It's 1964 and Mila has moved from the ukraine to England. She moves into an mansion, in the heart of the Dales, to be percific were the bronte sisters lived. The ghosts of anne, charlotte and Emily haunt the house. But the brother Branwell, is making it hard for her. He tells her on her first night that there will be a murder in the village of a woman named Geogie mills, will she see the culprit? and if she does, will the culprit do to her before she tells the police?


29. warmth

I immediently took off my new black stilletoes, placing them on a large woodden shoe rack that stood sturdilly behind the pannelled door. Next to it was a wardrobe, I opened it to find a few coats hung up inside, it was old and it smelt rather damp and musty. I wrinkled up my nose immediently. Connor and Declan did the same, not wanting to be rude.

In the next room a soft murmur of voices filled the hall, the floor was shaking slightly. A generall beat came from the room, the pounding of feet was 1,2,3,4. The music coming from the wireless was roughly the same beat.

I walked up the wide hall, the two boys were mumbleing to each other and were a few steps behind me. To my right was a glass cabinet holding exquizet china cups and saucers, showing picturs of small rabbits, ducks and many other types of small animals. On the wooden part which would be used for storing cups of pens, pencills, partchment and quills, was a small piece of paper. It was my fathers writing.

It read:


your room is the Master bedroom. Your clothes, books and underwear have been tidied away for you. While I was tidying up I found a couple of diary's written by your aunt and mother in the draw of your bedside table. I hope that will intrest you, you would be able to read. Luncheon will be at 1:30 pm, giving you time to relax and look around this amazing house of your Aunts, which will eventually become yours.

Lots of love,

Darius, your beloved father.



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