Summer loving?

This year, the Olympics will be held in California in the US. Rebecca is an Olympic athlete who will be attending the games this year. The brittish squad will be staying in a beach house in California,training everyday for the games until they come. Rebecca has her mind set for the gold, and is determined that nothing will distract her. But will she fall in love for a certain celebrity staying at the beach too? and get totally distracted about her goals?


2. When I met Harry

I ran down the steps and onto the soft white sand and began to jog. I had been running for almost a half hour, and then I bumped into some one and I fell straight on my butt.

" Oh I'm so sorry."  said the person said looking down at me.

" No, I'm sorry, I said, I wasn't looking where i was going." I replied.

I looked up to see a familiar face.

" I wasn't looking either." he said handing out his hand to me.

I took it, and he helped me up.I recognise him, those girls on the plane, Ashley and Megan, showed me a picture of him. 

He's from 'One Direction'.

" I'm Harry." he said, letting go of my hand.

" Rebecca." I said brushing the sand off myself.

" Nice to meet you Rebecca."

" Nice to meet you, Harry."

I was about to turn around and continue on my jog.

" So Rebecca, can i have your number?" the cheeky git. I have known him ten seconds and he was hitting on me.

" Excuse me?" i said with a disgusted look on my face.

He thought I didn't know who he was or something, because he lifted his sunglasses off his face, and took off his beanie, giving me a cheeky smile. He thought that he could get my number, just because he was Harry Styles.

" I have to go." I said with a disgusted look on his face, as I turned around and began to jog again. He seemed suprised, like, why wouldn't anyone give him their number? Why? Because he is a cheeky git.

He came up beside me, beginning to talk to me. I just ignored him.I turned around and began to run the other way.

" So Rebecca, where are you from?" he asked.

I started to run faster. He was having trouble keeping up with me, but still managed.

" London." I kept running.

" Nice. I'm from Holmes Chapel."

" I didn't ask you." I snapped.

" Oh Oh Oh! Some ones mad." he said cheekily.

I came to outside my beach house and stopped.

" What?!" I asked him in disgust.

" Well I was-" 

" Save it." I said walking up the stairs and up to my beach house.

" You live here?" he said suprised.

" Yeah, why?" I said turning to him.

" Well I rented the beach house next door,"

Great. I have to see that git every single day until he leaves.

" Maybe we could hang out sometime?"

" Maybe." I said walking through the door.

A smile came across his face as i said it. Ugh.

I closed the door. I looked out of it a second later, to see him running across the sand into his house..

I plopped myself on the bed and thought to myself.

What does he want from me? Well what ever it is he's not getting it. Especially the way he treated me! Like a girl that will fall at his feet at what ever he says? Sure he's famous! But that doesn't mean he can do that! What a pig!

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