Masked ball

" 'So whats your name?' I asked him, beneath the mask a smirk could be seen.
'That defeats the point my dear... If I told you then this wouldnt be a masked ball would it?' "


When Leanne received an invitation from her new boss to a masked ball, she went out of a sense of duty. When she arrives she is instantly swept off her feet by a masked man.
The dancing and romance is fun but... When Midnight strikes, everything returns to normal life.
When you have no idea who your prince was how do you find him?

When a local police station begins investigating a murder, maybe life isnt normal anymore...


6. Just one dance

I had no time to move, and if im honest... I may not have done even if I could of... I do not think I would of. The conversation had caught my interest, I wanted to know what was going on. I made an effort to try and look innocent, as if I had not been listening into their business. Just a young woman enjoying the fresh air. 

"Your just lucky that I managed to get here tonight, you clearly have no experience!" Scoffed the more sexy sounding voice.

"I do too!" Protested the voice of Richard. "I knew how its done..." It was then that the voice drifted off, and then I saw they had rounded the corner. Directly behind me, I turned around to face them. My face draining slowly of colour as I did so. I knew that face. 

"Leanne...?" My heart stopped as he called my name, from the shadows still. Perhaps hoping I had not recognized him. There was no mistaking him though  I could recognize him anywhere. After all, I worked for him each day didn't I? 

I now knew why the voice sounded familiar, it was more than familiar... It was the voice that was with me each day. My boss, Richard. 

The three of us stood frozen for a while, I watched Richard, who watched me and that other man... John or whatever he was called, he stared at us both. His eyes darting between us, flickering from Richards sweaty face, to my own pale one. 

"Leanne... I would like you to meet a good friend of mine. John." He paused, did he presume I would take upon me the role of normalcy again? Perhaps shake hands with this John as if nothing had happened, nothing had changed between our working relationship. After a moment of awkward silence, during which he realized I was not going to fulfill his wishes. "John, this is my assistant Leanne."

Richard made a hand gesture towards me, indicating who I was. Though who else could it be? It was not as if anybody was here bar me... John looked Richard in the eye for a moment, as though it was a prearranged signal  or something, he then walked towards me. The stealthy walk, the walk that shows your not all talk. His black outfit moved with him, it was tight fitting, yet not excessive, and his eyes were just thin black slits below a mask. 

"Good evening my Lady, may I have this dance?" He whispered as he approached, taking my hand and kissing the back of it. Never allowing his eyes to stray from mine. 

"Just one?" I found myself asking, taking his hand. 

"Just one." He agreed as he steered me towards the hall once more. My eyes were on him the whole time, but as we headed nearer I distinctly heard a hiss in Richards direction.

"Get gone."

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