Girl Hearts Boy Comp Entry

This is an entry for the Girl <3s Boy competition, so enjoy...and please like and all that jazz too ;] x


1. Deleted scene :]

I came to a door, which was left open, revealing a room not as busy as the last. I poked my head in, and a tall muscular guy caught my eye. He was on his phone, with earphones tucked into his ears, blocking the outside world from reaching him. His hood was pulled over his face. Right then, he was the deffinition of "the odd one out".

"Hey Joe," I called, and his dark chocolate eyes shot up. He quickly tugged out his earphones, and pulled back his hood, revealing windswept ruffled sandy hair. His skin was like milky coffee. And his lips were perfect, so kissable. I walked forward hesitantly, and stopped awkwardly in front of him. Oh God, I thought, Should I shake his hand like Ash did to Will? "Er, I'm Sarah."

"Hey," he said. His tone was melodic, sounding like a sweet lullaby. I twiddled by dark brown locks round one finger awkwardly, trying to fish up anything to say.

"Cool party, huh?" That'll do. Joe's eyes scan his surroundings.

"Not bad. Hey," he gestured to some plates spread across the long mahogany table stretched across the room. "Have you tried the tofu? It's amazing."

He walked over to the table with me, and we found a fork and china plate each. There was people crowding round different dishes, or sipping drinks and laughing and chattering away.

"Er, 'scuse me sir," Joe said, worming in between tall, loaded men, and curvy ladies who had a protective arm wrapped round their husband of the week. Joe found some tofu and scraped it onto his plate, and waited for me to find something. I got a couple of chicken bites, and shoved one into my mouth. I bit through the skin, and then hot chili burst through my mouth, making my eyes water. My tongue dried up with spice and my face was bright red. "Ahahahahahahahahahah!" I panted, spitting out the remains of my chicken, before the plate flew out my hand and lands on some guy's tuxedo. I ran round in little circles and tears spilt out of my eyes. Joe (who was cracking up by the way) offered me a couple of water. I took it in an instant, and glugged the water right down. Ahhhh.... I looked around, to see nosey eyes, and my hand darted to Joe's. "Let's get outta here," I mumbled, and we quickly exited the room.

We found a little garden, not a person populating the area, and sat on a bench. I threw my head back.      "Ohhh myyy goddd!" I groaned. "That was...horrible." Joe laughed.

"Made my day," he smiled. At least there was one bonus to that epic cringe. Then we heard a loud gunshot rip through the air, followed by a flood of screams, and in seconds, the empty garden was full of people all dressed up squealing and trying to hide behind each other. "What the hell is going on?" I blurted. Joe shook his head, his face pale.

"I" I bit my lip, searching for Ashley.

"Hang on," I say to Joe, "I'm going to look for Ash."

I pushed through the crowds of people.

"No!" One lady said. Her plump hand wrapped round my wrist. "Young lady, it's too dangerous! You'll get yourself killed!" I shook her hand off, and carried on. I reached the building. I couldn't help it but run in and cry for Ashley. "ASHLEY!!!" I yelled, using all my stomach muscles. "ASH!!!" I found the first room we were in and looked round desperately for Ashley. "Ashley... please this isn't funny." Oh my god, what if she's dead, I thought. Where the Hell is she?! I panicked. I freaked out.

Then I saw her. She was on the ground, blood dripping from her forehead, lips slightly parted, arms spread out, face pale. And she wasn't breathing. I collapsed to the ground beside her, and my mind was broken down with grief. "Nooo...." I mourned. "Wake up," I pleaded. But Ashley was dead. I knew it. Pushing myself up, I let out a scream, and looked round for any suspects to who could've killed her. Then I spotted Will, a smug expression licked across his face, and blowing a trail of smoke that drifted out of the gun clasped in his hands.


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