Masked ball

" 'So whats your name?' I asked him, beneath the mask a smirk could be seen.
'That defeats the point my dear... If I told you then this wouldnt be a masked ball would it?' "


When Leanne received an invitation from her new boss to a masked ball, she went out of a sense of duty. When she arrives she is instantly swept off her feet by a masked man.
The dancing and romance is fun but... When Midnight strikes, everything returns to normal life.
When you have no idea who your prince was how do you find him?

When a local police station begins investigating a murder, maybe life isnt normal anymore...


3. Mask

The most shocking thing about the whole thing is that, as soon as I had walked out of the office, I felt better. The tingling of my spine was gone and I could think more clearly about what I had gotten myself itno. I was not so silly as to of forgotten everything and suddenly have turned excited about what I was going to do or wear. It was more like I was realising the exact opposite...

I knew I didnt want to go, not out of fear or any other peculiar feeling, I simply did not enjoy socialising much... Never had, the fact that I was now tied into going to a major social event was scary... Not to mention the fact I would be expected to socialise and speak to lots of people as I would be representing the enitre company. Great.

So for this reason I found myself entering a fancy dress shop next week hoping to find something suitable. ( Or maybe I was secretly hoping to NOT find anything!) 

"Hi there, how can we help?" A man greeted me as I walked in through the door, the kind that really needs to grow up. He was playing on some games console behind the desk, which he hurriely shoved further out of sight as another woman walked towards us. Probably the shops owner.

"Jacob! Your supposed to be clearing out the trunks round the back!" She hissed, then turns to me again. A smile that I know well, that  " Your the customer, so I will be nice!" Smile. I have to give it myself at work.

"Hello there! Im sorry about that, is there anything I can do for you?" I shook my head, muttering that I was just browsing. She nodded briefly, before going to go find Jacob again. I sincerely hoped, for his own sake, that he had stowed his console away for good.

Most of the masks were too extravagent for my tastes, though I dont know much to be honest, and I was begining to think that it would be easier to make one myself. 

Thats when I saw the plain black mask sitting on a plain white piece of cloth...


With an outfit bought and my new mask tucked alongside it, I had no excuse as to why I would not be going. So on the night of ball, I found myself getting ready.

As I pulled the silky black gown over my body, shivering as it brushed along the numerous goosebumps covering my cold skin. I examined my reflection in the mirror, wondering if it looked right, I was starting to freak out again now, weird...

Keeping my eyes glued to the figure in the glass, I slid the mask into place as well. My eyes stared out at me from the holes designed to allow this, the only part of me I could recognise. Even my plain blue eyes seemed strange and more mysterious in this mask. I saw now exactly what my friend had meant by the comment on masks.

Already I felt starnge... Different, much more powerful with this simple mask on. I could not imagine how it felt to wear one of those more expensive and delicate masks. Their many blindingly intricate patterns crossing over each other, over lapping and making you feel unique.

Shaking my head slightly at my momentary fantasies, I walked out of my house, heading towards the ball.

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