Leda's Forest

There's a mystery deep in a forest, filled with everything you dream of night. It's Leda's Forest, but nobody know's what's inside. In this Forest lies secrets, only to be discovered by somebody special. But, this wood is dangerous and full of suprises. Not just anybody can enter.
Don't be scared, i am here to protect you.


4. The Beauty of the Forest

I stood up, flicking off pieces of soli and dead leaves off my t-shirt. I looked around the forest I had landed in, it was much more beautiful than mine. The trees where more greener and full of life, the leaves where different shades of emerald, lime and teal. Some trees had fruits and flowers growing from them, apples, pears, cherry blossom, roses, all just as magnificent as each other. The colours brightened up the forest making it more breath taking. The sky was a pure pale blue with no clouds and the air was still and calm. I started to walk around breathing the freshness of the forest. The Grass was dry and an emerald colour not one piece was shrivelled and dead. The whole forest was alive and breathing all around me. Then I heard a rustle from the bushes and trees. I took a step closer to the sound and slowly approached them. Animals peered through shrubs, cowering from me, the unwanted stranger. I've always been an animal person, I beckoned them as if to tell them I was safe and I wouldn't harm them. It took time but eventually they all slowly came forward the deer ,foxes ,squirrels , rabbits and birds came to me, cautiously but very curious. They slowly approached me, examining me, seeing if I was safe. They crawled round my feet and bumped me with the top of their heads, as if to tell me something. Suddenly, they all walked past me towards something, that I wasn't sure of. I followed, for I had no idea where I was and the animals where my best shot. As I walked with them, feeling the forest move around me and the freshness on my feet . The animals walked straight ahead , I didn't know where they where walking to, but it seemed important for other animals joined in the walk every so often creating a huge amount of animals walking together.  I walked with the animals until the sun shine faded in to the sky and the moon was starting to rise. The forest was different by nightfall, still beautiful but mysterious and slightly intimidating. Then the animals stopped and stated to lay down around me curling closer to my body for warmth of my blood. I to stopped and lay down for resting. Before I fell asleep.


I dreamt of the forest dancing around me, showing me the forest I had seen the day before. Flashing colours and memories of it and retracing steps of the past. All was happy in that dream, until the sun faded and blackness covered the air. The forest I had once seen turned ugly. The trees died, the flowers slowly shrivelled until they where nothing more than a brown lump on the tree. The animals left and where replaced with nothing more than crows. The chirp had been replaced with a squawk of the jett black crows poisoning the atmosphere with death and sadness. The alone and the safe, innocent forest was now a dangerous place full of creatures I was not aware of and things that you could only see in a nightmare.

I woke up. Remembering where I was and what had happened the day before . Opening my eyes to the beauty of the forest in day light, but just more beautiful than the day before, the birds where singing, the flowers blooming and the forest had woken from it's slumber. I daydreamed for a moment about what must be going on at home, school and if they had phoned the police yet, and if Mum was worried. It was only then I realised my lap was empty and I was alone.                                            "Crap!" I shouted, stumbling to my feet. The animals had left and I had no idea where I was now . I felt a rush of panic through my body shaking me around until I lost my breath . I panted breathlessly then calmed down and I stood their for a while wondering what to do now. Do I run and find my way out or stay still until someone found me, for that's what my parents always told me to do when ever I was lost, but I don't think they'll be looking for me down here. So, I walked. In no rush whatsoever, for I had no idea that I could be walking to my death or worse....



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