Enemies/Lovers With Benifits

He hated it, but he had to do it to stop being bullied. He couldn't take it any more. So he did it. And he was never bullied again.

But now, eight years later, he finds himself touring with the same girl whose heart he'd broken so many nights ago.

How can he deny the feelings he so obviously has for her?

How can he stop her from hating him, when she's dead set on revenge?

And how can he call it 'Just Sex' when he is so hopelessly in love with her?


1. Flashin Lights in my Mind, Going Back to the Time

I lay back on the mattress on the floor, waiting to be called by Paul when it was time to leave, hoping he'd managed to track us down after our sudden sleepover at Harry and Louis' place. We had a tour coming up and were looking for dancers. We had to go meet the dancers that day, and head off for our first tour with them in three weeks.

I wondered how I'd feel during our first performance. I'd fantasized having Danielle on tour with us, dancing with me on stage. I'd had never-ending dreams about holding her close, singing the occasional song to her.

But all those dreams disappeared in an instant the day I found her with her legs wrapped around another guy. And not just any other guy, my best friend - Zayn Malik.


"You've already slept with me once, Zayn!" I heard the undeniable voice of my girlfriend behind the nearly closed door of Zayn's room.

I never eavesdropped. Never. But this was a moment when I absolutely had to. I dare you to be in my situation and not eavesdrop. I leaned my head against the door.

"Danielle, that was during the X-Factor days. I slept with every girl I could see back then!" Zayn said, sounding flustered.

I felt my blood boil. How dare they not tell me about this? How dare
he not tell me about this?

"But then why didn't you tell Liam?" Danielle said in a taunting voice. Thank you Dani. I couldn't believe Zayn. He kept something like this from
me? His best friend?

"Because he was in love with you!" Zayn yelled, apparently completely forgetting the he was supposed to keep his voice down. "He was completely in love with you! I didn't tell him, because I know Liam! If I'd told him that I'd already slept with you, he'd back down! He would have decided that it'd be unfair to me and he never would have been with you!"

I was rendered speechless by his outburst. I couldn't even think.

"But you liked me," Danielle pushed him further.

"Not half as much as he did, Danielle! He was crazy about you! For me, it was just plain simple attraction. I fancied you a little, and you were good in bed!" I flinched involuntarily at the last bit. "But it was nothing compared to how Liam felt! I'll admit it, I'm still attracted to you, and if you weren't with Liam, maybe we'd be friends with benefits or even something more. But you're with Liam. And if you break up, you'll be my best friend's ex-girlfriend. You're off-limits, Danielle!" Zayn said, sounding slightly desperate.

I felt a tear in my left eye. What had I ever done to have a friend like Zayn?

"You're still attracted to me?" Danielle said, picking up on the one thing Zayn obviously hoped she wouldn't.

I couldn't take it anymore. I opened the door and stepped inside, only to find Danielle kissing my best friend with her legs wrapped around his waist.

Zayn looked like he was fighting with himself, one half wanting to be faithful to his best friend, but one half wanting the girl he'd wanted for so long. Before I could speak up, Zayn pushed Danielle away, and said, "Liam," in a low, guilty tone.

"I'm the one who was supposed to say that," said Danielle, with a smirk.

Zayn looked absolutely tired of the fight. I finally found my tongue, and spoke up. "Have a safe flight home, Danielle."

Immediately both their heads shot over to me. Danielle looked scared and angry at the same time, but Zayn looked terrified.

I just looked at Danielle, till she got the hint and walked out, towards our, MY, room, to pack her things and get out.

"Zayn?" I said, my eyes filling with involuntary tears.

"Liam, I'm sorry. I swear, it wasn't what it looked like," Zayn said.

I just nodded. "I heard," was all I said, before hugging him. "You're the best friend in the world, Zayn," I said, trying to hold the tears back.

His tensed shoulders relaxed, when he realized I wasn't mad at him. My best friend was absolutely perfect.

It hurt a little to watch her go. I truly believed I was in love with her. But the past was the past. I had to look for somebody new. And the best part of that was that Zayn and I were a hundred times closer. Despite his protests, I'd told the rest of the band about the incident, and they all had a huge respect for him ever since.

Two loud knocks shook me out of my memories. Paul's loud, authoritative voice rang through the closed door. "Time to go, boys."

I stood up, and headed for the door, to greet Paul, and we kicked the others awake. Niall was already up and nervous about the meeting, and I was sure I looked it too. Five dancers. Three months of tour. We had to hope they were decent. Or we were going to have to suffer through a horrid three months.

We arrived at the venue and sipped on coke while we waited for the five girls to join us.

"Boys, this is Mrs. Lester, their trainer, and your new choreographer," said Paul, introducing us to a cheerful middle-aged woman.

"It's wonderful to meet you boys," she said, sincerely. "Now, without further ado, these, are your dancers," she announced as five girls walked in, one after the other.

"Michelle Parker, Cassie O'Sullivan, Katherine Grace, Roberta Rivers, and Dana White."

The last name sent a shock through me. I accidentally inhaled quickly, effectively swallowing the coke down the wrong way, choking on it for a half-minute before I finally got it under control, and stared in disbelief at the girl who was standing right in front of me, with a smirk on her face.

"Pity that didn't kill you," she said, with that same smile.

"Dana!" Mrs. Lester scolded, but Dana didn't even acknowledge her. She was just looking at me, with a look of pure hatred. I gulped, and studied her.

How much she had changed! She had lost her braces. She no longer wore those awful glasses. Her face now sported a confident smile instead of that timid fear it used to bear. And she was bloody fit! I couldn't believe that this was the same girl!

"Dana," I breathed, making her scowl.

"Prick!" she shot back. The boys looked at me, completely amazed by the exchange taking place, and the fact that I hadn't said anything to her as of yet.

I didn't respond to her final comment, and just looked at the chair I was sitting on. After a rather long discussion about our upcoming practice sessions, Mrs. Lester finally ushered the girls out, leaving me to face the lads.

"What the hell was that?" Louis wasn't exactly good at subtlety, in case you didn't know.

I shrugged, trying to make it look casual, unwilling to tell them, because I knew it'd change their opinion of me.

"We just used to fight a lot back in school," I mumbled.

Niall looked at me, closely, while the others nodded, almost accepting that. I had a feeling Niall knew there was a lot more than what I'd told them.


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