Leda's Forest

There's a mystery deep in a forest, filled with everything you dream of night. It's Leda's Forest, but nobody know's what's inside. In this Forest lies secrets, only to be discovered by somebody special. But, this wood is dangerous and full of suprises. Not just anybody can enter.
Don't be scared, i am here to protect you.


3. Flying pages

The ride to school was very unpleasent. A girl with a pig face took the micky of my purple hair, I wasn't upset, just angery. When the bus came to a holt outside my secondry school there was nobody there to greet me. No friends, no buddie, nothing. Just me. I alway's acted like it wasn't a big deal, but this thought crushed me inside. I'd always take the oppatunity to go home, sometimes i'd pretend to be ill so I could get away from this hell hole. As I made my way in to school i got stopped for my badges on my blazer, she told me to take them off, I just ignored her.I came home that day, as misreble as a 15 year old. Mom was there, watching my pet hamster zai on his wheel.I don't remember much else from that day. Just that that night I watched the forest deeply and must of fallen asleep on the window sill.

"The Forest, Leda." Said a soothing voice. I could not see who the voice belonged to.

"What?" I awnsered. But there was not reply. Just a long painful silence piercing the air.

"Danger, danger..."  Then,suddenly , a face appeared it was the one I saw emerge from the bottom of the forest.

I woke up covered in sweat, with my Mother by my side.

"Leda you where screaming in your sleep, you woke up the neighbours and we thought you where being murdered!"

"Mom I..I.." I couldn't find my words.

"Try and go back to sleep Leda. It's school in the morning." She whispered, gently.

I agreed with her but I didn't get back to sleep. The vision get on coming back in my head, about the person dressed in white. I couldn't discribe how i felt. But i knew what must be done.


Later in the week I was home alone.. I was in the garden reading when a sudden gust of wind  pushed the book out of my hands and left it flying in to the air like a paper bird. I just stood there watching it gently glide through the air making the pages flip back and forth through the pale blue sky. When the wind stopped the book swooped down and landed far away, somewhere I couldn't see. I slowly made my way to the back of my garden to find my book stuck in the tree in my forest. I looked up at it wondering what to do next. I found a rock about the size of my fist and threw it up to hit the book. It missed. However, it landed out of my view and on something hard... i bolted to the place it landed. It had landed on top of a pile of crusty orange leaves. I routed through the leaves, getting my long purple converse covered in mud and my black striped T-shirt covered with bits of leaf. After i routed through the leaves my fist hit a metal floor. It look like a Tube that went down underground. I opened the lid. It made a loud creaking sound and banged on to the floor of the forest. A ladder was against the wall of the tunnel.I Eased myself down to face the ladder it felt cold and made my shiver, I only had a blue cardie on. I stopped for a moment wondering to myself, was I about to go down the rabbit hole? But unlike Alice was I ever to retern? I ignored my worries, I mean  my life needed this an advemture. It was time. As i made afew more steps down the ladder to find myself...

In to complete and utter Darkness.


*SMASH*  "Awh!" I screamed. I had landed on my spine and the pain shot up my back and pounded in my head. I looked up, remembering what had happened before the pain. Green. Brown. Blue. "What..." I thought to myself... another forest? I had just fell out of the sky in to a forest. How can you come away from something. And come back to it? But I was somewhere new, an adventure was about to be made, in this wonderland.

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