Summer loving?

This year, the Olympics will be held in California in the US. Rebecca is an Olympic athlete who will be attending the games this year. The brittish squad will be staying in a beach house in California,training everyday for the games until they come. Rebecca has her mind set for the gold, and is determined that nothing will distract her. But will she fall in love for a certain celebrity staying at the beach too? and get totally distracted about her goals?


7. Food fight

I woke at six o'clock, as usual. I had breakfast, went for a jog, and went to training, as usual. Except today, I stayed late after training, so I could get extra practice. Like I said, I need to win, and nothing will distract me. Harry will have to wait because I am very strict when it comes to my training.

After practice I stayed for an extra two hours, if I want to win, in which I do, I have to commit to it.

I was finished on beam, and about to go on bars. I could hear my phone buzzing from my bag. I walked over to it to see that Harry had just texted me.

'Where are you? :)' he asked.

' Training.. why?'

' Oh, I thought you came out at six. I'm lonely.'

' Well talk to the others :P'

' But I want to talk to you.:)'

' Well I have to finish training.'

' But every else is back from training, I can see them staring at me from your patio. :P'

I just laughed to myself, I cant beleive that as soon as everybody got home, they went to stare at him.

' Yeah I stayed late.'

' Why?'

' I wanted to, I am against everyone on the team after all, I want the advantage, I really want to win.'

He took a minute to reply, probably thinking to himself. Or staring at the squad.

' Okay, thats cool, but when will you be out?' he asked.

' Seven'

' Okay, see you then. :) xx'

Aww, he's so cute.

' Bye! ;) xx'

And after that, I put my phone back down, and went back to training.


It was seven and I had finally left the gym. I drove home and had a shower, as usual. I know, how can she have the same boring routine everyday? Well I just do, I'm actually quite boring. I guess I need some excitement in my life, maybe Harry will do that? haha.

I walked out onto the beach, the white sand in between my toes. This felt better than any pedecure I've had in a long time, and I didn't want to move. But I did, taking short steps, carrying the sand on my toes, towards Harry.

He got up and ran towards me, wrapping his arms around me.

" Hey!" he said picking me up and swining me around.

" Hey, are you happy now?" I said laughing while he put me down.

He released me from his strong arms and looked at me.

" Yeah."

" Aww!" I said giggling while tapping him on the nose.

I walked along beside him, and up to his beach house.

" So Harry, why did you want to see me so urgently?"

" I dunno, just wanted to see you."

I said aww, and tapped him on the nose again. We walked inside to his beach house.

" Wow.." I said looking around amusingly.

It was huge. I thought my beach house was huge, but this one was massive! It was so luxerious and fancy. It had paintings all along the wall, and grand piano's. And it had what seemed to be a thousand inch tv in every room! It was actually amazing. It even had it's own hot tub and sauna.

He just laughed. I followed him into the sitting room, which had designer leather sofas, and a fancy white rug. It had a really fancy painting hanging over the tv. I walked up close to it, and examined it, to see that the signature, Pablo Picasso, was written in the corner in dark red paint.

I let out a little squeel.

Harry came over to me, thinking there was something wrong.

" Whats the matter?" he said examining the photo too.

" This is by my favourite painters, Picasso, how did they get this?" I said looking at him excitedly.

" Simons a rich man." He said looking at me, obviously not as excited as I was.

" Simon?"

" Simon Cowel? The man who put us together? my bands manager? He rented us the beach house, we have to keep everything perfect, or he'll kill us." he said chuckling as he walked out of the room. I followed him, I didn't want to get lost, this palce is huge, and you could get lost, beleive me.

" So, where are the boys?" I asked him, we all had such a great time last night, I'd love if we got back together soon. "The house seems awfully quiet."

"They're gone out golfing, I don't know when they'll be back, Liam's a terrible golf player."

We laughed as we walked into this huge kithen. It was almost as fabulous as his living room, only, it didn't have a painting in it. It had white marble counter tops, with black cabinets, black tiled floors, and a huge dining table. Harry walked over to this huge fridge, and pulled out almost everything in it.

" want a sandwich? I'm starving!" He said as he put the items on the counter.

" Sure! I'm pretty hungry."

" Just so you know, I make the world's greatest sandwiches!" he said with a smirk on his face.

" Oh really?"

He nodded, with a huge grin.

" Than I expect this to be the greatest sandwich ever!"

He began preparing the sandwiches, putting ham, tomato, cheese, mayonaise, mustard, really every thing onto my sandwich.

I picked up a dollop of mustard, and licked it off my finger.

" Eww. How do you do that?!" he asked me, as if it were poo. I understand that it's disgusting but you get used to it. You wouldn't beleive the type of diets that some gymnasts have to go on.

" Like this!" I said as I picked up another dollop, except putting it on his nose.

I laughed, but he gave me a ' I'm gonna kill you ' look. In the corner of his eye, there was a ketchup bottle, why would he even put ketchup on a sandwich? I knew what he was planning, but before i knew it, there was ketchup all over my hair.

" Oh know you didn't!" I shouted at him laughing.

" Oh yes I did!" he said, snapping his fingers in a Z formation, which only made me laugh harder. 

I saw flour, I took the chance, I reached for it and grabbed a handful and threw it in Harry's face.

He reached for the flour afterwards, before he could throw it, i began to run. I tripped over the leg of a chair, and fell over.

I rolled over and on to my back to see that Harry was falling too, right on top of me, dropping the handful of powder as it went all over my face.

He fell on me. Our faces were so close, our lips almost touching. I looked up at his face that was covered in flour and mustard. He was looking down at me smiling. I could feel him move closer, our lips were a centimeter away from eachother, almost touching. Just then, I got butterflies so big, that it felt like my stomach was doing summersalts, it felt good, not like the ones when you get scared.



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