It's 1964 and Mila has moved from the ukraine to England. She moves into an mansion, in the heart of the Dales, to be percific were the bronte sisters lived. The ghosts of anne, charlotte and Emily haunt the house. But the brother Branwell, is making it hard for her. He tells her on her first night that there will be a murder in the village of a woman named Geogie mills, will she see the culprit? and if she does, will the culprit do to her before she tells the police?


11. Discharge

A lump was stuck in my throat. We were leaving to go somewhere, I wonder. I was in a dream world for a few minutes, wondering where we were going to, before a male nurse came.

"Do you feel well?" He questioned.

"Yes." I said immediently.

He left and talked to the head nurse. Aggitated and angry, he obviously wanted me to stay a little longer till he knew I was well. They were whispering and she was saying that if I fell well that I should go. About 10 minutes of them bickering the man came back with an nasty glare.

"You will be discharged, today," He barked " Will anyone be picking you up?"

"No, my house is just around the corner. I'll be fine."

The man sniffed and turned away. He went away , muttering how I should be told to stay longer and how someone should pick me up.

The head nurse came over and unplugged the heart monitor and carefully took the tubes that were attached to my arms.

"Allready to go." She said before smiling.

I smiled back. Then I pushed myself off the bed with the help of the nurse. After, she picked up my bag which had my pyjamas, toothbrush, clothes and my rounded NHS glasses which didn't fit me anymore. She carefully gave my bag to me helping me with the straps over the shoulders.  Then she helped me out of the hospital and down the street to my house.It was at the end of my road and I paused. She looked.

"Whats wrong?"She asked.

"I'll be fine here.My mum dosn't know I was in hospital." I replied.



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