Leda's Forest

There's a mystery deep in a forest, filled with everything you dream of night. It's Leda's Forest, but nobody know's what's inside. In this Forest lies secrets, only to be discovered by somebody special. But, this wood is dangerous and full of suprises. Not just anybody can enter.
Don't be scared, i am here to protect you.


5. σκοτάδι

σκοτάδι is the Greek name for darkness, night and obscurity.


I had been walking for hours now. The forest was starting to get dark and the day was becoming dusk. My mind pounded with a thousand questions, unanswered. But I tried to ignore that little voice inside my head, scolding me for every move I made and asking me these questions that I did not have an answer for. I tried to sleep, but my mind kept me awake and alert. I got to the point when I was too tired to sleep and just lay down letting my mind wonder into utter darkness, until I dosed off.

I twitched. I felt something on my nose. I flicked it with my hand, but the itch continued. I opened my eyes to see butterfly upon my nose. It's wings had the most particular pattern. One side was a beautiful crimson colour with dashes of pinks, yellows and emerald greens as if it had been splatter painted. However, the other side was a dark blues and blacks swirled precisely painted on to the wing. It fluttered around me, moving it's wings until they where only a blur of colours. I was hypnotized by it's beauty. I stood up, not taking my eyes off the creature and the butterfly led me through the forest for sometime, elegantly twirling through the air of the forest. Suddenly, the butterfly fell to the ground and snapped me out of my trance. I looked down, expecting to see the butterfly hurt on the ground with a broken wing or something. Though when I looked down the butterfly had vanished. Not a sign or trace that it had ever been here. This really was a wonderland. One moment something was here, the next moment gone. Was I ever to find something, anything that could help me? It was already my 3rd day and I had got nowhere. I sat down covering myself in leaves and things to comfort me, I knew I had to be brave and get through this. A tear rolled down my face poisoning my cheek with the salty texture. Then another fell down and another and another.

"No!" I cried. "Why are you such a baby?!" I screamed to myself, "You know crying won't do you any good!" I knew it wouldn't but what else could I do. I was torturing myself if I pretended I was not hurting inside. Then I heard something. A rustle in the bushes far ahead, I thought it was just an animal at first, but boy was I wrong.

Everything froze. The air was cold and the wind sent a chill down my spine, causing me to cringe. A misty figure appeared from the trees far ahead, it was wearing a dark cloak covering its face and body, the creature was not human, I was sure of that, not animal, or monster. It was just a piece of darkness. It was as if it was a wondering soul, no flesh or blood, a sin. I was froze to the spot. My breath became cold and icy. It approached me gliding through the trees, floating above the ground. I stood still, even though everything in my mind screamed at me to run. As the cloak came closer it reached out with it's poisonous hand reaching for me, it was death. And after that, everything went black.


When I awoke I was sprawled across the floor, dripping with blood. My hands where smudged with a deep crimson liquid, which appeared to be still warm. However, after a while, I found the blood was not mine, I was not cut anywhere and felt no pain. Who's blood was spilled this night? I lay their for quite a while letting my body rest from what had seemed like an eternity of sleep. I did stand up in the end looking around for any other sign of where I was now, but I found I was not in the beautiful forest I was once in, this one was nothing of the sort. Dead trees scattered everywhere, no leaves or bark just the blackness of the trunk with only dead wood to hold them together. Crows filled the sky feasting off decaying rodents and other birds, left their for months. I froze the forest was full of unexplainable sounds that echoed  through the trees. I turned round every second in all directions, just in case something would creep up on me. Then I heard it, a sound of deep breathing coming from every direction. That was it, I bolted. Running straight through the dead trees ripping my clothes and slicing my skin on the way. I didn't know where I was going, or where I was running, but I knew I was not welcome in this forest of darkness.

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