomorrow! We got guys four backstage passes and front row seats!”

Lily squealed. I smiled, “Thanks guys. Wait why four?” I asked. “If you want your boyfriends to join along.” Liam said. Zayn's looked annoyed hearing the word boyfriend. “Thanks again guys!” I exclaimed.

“I guess we have to drive you guys home.” Niall said. “My car is still at the mall!” Lily groaned. “Oh don’t worry Lily. We can drop you off there.” Niall reassured.

I walked along with Harry whilst Zayn was in the back all quiet. “You busy after the concert? Maybe you can come and hang with me.” Harry winked. I rolled my eyes. “No thanks.” I looked down walking. “What’s going on?” Harry asked me sweetly. I looked at him. “It’s-It’s nothing.” I said.

We entered a van. Harry sat next to me. “You’re confused aren’t you?” “About what?” I asked already knowing what he was going to say.
“About Zayn and your boyfriend. I can tell.”  Harry answered. This boy was such a flirt but he has such a sweetandnice side to him. I nodded. “It’s just I didn’t think I’d see Zayn again. I thought I could move on, but now that I’ve seen him I just... well I just want it to be like it was before. But I can’t because I love Ryan too.” I explained.
Harry took everything in. “Well whatever decision you make it’s always going to be your choice. Think about which one would you would be best with.” I smiled. Harry was being very kind to me. He was someone I could talk too.

“Thank you. It’s a bit odd that your helping when you just hided on me a few minutes ago.” I giggled. He smirked, “I’m just being Harry.” I laughed.

A couple minutes later we were dropped off at the mall parking lot. I exchanged numbers with all of them including Zayn. I gave them all hugs. Niall’s hug was very comfortable. Then I came to Zayn. I hugged him. I closed my eyes and held onto him. Zayn was about to let go and stopped when I didn’t let go.
I finally let loose and we said our goodbyes. “Bye you guys! See you tomorrow!” I shouted waving bye.
“What a day huh?” Lily said sounding exhausted.
I agreed with her, “Yeah it's been some day.”

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