Summer loving?

This year, the Olympics will be held in California in the US. Rebecca is an Olympic athlete who will be attending the games this year. The brittish squad will be staying in a beach house in California,training everyday for the games until they come. Rebecca has her mind set for the gold, and is determined that nothing will distract her. But will she fall in love for a certain celebrity staying at the beach too? and get totally distracted about her goals?


8. Rudely interupted

Our lips barely brushed against each other, when we heard someone.


We both looked up. Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam were standing there, with their arms crossed.

Harry quickly stood up, lifting me up with him.

" Hey guys.." Harry said putting his hands in his pockets awkwardly.

" Hey.. " they all said in unison. " What's on your face?" Louis asked, pointing at us. I looked down blushing, but thank god they couldn't tell, because of all the flour. Harry spoke up.

" Umm.. we were messing.."


" So, how was the game?" Harry said, changing the subject.

" It was great! I won!" Liam said, jumping up and down excitedly.

Harry gave the others a confused face. Liam stud there smiling stupidly, but cutely. The others mouthed the words, ' We let him win ', while winking at us. We both chuckled to ourselves, that's so cute.

" Well I better go home. And have a shower." I said walking past them and out the room. Harry followed me.

We walked outside and chatted until we got to my house. I gave him a peck on the cheek and walked inside. Before I closed the door, Harry spoke.

" Hey, there's a carnival in town.. We should go later!" he said, giving me the puppy dog eyes.

" Sure, why not! As soon as we're back by eleven." I said winking.

" Great! I'll come here at nine then?" he said excitedly.

" Yeah!" I said closing the door behind me.

I went and had a shower, and got dressed afterwards. I put on my black ripped skinny jeans, and my white flowery top, I put on my white converse, and put on mascara. I never really wore make up, I don't really like it. I didn't know what to do with my hair, so i just let it fall down my shoulders.

By the time I was finished, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it slowly, to see that it was Harry, and the others.

" Hey guys!" I said closing the door behind me, and we walked across the sand to his house.

Every one piled into Louis's car, there was only room for five, and there were six of us. I walked up to get into his car, and Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me close.

" There's no room, let's go in mine.

I smiled and nodded, Harry told them, and they nodded too. Iv'e never seen Harry's car, but I had a feeling it was fancy. I was right, but we weren't going in his car. He dragged me to a moped. I just stood and stared. He laughed as he threw a helmet, matching the one he had just put on his head. I still stood there.

" I'm not going on that!"

" Yes you are!" he said laughing, he  picked me up and sat me down on the moped. I was shocked and I didn't say anything. He hopped on and as soon as he did, I wrapped my arms around his waste, and held on for dear life.

" We haven't even started driving yet!" He said laughing while he kicked up the stand.

I didn't reply, I just let out a nervous laugh. He laughed again, while he began to drive.

I squeezed him tighter, this time  really holding on for dear life.

He gasped.

" What!?" I asked nervously.

" Can't.." He gasped again.

" Can't what!?" I asked while freaking out.

" Breathe!..." I quickly looked down, I was squeezing the life out of him. I quickly let go of him. He gasped for breath, and then laughed.

" I'm sorry!" I said laughing too. " I'm nervous!"

" How can YOU be nervous? An olympic athlete who does flippy things on a tiny line!" He said, laughing, while giving me a quick look over the shoulder, and then putting his eyes back on the road.

" Well this isn't like any of those ' flippy ' things Iv'e ever done!" I replied, resting my chin on his shoulder.

We were going so fast, that we arrived there in a little over ten minutes. Harry parked his moped outside the carnavel, he hopped off the moped, handing his hand out like a gentleman, I took it, like a lady, and gracefully jumped off the moped.

Then we walked up to the entrance.


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