It's 1964 and Mila has moved from the ukraine to England. She moves into an mansion, in the heart of the Dales, to be percific were the bronte sisters lived. The ghosts of anne, charlotte and Emily haunt the house. But the brother Branwell, is making it hard for her. He tells her on her first night that there will be a murder in the village of a woman named Geogie mills, will she see the culprit? and if she does, will the culprit do to her before she tells the police?


56. Servants quarters

Keeping my expression calm, I looked at her now bewildered expression. For the past few minutes (when I wasn't crying) I thought I was on the mend, out of the wild seas of shock. But I wasn't. Cold tears poured out once again- scared for what has now happened. Both Declan and Connor had more likely been murdered. The deed done.

"Come with me Mila." Her voice suddenly calm and relaxed. There was a slight tone of anxiety somewhere that I picked up on and her expression mirrored my exact thoughts.

Following the young Italian looking girl down the long, curving stairs, voices where to be heard- low and discreet. The other servants where gossiping about someone. All I heard was : " Poor child" and a mans voice saying "I have so much sympathy for the girl, I can not believe what the news papers have said about her being a murderer."

Bloody hell, my mums death have been in these English news papers ? This isn't good! I wonder what they think of me? Nothing bad I hope.

At this point the young woman and I where standing outside the servants dining room. The large oak door looming over us with a plaque saying 'servants dining room'. Looking to my left I smiled at the girl, in reply she gave me a look to say 'Dont worry'. She turned back to the door, knocked and entered, me following close behind.
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