Masked ball

" 'So whats your name?' I asked him, beneath the mask a smirk could be seen.
'That defeats the point my dear... If I told you then this wouldnt be a masked ball would it?' "


When Leanne received an invitation from her new boss to a masked ball, she went out of a sense of duty. When she arrives she is instantly swept off her feet by a masked man.
The dancing and romance is fun but... When Midnight strikes, everything returns to normal life.
When you have no idea who your prince was how do you find him?

When a local police station begins investigating a murder, maybe life isnt normal anymore...


5. Red paint.

"Well what do you think I should do then John?" Said a voice from the maze, it sounded familiar, but I could not pin point when I had heard it.  "I cant just leave it here! We have to dispose of it somehow..." He continued. The next voice to speak sounded the complete opposite. It was a mixture of deep and serious, with sarcastic and sexy in one. 

"And just how do you propose we take it inside then? Do you really think if you go dragging him in there, nobody will question?" It said almost harshly. I heard a sharp intake of breath followed by the more familiar voice I had heard first. 

"Don't say him, it makes it seem worse..." It murmured, so low I struggled to make it out. Laughter came next, judging by the discussion, it was the other person. 

"Seem worse? Whats that on your robes Richard if it is not red paint?" Unlike this "Richard" This voice did not seem to care if it was overheard or not. 

"Im just saying... It makes it sound more personal .. Which it isn't .. Just a job." As the assistant, I picked up well on tones of voice and body language. I could not see Richard  but I bet he was sweating.  His disjointed sentence and pronounced stress backed up my assumption. The bark of laughter interrupted my musings, and I strained my ears again. This entire conversation was sending chills down my spine. I was freaking out, but in a sick twisted an perverse way... I WANTED to listen to it. My mind was intrigued by what they were discussing, I longed to discover who or what they were talking about. To find out who these men were, what there job was...

Lost in my thoughts once more I didn't hear what came next. My ears so attuned now to hearing their voices, failed to pick up the sound of footsteps approaching fro their general direction.

Right towards me... 


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