Summer loving?

This year, the Olympics will be held in California in the US. Rebecca is an Olympic athlete who will be attending the games this year. The brittish squad will be staying in a beach house in California,training everyday for the games until they come. Rebecca has her mind set for the gold, and is determined that nothing will distract her. But will she fall in love for a certain celebrity staying at the beach too? and get totally distracted about her goals?


5. Training

I walked inside, and put on my leotard. It was only half six, nobody else was awake, so I just made some cereal and a smoothie. I sat on the couch going through my phone. I thought he would have read my texts, but he didn't. I had hundreds of them, even though I didn't have it for only one night. It was texts from my family, and friends, wanting to know what was going on.

A few minutes later Lauren came out in her PJ's, yawning.

" Finally awake I see." I said smiling at her.

" Well excuse me for not having the same boring routine, and actually wanting to have sleep." she said plopping herself down beside me. 

We laughed.

Later, Amy came out. Then Melissa, Katie, Ciara and Andrea, the other squad members.

They all had their breakfast and got dressed. We all headed out for the gym, for our first day of training.

We warmed up and all went to our assigned equipment. I went to the beam. 

Every time I set foot on the beam, I always remember the horrible feeling when I broke my arm. It was two years ago, I almost lost my place on the team, but luckily I didn't. It was a horrible break, my bone pierced through my skin, and I had to be rushed into surgery.

I looked down at my arm, and got chills, the scar was as big as my hand. I remember every thing from that day, and I'll never forget.

But set aside that, as soon as I recovered, I began training again. I worked really hard. I don't care that I broke my arm, I love gymnastics, and I will ever want to quit.

We had finally finished training, and we were allowed to go. It was five o'clock, and I was wrecked. I plopped myself onto my bed, and closed my eyes.

I was asleep, not entirely, I was at the boarder line of dreams and reality, and my phone vibrated, snapping me back to reality.

I picked up my phone, and looked at my text. It was an un-known number.

' Hey ;)'

' Who's this?' I texted back. Not knowing who they were.

' Harry' 

How did he get my number?

' Hi Harry, how did you get my number?'I replied.

' I got it when I found your phone, I'm sorry' At least he was honest, and he apologised.

' It's fine ;)' I replied, maybe I did judge him too quickly.

'  Great ;) Me and they boys are having a fire tonight, wanna come?'

My curfew was twelve, and it was only seven, why not?

' Okay. What time?' I asked.

' Ten, is that okay? :)'

' Yeah, see you then ;).'

' Okay, bye! :D'

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