It's 1964 and Mila has moved from the ukraine to England. She moves into an mansion, in the heart of the Dales, to be percific were the bronte sisters lived. The ghosts of anne, charlotte and Emily haunt the house. But the brother Branwell, is making it hard for her. He tells her on her first night that there will be a murder in the village of a woman named Geogie mills, will she see the culprit? and if she does, will the culprit do to her before she tells the police?


60. Police

Just as myself and the small group of servants opened the secret door, we began to hear loud,unwelcoming voices coming from outside of the top of the stairs. Myself and the other servants began to panic, wondering if we would see dawn again, wondering if we would make it through this long, dark and distressing evening. I could hear my heart beating wildly in my chest and butterfly's began to surface in my stomach.

"It might be him, your father." Someone behind me muttered breathlessly.

The young man who spoke, stood up and went to another adjoining room around the back of the kitchen/living area. The door was slightly ajar and it revealed some stairs and a long corridor which   I guessed was the servants rooms. Seconds later after his disappearance, he appeared again but carrying some defensive weapon which is probably best described as a unusual type of gun.

A young female servant stood up and ushered me to another room which led to a priest hole, I noticed a few child servants follow behind me. This was for our protection, just in case it was my father and he was attempting to get in and harm us.

Several loud bangs came from outside of the priest hole. I couldn't tell where they were from, but I presumed that they were rom the person trying to break in. A few minutes past before the noise repeated itself and as it did so the remaining servants began to stand up and disappear  to  another hiding place.

As they hid another bang ran in  my ears before a loud crash hit the wooden steps. Footsteps could be heard from those stairs and it worried me slightly as we guessed that it was my father. But then it struck me, it seemed as though it wasn't just one pair of feet hammering down on the wooden staircase, it was two or three.

"it might be the police," a little girl whispered to me "We may be saved from your father!"

The muttering continued for a few seconds more until we heard a deep, throaty voice coming from the dining room area.

"Is anyone here?"

We began to jostle and squeeze out of the priest hole, I, or anyone else who was inside with me did not realise how small it was until we were made to move. I could hear voices coming from the dining area, I believed it was the voice of the man that had the gun to protect himself.

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