It's 1964 and Mila has moved from the ukraine to England. She moves into an mansion, in the heart of the Dales, to be percific were the bronte sisters lived. The ghosts of anne, charlotte and Emily haunt the house. But the brother Branwell, is making it hard for her. He tells her on her first night that there will be a murder in the village of a woman named Geogie mills, will she see the culprit? and if she does, will the culprit do to her before she tells the police?


20. strange man

His face was pale, a light creamy pink. It was like strawberry ice-cream; the light pink being his complexion and the darker spots being the tiny frekels that were place evenly on his face. His eyes were shaped like almonds.  The colour of his eyes contrasted with his face, a deep, dark, velvety red. I gulped. I just kept on staring into his eyes, it felt as if he was controlling my feelings.

When I was looking at his face, the colour of it. I felt as if I was in a land of strawberrys as the colour of his face was similar. The lines on his face made me feel like I was in a depth of liquid strawberrys.

"This is so strange." I thought to myself.

His hair was a deep russet brown. It made me think of autumn, the rotten leaves fell onto the recently, rained grass. A contrast that was obvious, the red eyes of someone that should be an albino. The russet hair matched the colour of his eyes. The paleness of his face. No one could ever imagine how strange this is. The description of the contrast is so easy to describe, but putting it all together maybe quite difficult to imagine.

"Hello." He said.

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