Leda's Forest

There's a mystery deep in a forest, filled with everything you dream of night. It's Leda's Forest, but nobody know's what's inside. In this Forest lies secrets, only to be discovered by somebody special. But, this wood is dangerous and full of suprises. Not just anybody can enter.
Don't be scared, i am here to protect you.


1. The Vision

A loud sound woke me. It was almost half two in the morning and didn't know if I was dreaming or not because I felt dizzy and almost abit sick. I stumbled to my window and through it I only saw a blur of green and black. When my vision cleared I saw my forest, dancing with the wind and glistening in the muffled moon light. Every time I saw my heart pounded with breathless delight. I gazed at the forest for some time, day dreaming about the forest my moonlight. Suddenly, a dark figure emerged from the forest. I could see he was a man, wearing all white and he was looking round, almost searching for something. I scanned him wondering what he was doing. He spun round looking at me, I froze. After he stared at me for a moment he left. Darting back in to the dark forest, then he was out of sight. I jumped back in to bed, taking in what I had just seen. I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night, I just kept on thinking about what I had just witnessed. Was it just a dream or did someone really come out of MY forest? All these questions whirled round my head, unanswered and hurting my brain. What was I to next..

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