Summer loving?

This year, the Olympics will be held in California in the US. Rebecca is an Olympic athlete who will be attending the games this year. The brittish squad will be staying in a beach house in California,training everyday for the games until they come. Rebecca has her mind set for the gold, and is determined that nothing will distract her. But will she fall in love for a certain celebrity staying at the beach too? and get totally distracted about her goals?


3. The gangs all here

After thinking about how cheeky and rude he was, I was mad, really mad. I walked out of my room to see that the rest of the squad have arrived. We all talked for ages, me not mentioning Harry once.

 Our coach Linda, told us that our curfew was twelve o' clock, and when we are not in training, we can do whatever we want, as long as we're back by twelve.

It was getting quite late, we needed some sleep, since training is beginning tomorrow at eight, we had to get up early. We were all excused to go.

Everyone went their seperate ways, some going upstairs, down the hall, and i went into my room. Thank god I have a room to myself.

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